Saturday, August 28, 2010

a proper glencadia blog entry

This is how the blog is supposed to be: a good long video with every dog in it (for sure!) and a nice dog report.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Anyone get it to work on an iphone? Supposed to.

Charlie - has a hot spot and is chewing it... might need a collar on his head to stop it
Mackey - hope that thing on his head won't scar.
Shiela - got into with someone and got a nick on the ear... she's been better since then
Maggie Blue - limping, I emailed you
Finn - eating tons, not whining at all
Buzz - doesn't like Bill... and you guys live near each other, sort of... they worked it out
Bogey - not nervous for one second although first time here
Tilo - can't deal with a big group of dogs but does okay with one at a time, like Frankie, who he defers to, very smart
Buckley - running and playing as you see in the video
Clover - great, lovely...
Griffin - he barks if I don't let him have the complete run of the place and he gets stuck upstairs and needs help getting downstairs
Maximus - comic relief, along with the ducks
Ruby - great... I can't think what to say
Sam, Alex, Billie - Lotta, my daughter, loves these guys. Billie is making friends with the cat.
Gertie - she nibbles your hand to get a pet, very sweet
Red - won't stay in the small dog area
Moses, Clementine - Clementine took off when we went for a walk, which was a surprise since I was concerned about Moses, who isn't as good usually... she came back soon enough.
Lucie (small yellow) - can't be with the small dogs: too pushy... honorary big dog
Sadie - an angel
LouLou Brutus - not angels... but having a ball, a real complete ball and never sit still all day long
Bailey - doesn't act old
Reilly - little bit on the lazy side
Stella - a good camper, great dog
Lucy (black) - very fast, doing great
Lucy (skinny yellow) - lost a little weight, so we're giving her double portions and leaving her by herself part of the day to eat
Wellington - tries to keep all the dogs from coming out for a walk... acting up a little this morning
Bill - his scar was a bit red and we put the ointment on it although it was long since healed
PJ - too fat, nice
Tina, Frankie - same
Tanja - she's doing well now
Choks - doing great

Friday, August 27, 2010

yesterday and today and videos should work on an iphone

One from yesterday, one from today. Lucie didn't like Finn, so I put her in another room. I sent Bill in there to keep her company, until he barked. Now Lucie mellowed out and isn't bothering Finn, so they are all back together... and following Rielly's lead and chilling. Couldn't be quieter and mellower than it is right now.

New! Videos should work on an iPhone!

Try it! Tell me if it works.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

picture day

I couldn't find my good video camera (which also takes still but they aren't very good) but I did have my still camera (which takes video but they aren't very good). I decided to make this picture day and take stills.

Where did I put that video camera? It drives me crazy. I keep putting things somewhere... argh!

Stills are much hard to take, by the way. It takes much longer because they have to settle down a little and then look at the camera more or less... and then the shot doesn't work, shadows or blurry, or the dog moved...

You can print these out and get yourself a souvenir of your dog's trip to camp. I guess the shipping and handling might be too much for one picture. You could get a nice 8x10 or your dog too.

I did also do a video:

august 21 at dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

comprehensive dog report and video

You can do a search for your dog's name... remembering that there may be more than one with that name! And read the notes before watching the video, maybe....

The dog news for 8-14-2010:
.... Jasper is a bit nervous but coming around. Milli is popular with the kids at this very second and much more relaxed and friendly, which is helping Jasper come around... Trouve has funny bat ears... Lucie decided to be the boss of the little dogs... Peanut is a sweetheart... Bear has accepted Bosley as his guide and overseer, as the two of them develop their passionate relationship... Bobby will be going for a pony ride when I saddle up for the kids, stay tuned for video... Sadie does not respond if I call her the wrong name, which I do in the video... Bodhi is raising a bit of hell... Django keeps his cool once again ... Clarence is a maniac and cannot possibly live in an apartment in Manhattan, impossible to imagine... Bailey took some time to get used to this strange environment but has ... Mocha jumped the fence again ... Maggie Blue is extremely happy to roll in manure and bark at a tennis ball... Jenny is a-okay.... kids put KZ away for chasing chickens and biting the tail of a duck .... Pepper's eye is better and he won't stay behind any doors and has tons of energy.... Berna is very sweet... will she really run off on me this time if I let her run in the field?... Sugar is the perfect farm dog: goes after rats and mice but not chickens or ducks or cats a and never wanders away from the homestead... Sugar went hunting in the crawl space of the barn today and seems to have had some success....Sugar is the hero of the day... Stella adjusted to the situation quickly and is having a terrific time, in tip-top shape... Scout and Silas: do they have a secret language? What strange noises they both make, a whine/bark hybrid and they both do it... Boon, what a nice old guy... Cali, running around, knocking into other dogs and making them mad.... Sumi is spending this vacation on the back porch and played about 4 hours of fetch and is quite pooped. Looks and acts much like my dog Gustov, and those two are very happy together. Sumi is another great farm dog... Barley is as sweet as can be, yet seems to snap at everyone in the van, very odd... but doing great.... Coco is fixed, right? She seems to be excessively popular with the boys... Charlie Murphy is a steady and reliably good dog, had some kind of scratch on the face that is healed but the hair hasn't grown back, very tiny .... Juliet looks like Sumi and Gustov, so watch the video carefully... she is reserved until she gets going.... she likes to sit upstairs with Scout. Very loyal couple, Juliet and Scout: they eat out of one bowl even when many bowls are available... Scout didn't eat enough breakfast so I'll try to spruce up dinner... Mingus has been a very good boy... Diamond doing great.... Lola has been perfect.... Bond seems to want to be boss, which can lead to trouble... but so far, no fight... have to keep an eye on him.... Mendl is more complicated than necessary for a friendly old lab: both too submissive and too pushy at the same, confusing time.... Tattoo: doing terrific and having a fine old time... Bill comes perfectly when called and is not pushy at all: he's like a different Bill these days... Lily and Noah: Noah's eyes have a lot of gook in the morning and they seem to stick together more and more as time passes... Charlie is a perfect camper. He's like family by now... Ringo Starr can be kind of stupid, provoking big dogs through the fence... but not so stupid as to provoke them when there is no fence... The German kids love Ringo... Choks is excellent, if still needs to be away from the big group when I'm not there, since they do bother him...

NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: I had a great shot for the end, with the trail from the pond, which is more like a mud pile now that it's so dry, to the house, and Sumi waiting for the boys, then following them home, then the ducks and geese bringing up the read. The ending shot, which is a perfect ending, was so good I put it at the beginning so you wouldn't miss it, since the end of the video wasn't as good as the beginning and some of you might not make it to the end.

That's about all I can think to say... other than check back tomorrow and we'll see if I have the energy to keep making these this week... I was pretty pooped by the end of all this, since no one was here to help me work today. If you know someone who likes dogs who wants to show here and grab a broom: hired. I'll be okay next week when all my regular folks get back in town.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.