Wednesday, August 26, 2009

children's pay day, sinbad's psychology, lulu and omar's wagon ride, inflation, sparklers, bales, hands up or I'll shoot you with a rainbow

children's pay day, sinbad's psychology, lulu and omar's wagon ride, inflation, sparklers, bales, hands up or I'll shoot you wit from glencadia on Vimeo.

After reading Peanuts Ollie, 7, set up a psychiatry stand. He copied Lucy out of the book, only he raised the price to one dollar. He did all that completely on his own.

I got him a patient: Sinbad. Why does he keep chewing this one spot? I put the collar on him, the spot heals, then he chews it again. What is going on in his head?

Ollie said, "Maybe he was bit by a king mosquito. Those really itch. How long has it been going on?"

For weeks, I said.

"That's about right for a king mosquito."

And as you'll hear in the video, he hounded me for a dollar all day. Not that I got any worthwhile psychiatry out of him.

I suggested he should consider a philosophy stand instead of psychology. The licensing process is easier.

Lotta, 2, put on a tutu, some googles, and stole Ollie's umbrella and attempted to rob me.

Kim, doesn't number 7, Sampson, look an awful lot like Bullwinkle?

All on one average Wednesday:
Sparklers on the way home from going to the neighbor's farm to get milk...
Stacking hay bales in the morning...
Playing dress up...
Picking cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, corn, carrots, baking bread, finding eggs...
Going swimming...
Cleaning out the dog van... would have been easier without Ollie using the vacuum, although he meant well.

The geese are grouping up.
The string beans are over.
The first set of corn is done.
The forecast calls for cool days: we can put the fans away already.
Summer is almost over.

The Gordian Knot: Alexander the Great untied it in Asia Minor... ours really wasn't as bad and we were able to figure it out pretty quickly without conquering any territory.

Last week Ollie said that I was the one that put the money under his pillow when his tooth fell out. There is no tooth ferry. And there is no Santa Claus either. So, he figured, there is no soul. When you die, he said, you rot in the ground and get eaten by worms. I said they are different things, Santa, the tooth ferry, the soul, and left it at that.

Today he said that there is no way the it could have been me hiding the eggs at Easter, since there was so much chocolate and I know very well that he doesn't like chocolate. Also, when we went to the party for that friend of ours who died, when we looking at her favorite tree and we looked up and saw the light come between the branches just at that moment on a cloudy day, that means there is a soul. That's what the soul does: it goes to your favorite place.

Where do you think my soul would go?

I don't want to talk about it, I said.

cooking up a video

I got a lot of video footage today but not enough before I had to come in... so I will finish up this afternoon and upload tonight. Thanks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

uninspired video

This video is at best utilitarian. I was on my own this morning and it was raining. I didn't even turn on the lights, so the video is kind of dark. Unedited, uninspired, not up to snuff, lesser video.

Still, at least you can see your dog.

Bella: not here yet
Moose: Gracie, the mini-pinscher was picking on him and he didn't react at all.
Wellington: very well balanced this time so far
Muri: perfect
Chloe: sneaking into all rooms
Lulu Omar: sleeping a lot
Buzz: buzy
Red: likes the big dogs
Lola: lovely, greedy dog who bit me as a kiss
Maggie Lou: a little pesky this time
Pepper: perfect angel
Tizoc: mellow
Sailor: a lot of energy
Rusty: nonstop
Shyloh: doesn't eat much, fine with big and small dogs, must be hot
Tilo: gotta keep an eye on this guy
Happy: he really is happy -- he wasn't the first two days
Samantha: not a normal Huskie: she comes when she's called and eats her breakfast
Romeo: wanted to be with the small dogs, so fine for now
Bobby: mr. cool, should go for another pony ride
Sundance: fine
Lucky: not naughty
Mingus: really good with a small number of dogs
Reilly: mellow
Shadow: excellent
McGee: funny dog
Kodiak: went swimming yesterday, rolled in mud and still isn't white again
Sinbad: seems fine
Lucy (black): was scared and needed some extra attention... she seems to like camp now
Sugar: working hard
Maizy: excellent
Pixel: not fat
Duewey: new
Kenya: old
Rupert: sometimes stand-offish, sometimes very friendly
Layla: treat stealing specialist
Mendl: good
Lucy(terrier): great
Moki: bucket wrecker, no listening

uninspired video from glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Friday, August 21, 2009

two hikes/bike rides from the chatham house

This entry is about biking, or walking, out of the house we have for rent in Chatham. For dogs, scroll down. It's really a continuation and addition to my entry about stuff to do in and around Chatham New York.

To the stream at Shufelt Road
2.4 mi – about 45 mins walking, 15 minutes biking

1. Head west on Kinderhook St away from the downtown area, pass Library Place and keep going
0.4 mi

2. Continue on Pond Hill Rd (which is basically a continuation of Kinderhook street)
You'll be next to a pond (on the left) and you'll pass under a railroad bridge.
0.9 mi

3. Turn right at NY-203/Rte-203/State Route 203
This is very short but a very busy street, so walk your bike for a couple of feet.
190 ft

4. Turn left at Shufelt Rd: watch out for the winding turns down the hill. Cars can't see you from the other side. Listen and stay far to the right. You come down out of that hill and there are beautiful fields on either side. Stop when you get to a little bridge and splash in the creek.
1.0 mi

If you want to keep going for another mile or so, you can go to a sheep/beef/poultry farm, also beautiful, and buy some stuff out of the freezer (honor system).

