Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 helicopters, t shirts, horn tooting, teenagers, comment in bold

New project: T-shirts. What do you think? I was thinking of making Glencadia T-Shirts, for kids and adults. About 6 or 7 bucks at cost to sell them... I think. Anyone interested? I would make them nice with organic cotton.... you'll see. Leave a comment, like yes or no, if you feel like it. "Glencadia.com Dog Camp" and some silouttte(s)/line art of a dog or dogs rendered from a video... just an idea.

I put all the videos into one six minute video. The first minute and a half the story line is that I let Tibet and Nigel out and Nigel wasn't listening. Then he remembered where the pond was and really stopped listening until he got himself a swim. Tibet chased Jim's car and had to go inside. Then Cali, Archie and Edith go for a toot. Then Noah, Princess and Tibet go for a swim and we get the first helicopter. Then I go back in the yard and the second helicopter goes over head. We almost never see a helicopter. All the dogs show up in the last few minutes. Did I miss anyone? If you want more of your dog, you can say so in the comment area below.

july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego
see http://glencadia.blogspot.com to read more about this video

I've done quite a few entries lately, some with only a couple of dogs, so look over the past few days.

Also, there will be two teenage girls coming in the afternoon to play with dogs (and horses and maybe children) so we will have another entry today with the girls' first day on the job (it's a job).

Pick up and delivery in the city, then this blog, tons of space, convenient, and the least expensive boarding option in New York, this is a good bargain! In case you forgot. Or you disagree. If so, feel free to comment.

And I am cooking up this video tour here. What do you think about that? You might want to comment... or not. Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Jasper back at Camp. No doubt he loves the company of dogs and other activities.

Sign us up for t-shirts! How about a line of Glencadia collars and leashes!?