Friday, July 4, 2008

national independence day

Ben Franklin was a loyal British subject in 1774... and a leader of the independence movement two years later. His son (fathered by his servant but raised by his very understanding wife, as their only birth child died) was the British governor or NJ, the longest serving colonial official in America and stayed loyal to Britain, Ben kidnapped, so to speak, his grandson to prevent him from ending up British and living in London... and they all had one final meeting on the dock on Ben's way back from Paris, a meeting he described as "not his finest" moment. Soon after, he died.

On that pleasant July 4th note, on to the dogs.

Anyway, some stuff to look for in the videos: your dog. In here somewhere. You might try waiting until it completely loads and fast forward through them... sorry it's a little bit of a slog. You can see the stills here. Note: two pages of stills.

There should be two videos, mixed up randomly with some appropriate patriotic imagery. Somehow, one got cut off and then I uploaded to another host.. might be dupes, but some of it might be different... good luck. Took forever to upload, then said I already uploaded it, so I did it again... a little messy.

Charlie is so friendly sometimes and still occasionally hesitant, so I'm working on it... There are more Charlies
and the little one is super cute.

I have two Reillies who are fairly similar.

refuses to leave the general barn area and just hangs out. Theo missed out on his turn to go out and hung out at the food closet, which doesn't seem like him but somehow I vaguely remember him doing that before. Tango and Darla might look the same on video, not in person, so my apologies if I mis-labeled them. Bill and I discuss contract law. Bill gets it (and a treat).

If you didn't see your dog, email of leave a comment. I'll see where s/he is.

july 4 at - kewego
july 4 at - kewego

july 4 at - kewego
with dogs and flags and cats and ducks and kids, pony

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jackie said...

As a first time sending my dog Pip away for what i like to call a mini-vacation, i would just like to see her in one of your videos, so i know shes having fun and playing around. She's there this fourth of july weekend. Love the videos and of course the other dogs.