Sunday, June 5, 2011

update: video uploaded: uprooted upstate? no. uptown? no, uprising. uptight? upset? no, still upbeat.

1. You have to let go of the handles even if you think the water might be cold.
2. We have tiny frogs all of a sudden.
3. Hear any loud persistent barking? Try another day randomly. All of these videos are made on my property.
4. Pepper did chase the sheep but nothing much happened.
5. Maggie did not get a chicken.
6. Some of these videos are from yesterday afternoon, so really one afternoon and one morning.
7. Its a waterproof camera and I thought about taking videos of dogs swimming but with me in the water... but it is cold in the morning. I'll try that this afternoon if it gets hot like yesterday.
8. If you live in the city you can get someone to do your laundry and fix stuff when it breaks and can order food delivered and don't have to mow and weed and feed: in short, living in the city is much more efficient in use of time and better for the environment. Also, property taxes here are high, you have to pay a lot in gas and automobile maintenance, schools are entirely, unremittingly and absolutely average, little league is a bit too serious and academics, school is a bit too lackadaisical, government is corrupt and worse than useless, the weather is bad, voodoo is law, development is poorly planned... and I would continue to tell you all the things wrong with living in Columbia County but my goat got out again and I have to go tie her up since she won't stay in the fence, that and 23 other things.

Here is the video.