Friday, June 19, 2009

pig is out and the tripod is broken

june 19, 2009 at glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.


Frankie crashed into the tripod. The pig is wandering around and refuses to go back in his cage. Filbert is on the loose. Looks like he isn't going anywhere, I hope.

Sinbad: seems pretty comfortable, able to make it up and down stairs and does so even when a ramp is available, like to sit in a shady, loney corner

Howzer: a tad nervous, but not too bad, likes dog, getting to tolerate me, like Ella (also a little shy)

Tango: fine as always, my dog's favorite visitor

Pony: happy as a clam

fenway: loudmouth, but happy

Bella: fine, happy, nothing to report, no ladder climbing

Cali: what a sweetheart!

Lucy: not nervious anymore: these guys are getting comfortable

Petey: hangs around Lucy all the time: they eat out of the same bowl and they couldn't be more loyal to each other, they play with each other, and now they hang back from the pack but they are doing fine

Kenya: sweet old girl

Cooper: fine, need to do a chocolate lab family shot

Nova: big, but fine

Tizoc: does not play well with others: the only one who got a time out

Towyn and Cary: as cool as old timers, like they were here before

Nina: fine, she likes it here

Ella: shy, hangs out with Howzer

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

kenya, not saki

I know who the dogs are! I may have called Kenya Saki in one video below. If it helps, I call my kids the wrong names too sometimes. I think you'll have to watch both to see all the dogs...

june 10 part 2 glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

june 10 2009 at glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bing bird's eye view is incredible

I have to show this to my son tomorrow. We can find a way into the river above the falls with this great thing. (

Try your house. Almost terrifying.