Sunday, July 6, 2008

okay: the videos uploaded.

The videos have been uploading for hours... AND THEY JUST CAME THROUGH.lSo I can't link them yet. For now, you can look at the stills... and come back, I have a couple of very nice videos for today.

I got the recent comments and that work: if you write in and say, "Where's my dog?" I will make sure to get your dog in here... if I have the video around to make sure it's easy to find. But, please remember, the video is not a comprehensive document of what goes on, just a few minutes out of the day.

This one is not right, but at least it uploaded already. It's missing a lot and has a big fat mistake in the middle (just left the camera on and put it in there). But anyway, it's something.

july 6 at - kewego
july 6 at - kewego

july 6 at - kewego
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Dan said...

Hi Will - Thanks for the stills. We would love to see video of Seeger and get an update on how he is adjusting to being a pack dog. Has he gone in the water?