Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween entry: dogs disguised

Open this folder in another window:

In reality, the videos are 29, 30 and 31

7324 : So this is how well I disguised the dogs
7322: another dog in a small little hovel

Here is a walk
7320: catch the tomato -- on one wants it
7321: playing catch the squash -- more interesting

7316: pumpkin patch
7317: everyone walking along the woods
7319: everyone out for a toot
7318: apple ginger comes back (other in this too!)

7289: a lion
7298: lion and king

Older videos:
7266: no dogs
7272: tibet
7273: inside
7274: house yard some of these dogs are home already
7275: inside

Saturday, October 27, 2007

wheaton isn't wellington (with my kids), geese flying north (wait, wrong way!), rain, sun, many days

So this entry is late and covers many days... open both of these folders:

The actual dates of the videos may be ... somewhere around there. Lot of videos to cover so let's get to it:

OCTOBER 23 Folder

7191: adelaine and mila playing on the lawn... mila's been home for awhile so this is pretty old
7192: mila and adelaine go with Ollie and I to pick squash
7193: more squash field
7194: requisite no dog video with children
7214: everyone in the yard
7215: yard when sharly was still here

October 26 folder

7228: jim in the yard with a lot of a dogs -- almost all
7229: same
7230: more yard all dogs
7231: inside the house
7232: sandals
7233: sandals again
7234: sandals in the field
7235: winston hates me
7237: but he like aenne and butch is jealous
7238: sandals with my kids and my puppy (cute stuff)


7242: one wet wobegon wheaton
7243: this is funny: my little dog butch thinks he can keep the dogs from coming out or at least put them all in their place: apple ginger (stealing again), franklin, scout, elvis, adelaine
7244: same dogs as above in the pumpkin field
7245: same as above around the house
7246: same as above in the hay field
7248: sasha gilligan suki (this one has some nice sounds of geese and dogs)
7249: arrow theo bailey
7250: same as above catching squash
7251: same as above by the round bales
7252: annie -- slipped out and didn't get into the toot videos

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ollie cleaning dog closet, geese, rainbow, lots of videos

the folder to open is:

First there are a couple that don't have much to do with dogs (except you might hear some barking) but do show what a tremendously beautiful day it was here today:

7170: rainbow we saw on the way home (another one when we got home is hard to see: 7175)
7190: color of sunset and leaves changing geese passing through

That was this afternoon. Here is the morning:
7079: walking through the yard, there is aenne and lotta and most of the dogs (her first word is "wao-wao" for all animals), also roll call in this one
7098: still in the yard, all of them hanging out (elton-sharly love...)
7099: in the dog house quite a few
7100: moses and some stairs
7101: adelaine barking, bella jumping, moses
7102: ollie cleaning the closet for me
7103: cleaner
7104: getting there
7105: inside with ollie on my shoulders mila whitman edith some others
7106: ollie goes upstairs and some dogs follow
7107: upstairs woodchips on dogs
7108: same as above
7109: bella moses otto ollie
7110: emma dewey sharly
7111: cut it out
7112: back in the yard more dogs
7113: apple ginger ollie elton more dogs inside
7114: shiloh whitman -- i don't know, tons
7115: no dogs except mine
7170: rainbow
7175: another rainbow
7177: out ofr a toot whitman elton mila -apple ginger stealing treats from the closet
7178: same as above
7190: geese

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm not sleepy now... how much coffee can you drink before you just collapse from coffee poisoning? just curious

here is the folder that goes with this post:

warning this folder won't be active until about 1 pm EST october 19... thanks.

So we have a little dust up between buddy and captain mellow recorded, we have some nice fall colors even though it is summer weather, including a coming summer thunderstorm, buddy wandered off and jim had to go get him, my wife and the baby show up in one video to see what I was doing, I have to drive to Kingston to return that van, sharly might sneak off after all... what else? I better run out and get those blanket in before the rain comes and wash the van before I return it and I got back at 1:30 am last night and because I drank coffee I couldn't sleep and still got up at 6:30 so I better get my butt to kingston with that van before I get sleepy. luckily jim came to work this morning early: he always does. and fixes cars.. great.

