Friday, September 28, 2007

Ruby messing up the buckets (typical retriever)... little dogs mad at me

So a new group today. Open this link in another window:

There are some videos from yesterday that included the dogs that went home yesterday.

Here is some of what's going on: I have two little dogs that are not too friendly to me.

Napoleon is acting afraid of me but he was lovely-dovey in the van, so I'm not too worried about it. I just have to put the other dogs in another area and sit there and he'll come. He already half comes now. He actually liked my last night but fogot this morning.

Winston is another story. At least I can be near him without him getting mad. He only likes my wife and son. She went to work and he went to school, so poor winston is stuck with me. I though Wellington and Winston might be a good couple so I put them together.

Everyone else: no issues. Ruby is the one messing up all the water buckets, as in the video below, and that is really annoying: put all clean water out and she messes them all up right away. Coco and Barkley are from the same house but they aren't so good eating together after all... Coco is a little bossy which is not what I would have guessed. Barkley HATES horses: I have to reming Jim!

Some geese in one video. They are flying north in the video. They're not ready to go south yet, still grouping up. And when they leave, they fly high up and at night... Not so many this year around the house.

Here's what we got today from my camera (the ones that start with MVI):
6838: Wellington and Winston after breakfast
6839: Wellington waiting to go in the house, Mako howling from the barn, Buddy showing up
6840: Coco Barkley inside the house about to go out with Jim
6841: Everyone out in the yard, Napoleon barking at me, Theo doing a little howl.
6842: all of them standing around me, liltte outside tour
6843: inside, still working on napoleon
6844: he's coming in! all the others...
6845: everyone including ruby and her bucket
6846: short
6847: going over the names with Jim then ruby does it again!
6848: wellington wants to go in the house
6849: geese, sky, winston

MOV movies by Jim:
00018: coco and barkley
00017: wellington
00016: coco and barkley
00015: buddy
00014: buddy
00013: buddy
00012: dosky and tiny
00011: buddy and maybe radar
00010: cabo and buddy
00009: cabo and buddy
00008: buddy
00007: radar
00006: maybe radar
00005: radar

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

different dog every day to meet the school bus to freak the bus driver out

go to and look for today!

Okay, today we have a trip to the school bus, Ollie catching a frog, Jim working on replacing a door in the dog house.

I've decided to just work slowly on Winston. Keep him around me all the time and wait for him to come to me. No need to hurry. He'll either come around or he won't, since he likes kids and women, he'll be fine.

Two different video cameras. Jim likes to use his own. Good thing he came to take everyone out, I ended up pretty beat from driving this morning. Baby woke me up at 6.

We'll need that new door for winter. It's in now. I want to be able to secure half the space and only heat one room downstairs and 3 upstairs. Except for xmas, that will be plenty for the winter. That's what the construction is about.


MOV00011: ruby. cabo (running in field)
MOV00012: cabo ruby
MOV00013: again, same two
MOV00014: bill radar and mako by house
MOV00015: bill and radar driveway and field
MOV00016: buddy... off down driveway
MOV00017: tiny and dosky

6788: bill mako radar and winston by porch (aenne has to take Winston because he still hates me. tonight I gave him some wild alaskan salmon from the grill. he still doesn't like me!)

6789: winston, puppy mako baby

6790: buddy ... talking about construction

6791: off to school bus... winston

6792: walking off to the school bus in the village

6793: at the neighbors where the school bus comes... ollie's home! lotta watches... winston... shoes wrong way around again

6794: ollie caught a frog and put him in a dog bowl

6795: frog in a big bucket

6796: jim working on a new door in the dog house... all the dogs hang out

6797: more door repair, lot of dogs

6798: radar, tiny and dosky near by

Monday, September 24, 2007

leaving for the city

no time to go through everything but look in

all going home today

Saturday, September 22, 2007

ollie getting crazy stuff out of the barn. gustov walking buddy, whitman running in the house, cabo chasing a squash

So this entry goes with the folders for sept 22 and sept 21 in the folder

Cut and paste these links in a new window:


The themes here are watching my son Ollie find more and more crazy things in the barn as the videos go on... what a mess. And highlights include a puppy yanking a big pit/boxer kind of dog around (Buddy), Whitman running into the house through the hole in the screen, Cabo chasing a squash, Lucinda crazy... Tibet too rough.

