Thursday, December 25, 2014

7th annual Christmas Fetch competition

I'm not sure if I video recorded the big fetch competition!

Here are videos of previous years:

I guess I could re-run it tomorrow. I did get the duel, with the best of the small dogs (other than Georgia who doesn't get along with Bella) against the best of the big dogs (except for Mystic who doesn't like Lulu)... and the results are:

CT 2, Brooklyn 1
Brooklyn 3, CT 0 in the duel...

We had to end the fetch competition early because Manhattan (Millie) was not going for the ball but messing with whoever did get it... Interference!

2008: Brooklyn 5, Manhattan 4
2009: Mahattan 5, Westchester 4, Brooklyn 1
2008: Brooklyn 5, Manhattan 4
2007: Manhattan 4, Brooklyn 3
2011? Connecticut? CT 5, Manhattan 2, Westchester 2, Brooklyn 1
2012: forgot to hold competition
2013: Brooklyn 4, Manhattan 3, Up there (Westchester & CT), 1
2014: CT 2, Brooklyn 1

So: Connecticut 2 victories, Brooklyn 3, Manhattan 2
Duels: Brooklyn 1

Friday, December 19, 2014

This video is actually from a couple of days -- you can see the number of dogs increase, if you know what to look for. You will also see some kids recognize certain dogs -- Lulu and Mila. And Louie was nervous at first, then warmed right up, as another theme in the video. Thanks.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

frogs, peepers, out tonight

Every year I note the night the peepers, frogs, come out. It's a very clear marker of spring, as all the frogs come out at once -- once one male frog starts singing for a mate, the others come right out and join in so it goes from quiet one night to loud the next night. It is loud right now.

Here are 7 years of first nights.

2014: April 6
2013: March 30
2012: March 12
2011: March 17
2010: March 19
2009: March 27
2008: April 1