Friday, July 4, 2008

missing videos

If you came before, try the videos now. I think I have them up and working. So, this is DIFFERENT than the last entry's video... all new but from 7/4...

july 4 b at - kewego
july 4 b at - kewego

july 4 b at - kewego
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Jackie said...

okay so im being completely idiotic, I saw pip on your video for today, i know she tends to run off when off leash but can you just try to catch her on video off leash. Although I COMPLETELY understand why you had her on the leash in this one. Any additional video of her I would absolutely love, as I am so having separation anxiety, hahaha. Again sorry if I am being a bit annoying or obsessive. But thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see more video of RADAR!!! Did he get to run in the big field too? Thank you! Sandra