So Ella doesn't eat enough. Jim was supposed to bring cans yesterday and didn't so my wife will pick some up... maybe she'll eat that. Mako needs more sleep so he's not in on this round of videos. Beanie's collar: I can't find it.

At one point Ollie mentions Tummy Rubber -- that is the brother of the cat in that video who died and is burried in that bush. Run over. He's whipping some dogs with a horse whip saying, "Not near Tummy Rubber!" He shouldn't really whip dogs... his own... and I'll take that whip away from him. I don't think there is really any danger of him really trying to hit them or of actually hitting them if he tried. Besides, they were running around on his cat's grave! I kind of thought he forgot Tummy Rubber, it was well over a year ago that he died. I guess not.

The videos in the 21 folder (07sept21) are of the yard yesterday before I put them all in the dog house for the night. I think most dogs are in most videos, so I won't label them all here. I'll label today's shots.


6753: ella
6754: here it the one with the grave
6755: maddox beanie (ollie training gustov)
6756: beanie ella maddox
6757: beanie (ollie tries to catch him) maddox (whacks me with a stick)
6758: bill (eat manure) ollie feeds cat archie -- two dogs with kids
6759: cabo matilda pumpkins
6760: lionel whitman zeppy
6761: lionel whitman (not here, in house) zeppy
6762: here's whitman not in house
6763: ollie has more stuff... heading to hammock
6764: matilda cabo (squash) lionel zeppy
6765: ollie caught a dog for me: cabo matilda zeppy (barks at ollie, not good) lionel
6766: lionel pees on stroller finally sits
6767: lucinda and tibet
6768: lucinda crazy
6769: buddy gets walked by puppy gustov --ollie uses ski pole as hammock brake
6770: tibet and ella (tibet flips gustov)


6748: lot of barking
6749: bailey barking, roll call
6750: inside the house
6751: lucinda, more
6752: inside out

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

taxes due quarterly or some crap Monsanto super trees

Okay, let's get this blog done first. Then I'll pay taxes and insurance.

I get these forms fron the state that say READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SIGN or something like that and its a few pages of dense something or other, so I put it in the TO DO LATER pile... then I get a bill with a fine and interest for some tax I didn't pay and I don't even know what it is. I want to drop this crap in the lap of my accountant but he was moving... I'll make an appointment with him today, god damn it.

They should have a place with the amount due on the front page and let me just pay that without reading anything. Workman's comp, sales tax, incorporation tax, personal tax, business tax: what is it?

And property taxes: do you know how expensive they are? And I don't even like the damn public school, 7000 a year a send them and I went there once, walked in with no pass because I came through the wrong door and got yelled at, as if I was supposed to figure out which door they had security at when the building is such an architectural mistake that the front door is not even obvious and far from the parking lot and then I see some worksheets on the wall outside a classroom about pollination with picture (filled in, like a coloring book) of bees and flowers when the school is surround on three sides by a massive APPLE ORCHARD. Then there was the art class: picture of the American flag, very creative. And I heard some music down the hall, oh nice, so I head that way and it was the NATIONAL ANTHEM. So I went throught he library with big signs that say TEAMWORK!, COOPERATION!, ICHABOD CRANE TOGETHERNESS! If that worked, the Soviet Union would have buried us like Kruschev said when he took off his shoe at the UN in 1963.

I must have counted about 50 flags in 20 minutes.

Not that I'm against patriotism or anything, if it's patriotism like Ben Franklin's or John Adams, that is thoughtful, changes over time, is based on ideals and quite willing to change allegiances depending on circumstances... This is INDOCTRINATION over here in the country. Not that it's better in New York City, just more chaotic. The city is fat mess.

It's like American First boot camp over there. No way my kids can get that treatment. I guess in 20 minutes, I didn't get to see the desenters parade, the freethinkers ceremony... Damn it. State doesn't recognize a religion? What the hell: looks like a religion, songs and flags and indoctrination. Here's my $7000, enjoy.