7073: yard shot, almost all dog in this one
7074: bella sharly otto and vanya out on a toot
7075: same as above in the squash field
7076: buddy and captain mellow -- no fighting
7077 or 7078: squabble here -- no one seems too upset -- I would like these two to figure it out and be together, two kind of tough dogs neither of whom is mean but both play hard... we'll see
7079: same two as above
7080: open the door and let all the dogs out: maddox apple ginger emma moses dewey whitman (already jumped over the gate)
7081 and 7082: same as above
7083: dewey wandered off -- dewey really seems fine -- I don't think he's suffering at all -- HE'S FINE!!!!!
7084: back inside roll call

Thursday, October 18, 2007

theo today, fog video tricks, what happens to all the dog sh*t, blankets, and one really loud horse fart

I noticed that Theo was left out of yesterday's blog... don't know how that happened. Sorry Theo's people. He's all over the place today. Also, it was foggy and I was working on some nive fog videos as I took Ollie to the bus and let the horses out, trying to get a goose flying off into the fog. Instead I got a terrific horse fart. Also, I show some of the unpleasant things here: bags of sh*t which need to go the dump. Jim comes at 1 pm today and I might get him to make a dump run. And every day with the balnkets! Hang them up, fold them. Yes, I can hire people to do this kind of thing (shit, blankets) but unless I saty right on top of them it isn't done right... and it's too much work to supervise them so I just do it myself. Dangnabit. I put an ad in the paper and got like 76 responses but I still don't have the staff thing right. Folks just don't like shit. And the balnkets got a little wet this morning so I hope it clears up so they dry.

Here is the folder for today:

7042: goose in fog

7052: bird sounds and fog... feel the fall?

7064, 7065, 7066, 7067: theo with my dogs

7068: pony farts, kicks, farts louder, joins horses and disappears into the fog

7069: truck full of shit

7070, 7071, 7072: in and around the dog house and yard, blankets, play, whatever

I'm going back to bed now. Babysitter is here. I have to drive tonight... pick up 8 dogs. End of dog blog for today.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

my son hid the key to the car and ate a bone, mendl son the hay bale jumping competition

The folder for this entry is:

The dogs and the videos come at the end of the entry...

This morning we discovered that the Prius was locked and couldn't find our only key (the other was left in the grass and destroyed by the lawn mower). I called Toyota to ask if the smart key was smart enough to know that if it's locked in the car it should open the door. They told me that unless someone disabled the smart key fuction by pressing a button under the dash, it should open when you pull the handle.

This whole situation seemed like my son Ollie's handwork. Ollie, 5, has been known to do some pretty naughty things. I racked my brain for another explanation, but it just had Ollie's name written all over it. Anyone might have misplaced the key but no one else would have locked the car. And then there was the fact that the instructions about how to turn on the car, for valet parking, little sheets of paper, were strewn all over the front seat... evidence was mounting.

I thought of calling the school to have the teacher ask Ollie where he hid the key so my wife could get to work, as she already had to cancel one appointment. But I didn't think that would work: he needed to be interviewed face-to-face.

Turns out, he had a traumatic day at school. They were walking in the woods near the witch's house (Baba Yaga) when someone stumbled into a yellow jacket hive. He swears that there is a sign in the woods that says, "Keep out! Yellow jackets." But of course he can't read. He claims the teacher read the sign to the class, then proceeded to march the whole group right into the woods, where they were promptly attacked by yellow jackets.

Yes, there is a witch's house in the woods with a trap door in the floor. Really.

Two kids were stung and one had stings all over him and had to go to the hospital. Ollie didn't get hit but was still upset. Walking down the driveway after he got off the bus, he told me there is a kind of wasp with a stinger as big your fist... he saw one with Momma by the pine road... or maybe Ruby told him about them... not the ones they saw today... but if that kind of bee stings you, you die right away. And they live right here in our woods. Then he complained that everything itched, his neck, his hands...