Go another quarter mile down Shufelt Road then:

5. Slight left at County Hwy-26/County Rte-21B/Rte-21B (not a busy road) 0.2 mi

6. Turn right at County Hwy-66/County Rte-21/Rte-21 (at the landing strip) 1.2 m

Here's the extra part:

No big streets at all.

1. Head east on Kinderhook St toward Park Row 0.1 mi
2. Continue on Central Square 141 ft
3. Continue on River St 0.6 mi
4. Continue on Highland Rd 2.5 mi
5. Turn right at Rock City Rd Destination will be on the right 0.4 mi

That's two for now.

Now the simming hole:

Driving directions to NY-66/Rte-66
10.1 mi – about 25 mins
28 Kinderhook St
Chatham, NY 12037
1.Head east on Kinderhook St toward Park Row
30 ft
2.Turn right at Park Row
404 ft
3.Turn left at Main St/NY-66
0.1 mi
4.Turn right at Central Square
141 ft
5.Continue on River St
0.6 mi
6.Continue on Highland Rd
2.5 mi
7.Turn left at Rock City Rd
79 ft
8.Slight right at Highland Rd
1.8 mi
9.Turn right at County Rte-13
0.5 mi
10.Turn left at Shaker Museum Rd
2.6 mi
11.Slight left at Albany Turnpike
98 ft
12.Turn right at NY-66/State Route 66
Continue to follow NY-66
Destination will be on the right
1.8 mi

The trick part is finding the spot. If you are going north, the parking space will be on the left. If you've passed the Tennesse Gas Pipline facility, you're getting close. If you get into the next county, you missed it.

Then you have to cross the stream to the beach.

Does this help?

catching up

At least we got most of the hay cut, baled and inside on the first week we could have done it since June. I still have to get about 80 bales off the field but I wanted to get at least a few shots of the dogs dodging in and out of the scattered square bales. The dogs didn't really feel like dodging in and out of the bales and kept going in the pond. And my tripod is busted, so I didn't really get the shot the way it should have been but it's going to rain and I have to finish editing and uploading this video and get out there and get the bales off the field, then I'll take the rest of the dogs, the ones I missed so far, out for a walk.

The little pony got out and spilled the grain. I tried to get the chickens to eat the stuff but then I took out the dogs -- and you'll see what happened.

I'm going to get a new tripod. All this handheld is making me dizzy.

I'm back in the blog groove. I'm still behind with hay and the garden and some very serious repairs to the roof but I will stay with the blog now. Thanks for your patience and check back tonight if you didn't see your dog in this one.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

blog is back

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

I will definitely get the rest of the dogs on Sunday, tomorrow.

I think I was bluffing about the blog on strike. But still, if there are 40 dogs here, why did the video only get 15 hits? Now that the hits are up over 50, I'll continue.

Looking over the list, I see I need to go back out and take a bunch more swimming with the video -- it's easier to get into the pond now that the hay is cut.

You'll see some dogs getting washed. The groomer brings her kids when she comes. Those dogs are all home already.

I have some videos a week old I'm adding to this one.

Tina: crazy with a hose
Elly: went home
Louie: fine, needs to go swimming again
Whitman: swimming
Lola: plays with pig
Maggie Lou: pushy today
Daisy: happy go lucky again
Max: three high strung boston terriers
macey: doing well, need to take back out
miles: fine
Mowgli: swim?
Katie: needs a swim
Sailor: another high strung boston terrier
Rusty: pig play
Cozy: same quiet self-- needs a swim too
Happy: settled in fine now... sorry I didn't have time to show you around
Allie: slowing down...
Hailey: swim
Samantha: with colin right now, clever girl can open the door
Romeo: doing well
Nora: swam?
Bobby: pony ride
Sundance: cooling
Lucky: naughty
Mingus: good boy
Manning: which one is manning and which one is reilly?
McGee: sitting on the porch now
Kodiak: with the other arctic style dogs
Sinbad: off that spot
sugar: went under the barn
Bond: swim
Pixel: only I can keep him from the other dog's food, so on the days I feed them, I am especially strict

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

strike is over

The blog is back. I don't have the video all fixed up yet but I will. The blog is back after a 24 wildcat strike.

Oh, and here is some furniture for people with dogs who don't stay on the floor. Cool stuff.

Monday, August 10, 2009

what a relief

The blog is going on strike. There are 40 dogs here but only about 15 people bothered to stop by and look at the video. I have plenty of other work to do, although I honestly like the blog better, but I do have to go out and wash dogs, rig up my van, pull weeds, go to the feed shop, oil change, plenty to do other than the blog. Well, it was fun but I do have plenty else to do.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

branch comes down, hot air balloon goes up, dogs go in (water), I climb up (bale), doors come open, that's not a dog

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Oh, and since only 15 people checked in on the last video, this will be the last video blog entry for awhile (if people don't want to see it, there isn't much point).

That branch hanging over the sidewalk was no good. $300 to take it down is a bargain compared to DEATH by falling limb. Thanks Bob Diruzzio tree company.

I thought I lost all of the videos from yesterday but I hadn't erased them all from the camera, so I could edit it again.

Price drop on DOG STORIES, my book. Now it's only $10 on Amazon!

We put the shirts we bought in Ethiopia on the kids and tried to get them to cooperate for a picture. Didn't work out.

Katie can jump the fence. Peanut and Lulu (both of them) are popular with the neighbor girl. Sinbad chewed that spot open again, damn it. Happy birthday Lulu.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

pony ride, swim, fetch, pig visiting

What would camp be without a pony ride?
Want to come here as a tourist?
My son stuck a barcode on me and I didn't know until I saw the video.