Sunday, November 25, 2007

not so rushed... now all the videos

See the previous post. I didn't get a chance to upload and described the videos. Here is one that google let me upload:

Go here to see all the videos and pictures> here.

I wanted to use this one as the featured video but it didn't work... maybe too long.

Here is the hot air balloon after it passed over the dog fence, maybe intentionally. It certainly stirred them all up. Video here.

Here are some of Cougar and Casper, as promised... but I took them by themselves this time: here and here and here

Crumb, Theo on the pine road here.

Crumb rolling in the grass here. He's deaf, isn't he?

Pete Princess Remy Moki Layla Xena here.

The group above has gone through the pumpkin field to the hay field here.

Same group as above here -- princess being bossy.

In the barn with Norman, Wellington, Moki.. and Wellington ATTACKS Norman... who has balls and I forgot Wellington does that. No one was hurt... Norman showed restraint. Exciting FIGHT video here.

Ziza and my puppy here.

Weird video with peanut and archie here.

Peanut Chicken Scuba Archie Django Zeppy Ziza here and here and here and here.

Lola Daisy Lucky Clover Sally Shiloh Mowgli here and here and here and lucky does it again, running right to the edge of "oh on" and coming back. And same group here.

Same bales with Cocoa, Molly and Hudson here and here rolling and here in the barn again.

Rocky was supposed to go with the group above but he hung out with Jim in the barn while we were gone. They all (Rocky too) just walk back in nice and civilized here.

disjointed, oddly written, incomplete, teaser entry: hot air balloon, hay bales, geese, timer

First of all, I don't think I put up enough of Cougar and Casper and I will remedy that today. Also, almost everyone is going home tomorrow so we made sure to get nice long walks in for everyone -- and I videoed a lot of it and there will be a lot of videos. I tired using the time and putting the camera on a hay bale. And I have cougar and casper here on the front page. I will be emailing everyone about getting some more people to change from delivery (dog drop off) tomorrow to Tuesday delivery. A hot air balloon passed right over the dog yard early in the morning and I didn't have my camera. They went crazy. I did manage to run back and get my camera to get the balloon but not the full effect. You'll get a sense of the madness.

Stop: my processor is running slowly because I am converting all the videos now and my family is clamoring to go out so let's just call this blog entry "disjointed, oddly written and incomplete, a teaser entry" and hold off until I have more time and all the videos are already converted and uploaded. But they'll be good-- dogs doing all sorts of interesting things -- so check back.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

sunny cold day trying the new video blogger software

It seems like this software only allows me to upload one video per video entry. How's this work?

So you may still need the folder here.

Here is Jim throwing some tennis balls (donations of old tennis balls always welcome!) out in the yard with most of the dogs in there.

Here is Jim in the barn with some dogs and nice light:

Here is yesterday afternoon with most of the dogs:

This is Scuba, Wellington, Princess, my dogs, Crumb, Theo

Wellington, Theo, Scuba, Princess, Crumb in the driveway:

Here's the story of Winston: he kind of started to put up with me more but he still only really loves women. He barely tolerates me and loves my wife. I had to bring him back to the house so she could fix his halter... he might bite me if I tried to fix it. Theo also makes a cameo in one of these.

here and here and here

Friday, November 23, 2007

more expansive entry after turkey... with links

Hey, Google upgraded the blogger software. I can put the videos right into the entry next time.. no clicking or linking... this will be great. Next time.

Getting turkey ready for dogs here.

One method to get turkey to dogs: throw it. Here.

Another method: mix with food and hand it out. Here.

Another way: hand it to them. Here.

Tucker eating turkey here.

Dark close up of turkey... here.

For yard shot with Jim and I talking about who has balls (three in the group who need to be kept apart)-- here or higher res here.

Norman and Archie have testicles and Norman went after Archie a little... but no harm done. Have to keep them apart. And Archie was ready for fetch 15 seconds after that, so I guess he's fine psychologically too.

Chicken, archie, ziza, woodrow, cole remy, cocoa, and many more here or higher res here.

Woodrow getting a scratch, princess, archie, fectch ziza wins, zeppy, layla, cocoa, here or higher res here.