Well, that's all very interesting and I'm sorry Ben had to go the hospital but, Ollie, were you playing with the key to Skippy? (We name our cars and the Prius is Skippy.)

"I don't think so."

You know if we don't find the key, we can never drive the car again.


And if you lost the key, that would be your fault. Maybe you should think again and see if you remember.

"Oh.. let me see... I think I might have played in the car when Finn was visiting for a play date."

Do you remember where you put the key?

"Let's see... I think I put it somewhere very easy to find... It was in my pocket and I took it out... someplace very easy to find... I can't remember exactly where... it would be easier to remember where I put it if I knew for sure I wasn't going to get in trouble."

Okay, if you can remember soon, like in 5 minutes, you won't get in trouble.

"Let's look in the guest house."

It was not in a place easy to find. But he did not get in trouble. And while We were looking we found 48 dollars, US currency, and 15 Euros in his play cash register.

We had a new baby sitter, a German girl, just arrived, here later and they went for a long walk down to the waterfall. When she got back to the house, out of breath and excited, she said:

"I have to say this: Ollie chewed a bone."

Well, if he hides keys, who knows, maybe he chews bones... but it seems really, truly wierd.

"You mean, he found a bone on the way home and chewed it?"

"Yes, right over here by the road. Not one, many bones he ate them."

"He ate a bone? THAT HE FOUND ON THE ROAD?" The neighbor did slaughter a cow yesterday (and gave us some dynamite steak) and I'm sure there are bones around her place but as crazy as Ollie is, he wouldn't rip one out of the mouth of the neighbor's dog and eat it.

"Ollie, did you eat a bone?"

"No, I ate some beans though."

Oh, beans, not bones, from the string bean field next to the house. We eat those every day all day long. That doesn't seem to remarkable.

"Did you bring any home for dinner?"

"But," said the new babysitter, "if you don't cook the beans before you eat them they are poison."

This is the second time a German woman has told me raw beans are deadly. "No," I said, "watch." I picked a bunch of beans, ate them, passed some more to Ollie, gave one to the baby. "They're better raw."

"My mother said they were poison. Oh."

So onto the dogs:

6989: no dogs in this one just baby kissing

6990: mila adelaide nika desi

6991: same as above with my puppy gustov who will look like mila

6992: same group

6993: same as above

6994: same in the hay bales

6995: otto vanya shiloh maddox mendl edith

6996: same

6997: mendl finds a squash-- squash for everyone

6998: inspecting more varieties of squash -- the best look like this!!!!

6999: hay field, same dogs as above

7000: first of the squash on hay bale competition: HEY! where is the video when Mendl wins this competition?

7002: edith and shiloh don't want to go back after this

7003: lela (a dog that might run away should know where the house is and come in for a little while) not that Lela would run away

7004: lela

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4 chocolate labs in one shot, taking the baby into the dog house, pumpkins, tomatoes, a joke

I was in the middle of taking all the dogs out when our little Lotta (called Lotti-lu by me) complained and started to fall asleep and I had to break up the video shoot... so some dogs will be in the shot later today which I may not post until tomorrow.

Our neighbor Bill Gumaer told me how he used to put his daughter on his back when he went out to milk his cows and how nice that was -- and I thought at the time I could never do that with the dogs: too dangerous. They jump up on you, try to knock you over, might even intentionally hurt the baby... but today I took her out in the sling and did the whole dog thing and it was fine. I have to be real strict about jumping up... I guess I could also put her on my back too, that might be more comfortable and safer. But it would be great to be able to take her with me when I work out there with these guys...

so open another window with the videos:

(That folder should be active as of about noon today EST)

from yesterday:

6942 moki chocolate labs princess

6945: shiloh vanya otto mortiz princess pj

6946: nika

6963: eating peas

6976: theo adeline

6977: 4 chocolate labs -- all labs here

6978: more labs

6979: THIS IS A GOOD CLIP!!!! four brown labs, hay bales, geese, pumpkins, tomatoes

6980: this is when the baby chimes in and we have to go soon so not all the dogs get a real walk today

6981: here is the yard with most dog in one clip -- poor mila --- nika everyone

6982: my dog butch -- trying to get him to dance, which he does do

6983: showing my wife adeline on the porch THERE IS A JOKE IN HERE

6984: adeline and horses

6985: adeline and cat in the barn

6986: back in the yard with everyone lela has to be on leash and by herself...