Wait, I was off the topic. Now with the weather so perfect and it so clear that it won't be much longer before the outside turns hostile on us, I hate to be inside. But if I go outside, it'll be hard work: stacking wood, fixing the barn, something like that.

I got all my wood split. Most people who want to heat with wood have to bust their ass: cutting, hauling, splitting, stacking. Not me. I have these Monsanto Super Trees, genetically modified. All I have to do is whistle, a tree hauls itself out by the roots, runs up the wood shed and says, "Yes Sir! Orders please!" And I say, "Fall apart and jump in the shed!" Then I'm all set for the winter.

This entry goes with the videos here:

6736: maddox digging, everyone in this one, in the main yard yesterday afternoon (notice the mellow, late day tempo)
6737: more of the same, matilda in there: she was limping a tiny bit yesterday. today's she fine
6738: baily, buddy, lionel, some others
6740: misty morning this morning... this is a cat getting chased by some dumb dogs (tibet in here somewhere: oh the porch) mako stops by
6741: tibet running in circles around an ancient maple -- mako barking at a piece of wood
6742: out for toot: ella, shy dog, squash (we're wokring on her)
6743: mist, squash filed, whitman, beanie, maddox, matilda, beastie, cody
6744: same crew as before... not coming
6745: hay field, bailey lionel buddy somewhere here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

quick note

So the weather has been changing a lot. You'll see that in the video. Even though there aren't a lot of dogs, we've had some issues. Petie can be cranky (although he runs much faster than I thought in a video below), Bailey is a little rabble rouser, and Bettie doesn't like Beastie and vice versa. Otherwise, things are good. Charlie is a little shy sometimes...

6702: out for a toot: loona buddy lionel ozzy layla

6703: same group as above chasing a pumpkin, then I get excited because the farmer set a ground hog trap and loona was heading toward it. i talked to him about that and he just keeps doing it without telling me, damn it.

6704: same group in the hay

6705: cody and bailey thinking about jumping through the whole in the screen door on the porch

6707 cody beastie sagg beastie matilda out for a toot

6708: matilda

6709: charlie going for a walk, sagg cameo

6710: fletcher in the yard

6711: just about everyone all together

6712: juan and diego want to walk-- then everyone comes

6713: around the dog area, petie, buddy, many more....

6714: all of them, bailey, more

6715: everyone being nice out in the yard

6716: hay field: petie, cody, matilda, betty, lionel

6717: ollie giving juan and diego treats

6718: treats for layla

6719: more of ollie giving treats beastie matilda layla

6720: same as above, wardering around barn

6721: more of the same

6722: no dogs, ollie climbing up to his workshop high in the barn

that should do it for now

sept. 14 and 15 videos up but will write more later

go to and look in sept 14 folder -- it includes videos for today too but I can't write it all up now -- i will this evening. good luck hunting or come back for a description of the videos and general dog activities.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

september: the best month

Perfect weather, now with the rain under our belt, busy doing stuff like splitting wood, not so many dogs right now, Ollie in school, school bus, the baby settled in....

remember to go to and look for today's folder...

okay here are today's videos and then some stories, if I can remember any:

6695: juan diego, my puppy wrestling with butch, me finding a stolen dog food can, lotta says WOW WOW for doggie, listen closely, mako sleeping not here...

6696: everyone wants to get out

6697: beastie running to see kids (i walk) -- talk about how beastie looks like pippi who died... ollie too rough with sister

6698: family, beastie catching, tricking

6699: more catching (my puppy gustov in here: he steals the camera)

6670: more family and beastie

6671: not fair: let's take everyone else for a walk

What stories? Not too much.. Petie is kind of settled in... hangs by himself... cody was a little freaked out and is fine now: still, he can't go off the leash yet I don't think. Mako is sleeping a lot. He's old but it's not like him.

My horse fractured or bruised a bone. I think he'll be okay.