Lucky kept running off... who would have guessed, reliable dog like that. Here or higher here.

Letting a whole bunch out for a toot (Chicken, Shiloh, Hudson, Remy, Lucky) here or higher res here.

Clover moki, talking about lucky here or higher res here.

These are actually moving in reverse order cronologically, as lucky comes back in the next few.

Out in the field with archie, peanut, bernie, crumb, lola, daisy, clover here or higher res here.

Same as above plus Lucky here or higher res here.

No dogs in this one just a cute little baby girl in a fancy dress here or higher res here.

Like Helen of troy, this face could move armies... must see. Here or higher res here.

That's theo.

Here's Xena. She really likes me now but still doesn't just come... interesting personality here or higher res here.

Xena, theo, princess, and then Rocky playing with my puppy -- and getting taken for a walk, pretty funny video here or higher res here.

Xena here or higher res here.

Oh wait more videos by Jim: archie and rocky -- same two -- rocky archie and lucky runs off (see above) -- no lucky is not back but rocky and archie go home --
sally buttercup -- django buttercup somewhere here -- hey why is django scracthing my new prius, buttercup gets a scratch behind the neck -- moki norman me back with peanut bernie and the rest of those guys -- moki, clover -- moki, clover -- tucker -- shiloh, remy, lens cap -- hudson, shiloh, cocoa -- shiloh, remy, hudson, my car, my house -- scuba, ziza, lots more --

thanks for the comments, thanksgiving quick note

I have the videos up:

I will describe and link them all later -- plus I have more of dogs eating turkey, but that was difficult to shoot as it was a mad house. And I put my camera somewhere in the barn. It'll show up in a bit... so, in short, more is coming.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

thanksgiving bunch in place

Here are the pertinent folders for yesterday:

and today:

I mention yesterday because I didn't upload the movies until this morning. No one complained, which lead me to think no one is reading this blog or looking at the videos (which were missing) and that I'm wasting my time.

I thought it was nice to have a place where you can see some of what your dog is up to but if you would rather not stop by to see... then I'll cut it out. You can leave a note in the comments section to let me know you stopped by-- or I won't bother!

And about the files in the folder: if they end in MPG, Jim made them. His camera is worse than mine but his videos are much easier to upload and download quick. Also, he got a few names wrong but I labelled them correctly.

My videos end in WMV or MOV. The quicktime MOV movies are high res than the WMV versions. One or the other should work on most computers. They are the same, just different formats. I tried to embed video into this page but so far there is no easy way (has to be easy since I do so many every day).

I've also added a lot of stills today. They end in PCT.

I videoed a thing I do all the time but rarely post up here. I call it Holding Court. That's the video called "All Ears All Dogs." Basically I sit there and scratch everyone behind the ear if they want it.

Also, I did some match making. I have a nice arrangement now. I've been doing this a few years and I feel like I just know which dogs belong together, even if I can't immediately explain why. As the day goes on, as the videos get made, I start to figure it out. So by the end, different dogs are in different places.

My nervious dogs are Xena and Woodrow, although Woodrow is almost completely comfortable with me now. He did come for a scratch during Holding Court after the battery ran out. Anyway, he's cool now. Xena looks at me with a friendly face when I call her but doesn't come. I think she was intimated by the number of dogs, so she's with the smaller and/or shier dogs now.. dogs like Wellington, Ziza, Peanut, Crumb, Bernie... and my spillers, Moki and Norman, need to stay away from the buckets. Also, Woodrow hates Norman. They have balls, they can't help it. Princess is her usually bossy self but I've had her here so many times and she's never been involved in an incident -- a yellow card once, but no red card -- that I don't worry about it. Theo needed special treatment. I just let him wander by himself all morning, then sit in a room. He hates certain big dogs but it seems to change who he hates. He'll get himself hurt. Most of them don't come to mind immeidiately because they're just fine and happy and I don't need to worry about them: Sally, Layla, Django, Shiloh, etc... no issues.