6987: all dogs vanya an otto

6988: hose... everyone wants some water

Some people seem to think that our little girl is adopted. I don't know what makes them think that. Anyway, she is cute as a button as is her mother:

6989 and 6990: baby and mom

Sunday, October 14, 2007

fall birds, mendl destroys a squash, whyatt runs down the driveway, geese flying around, moki naughty....

so the videos for this entry are from three days: friday, saturday and sunday. The ones ending in MOV or WMV are min and the MPG ones Jim made when I was out... all of these videos are here:

some highlights and notes: terrific weather, I was in the city so Jim pitched in on Friday... turkey season is on and just to be on the safe side we'll stay out of the other side of the field and wait a little before going for a walk. I hope Shannon get the turkeys and not that dude who works for the dairy farm, the wood guy. Shannon, my neighbor, cuts trees, slaughters and butchers animals, hunts with a bow and arrow, breaks horses and she has a nice figure and wears nice outfits when she jumps out of her pick up with a chainsaw or rides off with her bow to scout for deer... She can do anything: fix a car, cut a tree, break a horse, kill a cow, find a deer, grow a tomato, has all abucket truck and log splitter. We're boarding her horse. I'm kind of impressed with her. Especiallythe way she wears work clothes so stylishly. .... Nothing here escaped my wife attention so far by the way...

It's like these kids over at Hawthorne valley. You see a big tractor rolling down the road and there is a teenage girl with overalls and a very cool knit cap on. What could be cooler than that? Rural can be a lot cooler than any media images I'm familiar with. I think there is a marketing plan in here. Rural dirty cool-- no country music, familiar with the world, but outside working, organic biodynamic, wool... dirt, tired, log splitter, pick up, laptop, hip hop. Something like that.

here are some of what we have:

6937: pushkin, juan diego whyatt (before he ran off to the neighbors), sawyer my puppy gustov in the pasture/hay field -- pushkin is a puppy and belongs to my wife's boss... The GEESE: I Got them flying right between the lines of the electric pole! then gustov took pushkin and whyatt for walks

6938: moving off from the geese to the same dogs as above

6939: everyone goes to get whyatt. the big black dog here is MORITZ who used to be our dog but my mother's dog died and he was always wandering off to hunt (including killing 15 chickens in 20 minutes -- ours, rare breed assortment). he thought he should bring whyatt back. unfortunately, whyatt kept going all the way down to the nieghbor's house... and we had to follow him. Got him back, little naughty rascal. Mortiz is back because my mother is at a wedding in RWANDA. Here is the couple at their betrothal ceremony: eric-ines.jpg -- nad here is with his best men: eric-guys.jpg (same folder as above). Eric is 6'3" and the shortest in the group.

6916: very early friday sawyer around barn door

6917: out in the yard before 7 am, everyone out

6918: opening another door -- maybe breaking them up for breakfast-- especially edith, man is she greedy

6919: more rooms, buddy some others

6920: very early still buddy misimisu

6921: dog food closet... these ladies protect and serve -- sawyer ready for breakfast

6922: moritz

6923: more mortiz

6940: desi, edith and mendel (3 chocolate labs) and moki princess moritz -- squash field

6941: same as above

6943: same

6944: there! here i got the 3 labs in one shot!

6947: NIKA -- nika growls at me on the street in brooklyn. she does it every time and has to wear a muzzle in the van. i had to be careful that she wouldn't bite Jim, who she didn't like at all. but look at this_- she love me here. she's a perfect angel. strange.... she runs, she comes, she's affectionate, she plays with other dogs...

6948: this is the yard today -- i had to trick buddy into coming back in -- another naughty one. oh, but I'm working on another perfect goose shot.

