Thursday, July 3, 2008

july 4th weekend crowd

We're almost all set with everyone... Darla was a bit nervous with the big dogs so I made her an honorary small dog and she seemed to like that. Charlie, who was super friendly at first, got a little scared by the new situation. We put Parker with him in a room and we'll give them a day alone before we get Charlie out and about... sometimes they need time, like Quin did. Now he's as affectionate as could be and I'm sure Charlie will be soon to. It's a sign of intelligence not to be too sure of this odd new situation, I think. I've been sending my son after the scared ones... but maybe that's not smart. Sometimes they respond better to kids or women even a couple of times.

I will write a little bet and organize the imagery better next time. I think I'll try for another entry this afternoon. I was kind of swamped with plain old care this morning (water, food, clean up...) what with Jim resting up for another drive.

Here are the stills.

I made sure to get every single dog somewhere in these two videos.


Samantha said...

Awwwww, tell Charlie that his mommy misses him and to buck up and play with his brother. :(

Noa said...

Thanks for the shots of Kahlo. If you get a chance to take her swimming (on or off leash) she'll love it and I'd love to watch it!