Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ethiopian hopscotch

Off topic: From the Layla House orphanage 2007: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. You throw the rock to each square, then hop over there and kick and hop without touching the crack/line the stone to the next square. This is very hard! Try that kick/hop trick if you think it's easy. <

ethiopian hopscotch from glencadia on Vimeo.

does this finally work or what?

Did you see this?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

corner a cat and a riddle

Stills here. Click to enlarge.

By the time I got out to the barn yesterday morning, Shannon had taken care of all the dogs and even given them all a walk and things were so nice and quiet and mellow I just let sleeping dogs lie... and didn't do much video taping. I will do a more complete entry tomorrow, and the weather should be just as nice as in the last few entries.

Bray, Shannon's son, is in some of these. You'll see a cat cornered by accident, some other stuff I can't describe in depth at this moment. And the videos are a mess... but here they are:

Try this link:

Friday, August 22, 2008

hay in, swimming day

august 20 glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Or this?

glencadia august 20 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Does that work?

Here are the stills.


Do go back to the previous real entry (not the dweebs, the one before). That was some good stuff. Today is only okay.

More video to come today (in case that video link doesn't work).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

look at the previous entry!

I finally got all the videos uploaded. It was a pretty good entry and I'll try to get a good one tomorow. Or maybe I should just borrow these dweeb's video... I think I hate this video.

eating tomatoes, hay wagon

Here is some background to increase your enjoyment and understanding of the videos. First, I just cut my finger on a can. How does this information increase you're understanding and enjoyment of the blog today? Not much but it does slow me down in terms of typine and incdreases yhe likehood of a typo. Okay, a bandagE shoudl help that.

Now I have a bandage. Better. But I also have a baby in the sling and have to type standing up.

When I download the video in HD, they are worse, sort of ghosted... and some old videos were in the camera. Some of those dogs are already home.

Also, to make editing simple, I just mash them all together, but that's reverse chronological order. Which makes the story line whacky (first Duece eats tomatoes off the vine, then he learns where they are).

So the hay is drying in the field: you might notice it. And you will see the hay wagon the hay man left here. A big flock of swallows is sitting on the line out there. Is that yet another sign of fall? You hear us chatting about it. We might have hay bales this afternoon. Hope so but it will mean a lot of work.

Lela gets to go out in her own yard all day and does get quite work out going in and out... because she doesn't sit still. And a walk. And I let her have a few minutes in the big yard every day by herself. But I would love to let her run a little in the field. I almost let go of the leash today... but decided not to. Instead I took her for some barking at the ponies, which is another of her favorite activities.

Jackson is coughing. I have the two of them (with Cassie) away from the main group... pretty far away actually... because I'm concerned about that coughing... you can hear it in the video.

Duece does love tomatoes. Fenway, less so. Maggie got free run of the place this morning, since she is going to be here so long, and she took full advantage of it to bite my cat. The cat seemed fine but spooked and is hiding somewhere in the barn. Maggie has a small and well-deserved cut on her nose. Rocky ran into a root in his hole and had to chew it out of the way. He also demostrated his lack of interest me saying, "Rocky Come!"

Reilly took off when it was his turn for a toot and hung around the barn. Same with Pony. Shannon was still feeding other dogs and I guess they figured, where there's food, there's me.

I think Shannon talks a little. Shannon is my neighbor who works here in the mornings, when she isn't cutting trees, breaking horses, fixing tractors, shooting deer or slaughtering cattle.

Adelaide does not knock over my son. But she is working on my daughter. But she did learn that if you bang the screen door with the right rhythm, it comes open (my dogs know this and maybe showed her the technique). She ran in the house and made the bed dirty. You may hear my wife yelling for me to come "get this dog." That's the dog in question.

Luna realized that you can go under the hedge and into the lawn by the house. I don't want the guest dogs to figure that out (no dogs inside the picket fence, no children outside the fence, that was the idea, as a general rule), but she was quite polite about not going under the hedge after I told her not to.

Ollie is quite taken with Licorice's tail.

Freddy: somehow I remember not to let him free with my kids but I can't remember why. When I go for the second round when the battery is charged, I will have no kids around, damn it.

