Saturday, February 23, 2008

snow day

here is the folder:

First one is big dogs (nice husky play). Second one is little dogs. Then Lula, Bear, Dusty... Thanks.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ice skating again, maybe last time?

This is the second blog entry of the day. Scroll down.

Princess (no tail) was a pretty good sled dog but didn't seem to like it. So I tried Boon and Princess (brooklyn).

Results of all this dog sleding below.

Here is Princess 1's first attempt.

This one is weeeeee!

No she doesn't seem to like it. Here.

So we'll just skate here. Watch out for dogs!

Last try for this dog. Here.

Actually, it kind of works better with dogs on the side. Here.

Try some new dogs. Boon and other Princess. Here.

Try again. Here.

Last one: no sled. Brooklyn Princess pulls Ollie on skates. That's the way to travel!

perfect day

Scroll down and consider the dog for adoption below. Check out the skating video, which will not be available until noon EST. Schedule for dog pick up coming soon.

The full moon and eclipse were great. What a clear, beautiful night. The other day I went out to the wood shed at night, must have been a week ago, and got a load of wood, picking up some logs, when I heard, "Grrrrr..."

It was low. Kind of deep. The way it resonated, it was something bigger than a dog, or about that size.

You know what it was? No? Me either. I dropped the wood and high-tailed it back to the house and turned on the oil-furnace for the night. I don't like to send my money to Hugo Chavez or the King of Saudi Arabia to the extent I can avoid it but I also don't want to mess with some large-growling creature hiding somewhere in the wood pile.

I mean, it took 60 million years to make that oil but I only have two hands and need both of them. I picked the lesser of two evils.

Anyway, the moon. With the moon last night, I could confidently go out in the middle of the night and get some wood. It was like day, in Sweden in the winter anyway, with strong moon shadows and clear light.

And now today the birds are chirping, the sun is shining. The ice is still solid. The dogs are all in a good mood and have figured each other out and are down with the system, everything is going smoothly. The baby is sleeping in her crib now, my son seems to like math. A German magazine just bought a domain I registered in 1997 (and paid $15 a year since) for $5000.

Yikes, I'm about to jinx something.

John McCain can't keep his girlfriends out of the NYT. See, Barack can keep things quiet. He'd better, Michelle seems like a tough cookie. And they say he doesn't have experience! McCain is an amateur compaired to Barack. If he can't manage his extra-marital affairs, how can he deal with Iran?

On to the dogs.

Cedar, Boon, Daisy and Molly went skating. Here.

Bear didn't come... jumped in a car and sat there until we got back. Princess (1 and 2), Moki, Petra, Fletcher... anyone else? Here.

Here is old Dusty with the horses. Hear the birds?

Malachi: he goes for a walk every day and I might let him in general cirrculation... or not. We'll see. And he's a little skinny these days, maybe staying outside so much, as he likes to do, so he get's extra breakfast. Here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dog for adoption

This is the second entry of the day. Scroll down. But this looks like a cute dog. Here is what Michaela said:

"The dog in this photo is a 10 year old shepherd mix, being given up by his family because they are moving and can't take him. Poor guy...... I am going to meet him this week and if he and Remy get along, he will stay with us until a new forever home can be found. I am working with Posh Pets rescue group in NYC to find him a new home. As you can imagine, he would not last long in a shelter. According to his owner, he is a great dog, friendly and stays in his crate while they work; can wait 10 or so hours to go out. He was also evaluated by a rescue group and they, too, said he is very sweet. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them email me. I'd love to find a permanent home for this dog very soon! Thanks."

Nice dog, seems like. Email me if you know anyone who might want him. GLENCADIA.COM

birds here, looking for spots already, even if there isn't much to eat

Today's story lines: Chachi (in the small dogs group) and Boon (in the big dogs) seemed out of sorts, kind of down or something. Chachi didn't leap off her bed and make it to the door first in the morning. She went back to bed. And Boon didn't follow me around like usual. So I decided those two need a little extra attention and they are now next to the house and spent a lot of time with people this morning...

Everyone else seemed fine. And both of my special cases seem to like things as they are now... they needed a break from the pack for awhile maybe.

Here are most or maybe all of the big dogs. Lulu was in a particularly good mood. Fletcher was up for some fetch. Then I wander in the house to check on Boon (and see above...)

More inside, big dogs. Here.

Now little dogs. Here. Jasper has to protect his little charge. Birds are back, even if there is nothing to eat yet.

Here's a good video:

Now Chachi and Boon and Dusty. Gustov takes Boon for a walk. Pretty funny, you should see this. Also, horses, lay of the property, my son banging on the window saying "Wolf!" meaning Boon looked like a wolf to him. Dusty is 15, blind and deaf. But he's doing great this week. Amazing.

