Wednesday, July 23, 2008

update, text only

My camera is full of videos, my garden is full of weeds, my lawn need mowing, the barn roof is leaking (storm in progress), my fences are dilapidated, my hay is too high, my garbage cans are full, my websites need updating, my data need organzing, my beans need picking, the peas need shelling, my library books are overdue, in short...THE BLOG IS BEHIND.

I just made some videos of the dogs looking out at the storm and being comforted about thunder but it was dark (inside, not so much light) and the lens of the camera was all steamed up and everything is dark and blurry. And I had Shannon take them all out yesterday in the rain but she couldn't find the camera, which I left in the van and... nothing to show.

But Shannon, who's working here now, cuts wood, hunts deer and turkey, breaks horses, butchers cows, grows a great garden, fixes machines and doesn't look half bad doing it. And now dogs. Stay tuned!

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