My memory was full and my batteries ran out before I could really finish. So after this, I will go out and make some more.

Stills here. Next time I don't do HD.

Video won't be available for a long time. Still converting, then I have to upload, and then it has to process. Maybe 2 pm EST... thanks.

Three hours uploading and this is it?

Okay, I had to split it into two parts. Here is one half.

And the next part:

august 20 glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

holding court

I hold court in the video today. You can also see the medicine board that Jim does. He's great about that.

Cassius is fine. Spencer got cranky when he didn't get his breakfast fast enough and started fighting. Mendl stop listening to me. Willow won't stay off her wound. Lela and Lily yell at each other through a fence. Beegee is jealous but fine. Peter limped, but is fine now. Except for that cough... keep me posted on that. Darla, fine. Harley is hot to trot.

I'm working on an attendance sheet which I can use in the videos to make sure I get everyone every day... but not yet.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

wagon rides, swimming, pony barking: camp activities resume

Back to summer. That was a lot of rain. Here are the stills. The stills are in the order of scenes in the video, if that helps, but the whole thing is in reverse chronological order. Some pretty cute stuff today (a dog walking a dog, some dogs getting a wagon ride).

We really could use a dry week.

Not so many videos in the rain. I don't mind the rain and most of the dogs don't either but the camera does. I had a million things I could blab about but I no longer feel like it.

The video is exporting to a lower res version, then I have to upload it. It's 11:28 AM EST now and I'll publish this. Video might be available in a few hours.

12:39 PM Don't tell me it didn't work:

glencadia dog camp august 16 2008 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Online Videos by

Thursday, August 14, 2008

blackberries (thanks for reminding me Lily), tomatoes, make Willow sit still... Mickey and some cats... Roux found the chickens

I have some still from the video for today. The stills should be pretty high res and the video less to.

These are the important points: Beegee is good now, but rather than being nervous, she is completely jealous of attention. If we pet another dog, she goes after the other dog... No harm no fowl but it means we try to keep her by herself when we're around. That's a new one (700 dogs, never saw that before).

Allie is fine.

Willow got a small cut: i don't know how. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and now she chews it. I don't have a collar to put on her head but if she keeps up I will buy one when I go to town in a minute. It's a nothing little scratch, unless she chews it open.

Duece, Maggie and Mingus go with me to vegetable inventory.

Peter seems to have hurt his leg on a walk. I mean, he pulled a muscle or something. Between his heavy breathing and his leg, he's going to have a quiet few next days. Maybe he can sit in the recovery room with Mickey.

Lily eats blackberries. She's right, they're great and I should go pick them when I'm done with this.

Charlie is quiet. I'm pretty sure he came with the other small dogs on a walk but since I can't hear him, maybe not. Anyway, he's fine.

Since Tizoc went home I haven't found the right companion for Lela.

Mickey is so friendly, he even likes cats. His testicle sack, now empty, was a little swollen. I made him sit in a small area for two days, with either Duece or Gus to keep him company, as he needs company, but I guess I should have gone for three days. So I started him on antibiotics in case he burst a blood vessle... my dog had the same after castration and healed fine, but we are monitoring. He's as sweet as can be: I can't believe he was in the shelter a week ago. He has had quite a week. I guess he figures this here is his new life. Anyway, he loves cats and can't stand to be alone, so his people should get him another dog, a cat, work from home, or take him to work.

My kids showed up at the end there very stylishly dressed. Shannon was here doing dogs in the AM but she's not in the video. Shy I guess.

Just about every dog should be in here if you stick with it.

glencadia dog camp august 14 - kewego
glencadia dog camp august 14 - kewego

glencadia dog camp august 14 - kewego
Keywords: dog cat

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

cold and rainy for august

Here are the stills.

Beegee was quite nervous last night but she is doing better... still, she needs some more time to warm up and is spending more time with kids and people before we let her play (first she should be comfortable with us I think).

Allie lead a whole group off the wrong way. Simon of course was not gone but not coming. That whole adventure ended fine... just took a little while to round them all back up.

I tried to get a shot of the dogs when they don't know I'm there. The energy level is high in a lot of these videos because I do them in the morning, when they are most excited. I could make more when it's mellower.

august 12 at glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

geese already?

