Saturday, July 12, 2008

report in text only

Well, we had that dust up yesterday: everyone was a little too excited about the sand. I mean, Quinn and Romeo had been hanging out for days with no problem and they are both good with other dogs... still, I have to keep them in separate groups now. And Archie and Jackson. And Moki and Wellington. Gordon was an honorary small dog untli now and he's playing in the sand very nicely with Max now. They spin round and round in the sand. They are cute and deserve a video. Both Vicslas are getting greedy about food, or they were the whole time. And Sundance is impossible with food. I am working hard to keep him from eating too much. Spencer eats plently but seemed a little thin to me, so I gave him more than the recommended amount. And Gordon isn't eating much but otherwise seems pretty happy now. Moki continues to ruin water buckets. Charly and Betty are by themselves, due to Betty's aparent preference, but I should go give the two of them a turn on the sand. Will do that after this. Sasha doesn't want me to tell her where to go. Again, we're going easy on the food to improve her figure. Leo delivered a message to me: my son tucked an envelope under his collar and told me to call him. Our new son is supposed to be Leo, but he is now two days late in being born. The email I have for you, Leo's people, doesn't seem to work. Berna is fine but I don't trust her off the leash. Bear is a sneak: he gets passed me. I put him with the big dogs for awhile but he seems to really like Wellington and vice versa. Tibet is a waste in a Brooklyn apartment. She is actually a terrific watch dog and she's on the job as we speak. Lila didn't seem to want to play with dogs, so I put her in a space with one other dog for awhile but now she's out in the sand and having a good time. Simon has to have freedom to roam or he will hurt himself trying to break a door. Lucky, nothing to report, glad to say. I let her take off once a day and she always comes back, so it's fine. Molly is a lot of dog with tons of energy and seems to be a good match with Jackson, and since they live near to each other, I try to keep them together. Seeger seems to have a thing about Lane: bothering her relentlessly. So that's another pair to avoid. Shiloh has been here a long time and is getting bossy: up until now, he had no social issues to consider, but now he can't stay in the big yard with every group... Fine with almost all of them almost all the time. Did I forget anyone? Maybe I should take notes...

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