That's the story for today. If I don't have any comments or emails, I might skip the videos... anyway, things are good here and all dogs are doing well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

second entry of the day- rain stopped

Look at the entry below for links and shots in and around the barn. I took everyone out for a toot and the videos in the are labelled by name: Hudson was stubborn, Xena nervious, Woodrow biased, Molly won the fetch contest, Princess was bossy and obdient as always, Lucky was surprisingly naughty, everyone is flithy, Wellington in a bad mood, maybe rain, he perked up when I let him in the ... nevermind. Can't think of anymore adjective-dog associations. Pete is a kindred spirit with my puppy Gustov (black one in the video) -- playful. I got everyone but Theo in the videos I think. Theo got time out for attacking a dog five times his size. Winston is in the house. He hates me but likes my family. He hates me so much I can't really deal with him. Okay, I'm back to the city now. More dogs coming in tomorrow's blog.

All dogs not mentioned in the paragraph above are simply having a fine time.

The videos with number in the names have almost all dogs in every video: from this morning when the weather was terrible. The fetch contest is in one of those at the end.

early blog entry on an icey morning

If your dog is not in the online reservation system, you should make a reservation at so that we know where to go and when to bring your dog back. I also want to vaccine info in the database. And check your reservation to make sure the return date is right. And if you can take your dog back on Tuesday next week instead of Monday, that would be great. I need to get some more over to Tuesday... if I can.

Like Hudson, please try it again. I like to have everything (important infor) where I can find it: in the database.

The weather is terrible this morning so we went easy on the walks. Also, almost every dog is in almost every video so I didn't go through the list-- except Winston, he's by himself. I did a thing with fetch, Brooklyn dogs versus Manhattan dogs, and Brooklyn cleaned house. But it was freezing rain and everyone knows that Brooklyn dogs play better in bad weather. We'll have another round later when the weather improves. It stopped raining already.

Woodrow is the only one from New Jersey and that must be the problem... he's nervious. Actually, not too bad. He's coming around. He likes some of the dogs and he'll sit if I tell him to but he is nervious... he'll be fine tomorrow.

We got in and settled everyone down last night and we had so many old timers... It's great to see so many old friends back. A couple new ones, which is nice, but the old timers keep things mellow.

Here are the videos:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

snow (cold) to sunshine (warm) in one hour

here is the folder:

I might try the html posting system in the latest version of quicktime. Didn't work last time.

So Toby comes to me all the time inside the fence but I was nervious about him so I didn't let him off the leash. Rocky got himself upstairs but couldn't walk down... Dewey was better today, walking around, eating well. Wellington took off and went to the house.

7639: snow same dogs as below
7640: dewey wellington ollie theo saji ruby cole (pumpkin field)
7641: same
7642: same
7643: wellington ollie cole theo (barn door)
7644: helmut stella toby (field and yard)
7645: in and around the barn

does that work?

Friday, November 16, 2007

friday, daughter's birthday, mellow dog group

so you go to:

The three videos all have all dogs... including me putting my knee up when Wellington jumps on me (standard procedure) although he doesn't seem to like it... Jim talking about Cole and Dewey and their health (fine)... throwing the wood chips on the floor and on Rocky.

So Dewey is okay. I'm making some rice with chicken out in the barn in the rice cooker I have out there right now for him (and everyone else gets a taste). He likes this one spot and I put a blanket there for him. I just turned on the heat lamps: it's getting cold. I may yet make a fire for them tonight.

Cole isn't barking and, no, he won't hang out with Ollie (my son Ollie). I got the info about dropping off Ollie in the city on the 16th. Thanks for sending in the amending the reservation.

The still photo in the folder above is Lotta on her first birthday.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

lame blog entry

Open this folder:

Look around for your dog.

How's that for lame? I'm tired. I must have lyme's disease. Or a teething baby and the flu. Or narcolespy. Wait, is that stealing stuff? No, that cletpomaniancy. A theocracy? No, that's Iran. Or Washington, DC. Sleepy? Dopey? Doc? Idiocy?

Okay, see you tonight for delivery/pick up.