6949: yard again, all dogs

6950: spencer mismisu (husky) deciding which way to go as we leave the barn (north is the pumpkins, straight west in the horses and south is the pasture and green beans field

6951: spencer and mismisu listening to birds -- fall bird sounds and we have a lot of brids passing through right now. they don't sing as much as the spring but you can hear quite a few in this video

6952: mila -- what a nice dog

JIM's VIDEOS start MOV0000 with MPG at the end:

1: me greeting mortiz
2: driveway
3: cloud? but cloud is home? when is this from?
4, 5: fields
6: juan diego
7: pushkin sawyer mortiz
8: sawyer pushkin
9: jaun diego sawyer whyatt
10: same as above, our house
11: same as above
12: moki and some labs
13: same as above
14: same
15: princess same as above
16: otto
17: spencer
18: spencer
19: vanya
20: pj
21: labs
22: labs
23: buddy and mismu
24: same as above
25: same again
26: same again
27: same guys
28: same two

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

darker in the morning, wet, whyatt hip to what I'm about to do, princess being bossy

here is the folder with the videos:

Some are from the 9th and the rest are from earlier today -- it's been awhile since I could get to the computer here.

6906: whyatt, ollie complaining he doesn't want to to work (he did work and he had a good time making the horse fence as I knew he would)

6907: whyatt knew I was about to put him back in the dog house and decided not to come... I thought Ollie might get him but that didn't work

6908: ollie's arm is stuck?

6909: here is the yard with everyone, princess bossing everyone around EVERYONE in here

6910: HORSES: I took the wire down and the horses didn't want to cross the line where the wire had been

6911: more horses, baby, field, puppy

6912: juan diego off on a spin

6913: it is still kind of dark although it is almost 7 am here: EVERYONE in pumpkin field

6914: everyone in hay field, princess being bossy again

6915: same as above whyatt wandered off

Sunday, October 7, 2007

it rained, dogs got mellow

Open the folder:

Here we go:

6905: whyatt princess lucky
6904: remy wants to go out, fletcher is busy, pj, smokey... more than that
6903: zoe and her friend have their spot, shiloh gets a yellow card
6902: spencer hiding labs from yesterday stro's spot
6901: fletcher fetch, hermoine digs, maple surveys, remy plays... other too
6900: stro in her spot, remy, others

Saturday, October 6, 2007

let's see if this gets done: smokey big and shy, intesting light

We had the harvest festival at Hawthorne Valley today and I'm beind. And the kids are not asleep when I can write in peace. We'll see how far I get with this... I may put up another tonight.

Here's the folder:

So Smokey is shy, huge and shy. Which is sweet. As you'll see he is afraid of horses. Cloud, the little poodle, on the other hand, is completely indifferent.

Smokey took some work, some quiet walks by himself.... now he's more comfortable.

There was some fog early in the morning and I had the barn lights on ... it makes for some eery nice light.


6871: cloud yesterday with some small dogs (afternoon)
6872: same as above
6873: here we go: ealy morning, cloud
6874: letting the dogs out very early to the yard -- most in here
6875: here is the big shy guy and some other dogs in the yard, lots in here
6876: inside Sasha stuck upstairs, afraid of stairs, lot of other dogs in here
6877: okay, she comes down. many dogs
6878: pumpkin patch fetcher pj shiloh hemoine remy
6879: spencer sasha maple stro on a walk
6880: shy smokey
6881: study in contrast
6882: smokey getting walked by a puppy -- FUNNY
6883: smokey scared of a horse
6884: cloud is not scared

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

very few dogs

Cut and paste this into a new browser:

There are so few dogs and so many videos...

The MPG videos are Jim's. Barkley ran off on him and is on the leash.

Here are mine:

6850: almost no dogs in here
6851: coco barkley
6852: barkley ran off again, came back
6853: dog house under construction
6854: old rope pulley in the barn
6855: lucky princess and whyatt
6856: same as above
6857: nothing in this video
6858: hammock princess whyatt lucky hanging out diamonds on sunglasses
6859: same as above
6860: no one's dogs but very cute: puppy, baby --same for all the rest in the folder