Story lines which may or may not be reflected in video (and more are coming):

Mickey loves Duece, which is quite cute and funny and I know I shot some video of it but don't think it made it online... will try again.

Mickey seems completely recovered but I want to make him chill another day.

Charlie howls. Not his fault, he's a beagle. As I write, he is completely quiet and has been for hours. Funny guy. But he woofs it up in the video. And I should shoot video later in the afternoon when the dogs are mellower...

I wanted to do a Laurel and Hardy with Gus and Willow but I don't think I quite got it. Ollie kicked Gus to make him sit -- and I turned off the video and gave him whats-for. I want him to be tough and confident with dogs, but he's not suppose to kick them... not much of a kick, but still. And poor old Gus is the last one to kick!

Meanwhile Willow knocked Lotta over and she swore at him as only a not yet 2-year old can: "bad, bad doggie!"

Geese already, damn it.

Tomatoes on the way... already here but the period of tomato excess has not arrived. Corn excess now.

Lela and Tizoc remain together... it's working, why mess with success?

Much more to come, either today or tomorrow. The camera is full of stuff. Visitors from Brooklyn here.

Video here?

glencadia dog camp august 9 2008 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Friday, August 8, 2008

canoeing and other camp like activities

Here are the stills. Click on an image to see it bigger.

They come from the videos. Here are some points: Chicken has something on her leg that we don't know what it is... Tizoc and Lela seem to get along fine so I might just leave the two of them together. There is a big small dog group, so they have the big yard for now. Gus was nervous the whole trip up and still doesn't seem too sure of this whole thing. It's great how Noah and Lily act like they live together even though they are just neighbors. Loyal to each other. We had a little trouble getting Jake out of the water. Noah got to go on extra trips today, don't know why. Cassie and Jackson have what I consider an excellent space-- quiet and they seem to like it. Willow -- fine with big or small dogs. Who else needs a report?

Video still uploading. Or is it ready?

glencadia dog camp august 8, 2008 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

beautiful sunday

And, for the record, this is the 201st blog entry on this blog. Almost a year since I did the videos this way, although I have been posting videos for a couple of years. Always trying new stuff, like a new setting on the camera today. But mostly dogs running around again and again...

....the smallies do get a turn on the big yard but later in the day -- make any more video of that, then compress it, then upload it? Maybe I will. If Ollie will help me, we can take all the little ones out. Duke only comes to Ollie and I'm not too sure about Joey. He seems to come well now but sometimes he runs straight away from me. He didn't like that thunder yesterday.

The video is uploading. Looks very high res on my screen here. Vimeo looks the best of the video hosting services I've tried but they mis-fire a lot, at least for me.

Murphy Brown didn't bother any horses today but he did shoot off into the tomatoes, which smell great. Soon it will be tomato over flow time, when we have tomato salad and fresh tomatoes in the sauce and soup and for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This week it's starting and when they come, the whole kitchen should be full of them. But not if I stand here writing this blog. Where's a bag? a box? an old bucket? See ya.

Here is an old video:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

manhattan wins 3-2, murphy brown does not like horses, tomatoes coming in, a lot of chocolate labs

The still are here, more or less in the same order as in the video, although the video is not in any particular order. We went to hula dancing at Jacob's Pillow last night and a few hula dancers may slip in here somewhere.

Highlights of the video, as in the title of this entry: Murphy Brown hates horses, and in fetch competition, Manhattan beats Brooklyn... some labs swimming, some small dogs rolling in the tomatoes and a cricket.

Oh, where is the video I made at the end of Tizoc not being able to get down the stairs? And a couple more are MIA... tk.

Did this work?

glencadia dog camp - kewego
glencadia dog camp - kewego

This didn't seem to work:

Online Videos by

Video failed here? Try it again?

Try again on YouTube? Nope.

This one is very low res... but I think it worked.

Friday, August 1, 2008

sorry... come back later

I most likely won't get a good, comprehensive blog entry up until Saturday... Things are good now, although last night was bad: car broke down, truck turned over on the highway, dog wanted to bite me, another one seemed to get stung by a bee or something... but we did it and it's quiet and nice now. Thanks for your patience.