This is something cool that iPhoto does:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this morning, moki messing up buckets, roll call

open this link:

Basically they are all in all of the videos so I won't go through them one by one... And there are only two videos today. You can see inside and out...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

sorry i didn't blog before -- I was away

Jim was holding down the fort while I was away. Jim's videos are in the folder, as well as mine from this afternoon.

All the dogs are fine. I called Petra Elvis in one video -- they look alike and Elvis was here when I left. Petra limped a little -- she does that... let me know if I need to do something else.... Eleda has been sleeping in a crate with the door open but she seems to like it there. A few dogs were afraid to get in the van on Thursday -- it might have been one of the other dogs. They are all well now.

Open this folder:

So here are my shots of the yard (start with MVI):

7541, 7542: these have everyone except the ones below
7543: holly and captain mellow
7544: ruby and tibet and max and my dogs

Here are the shots from when I was away (start with MOV000 and end with MPG)

2: captain mellow and geese
3: same
4: maddox hermonie
5: same
6: eleda scout
7: same
8: same
9: arrow taji
10: same two plus neighbors coming to check on the horse
11: fletcher
12: fletcher
13: jp and neighbor's son and fletcher
14: holly, pony, sadie
15: ruby, molly
16: same
17: same
18: everyone
19: petra sadie everyone
20: everyone
21: everyone
22: everyone

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

endless flocks of black birds, ruby chasing what tail she has, jim cleaning the woodstove, juan troll and diego troll, rain

I got back at about 1 am and had to deal with a crying baby, my wife had to work, and luckily Jim showed up for work on Tuesday again. So let's see what we have:

comic relief, since the hollywood writers are on strike:
7359, 7360

7372: here are the troll pumpkins
7373: family inspection of troll pumpkins
7374: bernie, finn, maddox, pj, tibet in pumpkin field

So I was told not to let bernie off the leash, but I had some chicken in my pocket and she loved it (nothing special about that). Of course, she took off. Of course, she came back wet and full of briers about 5 minutes later. She did have a good time, at least.

7375: geese overhead, arrow, lola, adelaide, hermoine, pj
7376: ruby
7377: ruby and THESE BIRDS: they are black and brown, the brown ones are smaller, they come in vast flocks (this video does not do justice to the size and sound of these endless lines of birds) there are more black ones than brown (more like juvenile/adult rather than male females) slightly bigger than a sparrow -- they just come and come and come, then they all land in a few trees in one spot and noise is intense, then off they go, they hang around for a month or so in the fall
7378: inside, walk done, breakfast done, clean up done, and now jim is cleaning the stove and we chit chat about the dogs
7379: ruby chases tail (or lack of tail) and eveyone else watches inside cozy and warm

now for some non dog videos:

That's my son's movie.

Here he is making the next one (The Making of...):

7369, 7370, 7371

Saturday, November 3, 2007

quick note that videos for today are up



I will write up today's in a bit -- cleo getting chased, ruby bothered by puppy

Friday, November 2, 2007

potholes, ground hogs, jack-o-laterns, and of course eveyone's dog

So open this folder:

I got back really late last night because of strange late night construction and traffic and nonsense... but the dogs were really good on the way up. I wanted to get nice shots of all the dogs running through the fields but I was too tired to get out there this morning when Jim was walking them, and he forgot his camera. Anyway, I promised something so I just went out and got some video of what they're up to now -- arrow and archie are both from park slope and seem to like each other, finn and cleo are another nice couple, sheina was nervious in the car and here a little, but not too bad and ended up pretty affectionate by the end of the ride, cleo drewled all the way upstate, finn crawled in my lap, ruby had her paws on the dashboard, hermoine broke the divider down and jumped in the back seat from the trunk area: like I said, a very quiet calm ride, relatively speaking.

7350: all the dogs in one movie
7349: people around here are into making fancy pumpkins... there were better ones than this... and I didn't even shoot the waldorf school pumpkins, amazing-- do people in the city go all out like this?
7342: trick or treat
7326: this is really wild -- WILD LIFE VIDEO: small dog attacking a ground hog -- and he seems to have mortally wounded the ground hog since he has barely moved from that spot for two days... yikes