The neighbor wants to board her horse here. I'm thinking of getting chickens next year. I rented the splitter for a week: a hard long week of splitting and stacking and that will cover about 75% of my heat for the winter, but it will cost me plenty in labor and machine rental. Still cheaper than sending my money to Saudi Arabia but still... a lot of work. Is it worth it? It's nice to have a fire.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

rain! new dogs

I've been remiss in doing videos and blogs and I'm making it quick for now too... but will do more tonight and tomorrow morning... thanks.

Again, you go to and look for the most recent folder (07sept6-11)

Older videos
6619: our puppy, our baby, ollie and some friends
6621: puppy finds a dead mouse, baby in swing
6624: stella, rocky, mowgli, addie, ruby, petie, cocoa, blanco, ozzie, cocoa takes a bath: all from before
6625: emma, inside, open the door, let them out
6693: today when it was drizzling: digging hole, beastie, petie peeing, loona, buddy little ears....

Monday, September 3, 2007

faerry house, manure rolling, sugar on mouse partol

So a lot of dogs are going home tomorrow and today... CHECK YOU RESERVATION AT GLENCADIA.COM!!!!!

I wanted to get video of everyone out for a romp. Enough yard shots yesterday, So I got most of them before I went in to download video... but everyone went.

Sugar was out for a romp and actually romped but I didn't get the camera ready and she took off running back to the barn to wait by the door to get back to work catching mice.

I had a little conversation with her about this and I thought I video-taped it...

Go to and then read below

Pictures too!!!!

Here we go:

6600: cedar, reilly, sadie, blanco, syndney, moses, cocoa, luna

6601: same group as above

6602: hey, the camera was left on!

6603. 6604, 6605: jo, rocky, hanu, grover, phoebe, annie

6606: casper, ruby, ozzie, boxer from harlem

6607-8: mako, genji, my son ollie make faerrie houses with traps and balconies while petting a puppy

Sunday, September 2, 2007

sept1-2: something cute, something funny, and no barking

First a funny story about me chasing a Jack Russell under my barn last winter (none of the 4 Jack Russells here now):

Then, here is where the videos discussed in today's blog are:

Now, something damn cute from today:

MVI_6492: Gila and Lotta (9 months) -- they sat there like that for quite a while until I tried to get in for a close up

Now the requisite non dog video from today:

MVI_6494: Ollie, 5, flying a kite
MVI_6495: Ollie wants to get some sunflower seeds

Next, I usually do videos in the morning so the energy level of the dogs is higher than most of the day. Right now, as I write at night, there is not a peep out there in the barn. 43 dogs and NO BARKING. It takes a few days to get it like this but everyone is down with the program now. By 6 am tomorrow, it'll be loud again but the rest of the night will be nothing but crickets.

Here they are this evening before I put them all to bed (divide them up and put the blankets down, supper). Highlights: Hanu being nasty to a Casper, not smart, thanks for restraint Casper, Annie doing some weeding for me, and, no barking. Well, not much. Phoebe don't eat that. You can almost hear the geese in the distance:

MVI_6597: almost all dogs in here

Now, I'll go back to yesterday and run down the videos and try to put a little character development in there:

MVI_6546: notice the higher morning, getting to know each other energy... look here for your dog... this might be from Friday, August 31... seems like it.

MVI_6573: ollie (boy and dog) mako bothering mosese (true love)
MVI_6574: moses and ollie

6575: Ollie dog moses running

6576: Ollie's puppy gustov and ollie the dog

6578: cloud pooping, running to the house

6579: clouding pulling ollie mako ollie dog

6580: more cloud ollie mako

6581: music in the dog house, dog inventory half the dogs, give it a shot

6582: sadie cali kissing rocky kola and annie playing ozzie listening coco casper jo addie not listening at all blanco syndey

6583: ruby daisy boxer kola annie syndey ollie many more

6584: rosie gali hanu red (hanu telling rosie to shut up)

6585: sugar and her mouse hole

6586: opening the door out of the dog area-- this way is closed -- dog supply closet with 5 year holding cattle prod

6587: dusty mako

6588: tupper with jim

6589: tupper with jim again

6590: small dogs rosie gile jack russells

6591: cali being unflappable, cedar playing with syndey other dogs in and out of frame

6592: cute see above

6598: mingus tupper and malachi going home from the woods

6599: more of the above