And here are the laggards enjoying the sun, birds, and barking at the horses.

That's it for dogs. Now here are my kids. We let Ollie watch movies, but only these old Swedish versions of Astrud Lingrid stories dubbed into German. They are slow, long shots, quiet and in German. So much better that this trash Hollywood churns out. I could go on with the poison they dump on us but I will spare you. Anyway, Ollie likes to get Lotta to enjoy the movies with him, some company. And here they are again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ice skating, maybe for the last time this winter

It's about 9:15 AM EST and the videos will be up in a few hours... if the links don't work by noon EST let me know. Also, you can go to the main folder:

Look for previous entries if your dog isn't here. Also, you can always post a comment, like WHERE IS MY DOG? Then I'll make sure to get yours in the next one... worked for Scout's people. I like to know who's looking.

Hey guys, leave the poor old horse alone. Here.

Ducks or dogs? In this area by the pond. I could order a couple ducks online.

Cedar, Lucky, Princess (x2), Scout, Molly, Remy, ice skating, finding some dead stuff, eating manure... it's a party. Here.

Hay bales. Rocky, Boone (make a reservation in the system if you want your dog back one day! I have no info on you... nothing, not a phone number, nothing), Misui, Trouble, Fletcher, Sally. Here and here.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


If you can't see quicktime and need something else (another format) let me know. If the links are broken try the main folder:

And leave a little comment at some point. Thanks to those that did.

I took some video this afternoon then forgot the camera in the barn. After getting the baby to sleep, I ran back out to get it and managed to get in and out of the barn without waking up the dogs, who were all quiet. I stepped out of the barn and heard a racket, all the dogs waking up and howling and barking. Damn, they didn't hear me come in but they must have heard the barn door on the way out. Then I noticed that a lot of the noise was coming from somewhere else. Some dogs across the field in the village? All the dogs in the village? Sounds like a lot. No, it was from the opposite direction, the woods. Coyotes. A lot. Yipping. Now that I had a chance to listen, it didn't sound like dogs at all. That's what riled up the dogs, or the dogs riled up the coyotes.

We're not in a real wilderness here. I think that is the second time in 4 years I heard that. I've seen the odd coyote --saw one walking in broad daylight by a farm south of here driving by, not far from the house too. Kind of cheeky. And my neighbor hunts them. I don't know what she does with them but there is a dead one in the back of her truck from time to time.

Anyway, 40 dogs and about the same in coyotes had a little shouting contest tonight.

Then my cat, who lives in the barn, high-tailed it to the house. She never wants to come in the house, has to be much colder than this. I think she didn't like the sound of those coyotes.

Now, comments. I got only two. If I don't get more comments, I will assume no one reads this and give up for awhile... up to you.

Jasper and Chippy reunion here. Miles, Macey, Teddy, Cloud, Wellington in here too.

Same as above plus Jake. Here.

In the house here. Yikes: what a pile of dogs. Cedar, Scuba, Princess, Moki, Molly, Jasper, Rocky, Misiu, Trouble.

Fletcher, Lucky, Princess, Molly, Trouble, Moki, maybe some more here.

Ollie and some cats. Here.

Chachi, Cloud, Teddy, Jake, Wellington, Chippy in a coat with Ollie at breakfast. Here. Jake growls at Ollie, it's okay.

Same bunch of little ones. Picked Teddy up and got scratched. This is turning into a disaster! Here.

Chirrpy and Ollie skating. Here. Horse watching. More here.

So many GOLDEN RETRIEVERS I can't keep them straight. Plus Remy, Misui, Scout, Edith, Norman, Molly, Ruby, More Goldens. Some fetch and then run in the house.

Cloud, Moses, Macey, Jake, Trouble, Harley, Miles, Chachi, Chirrpy, Teddy, Sawyer. Here.

short entry, little slippin and slidin

My batteries ran out and I didn't get much in the way of video... although it is a beautiful day and I will recharge and try again. Important point: if we got your dog but you are not in the reservation system go to and make a new reservation so we know when and where to bring your dog.


A short low res movie. Higher res here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

that was quite a valentine's day

Anyway, we made it home. Safe and sound, all.

In case of broken links try:

Report not being able to see stuff. Leave comments so I know you were here. Thanks.

Princess, Sally, Scuba, Scout here. And here.

Remy, Lucky, Misiu, Molly here.

Combination of the above two groups featuring Misiu here.

Molly, Sally, Scout, Remy sitting nicely here.

Dogs do some nasty stuff. Gustov and Scout intimate while Remy and Sally roll in manure. Here.

Fletcher, Winston, Lulu, Rocky and Cedar here. And here. Cloud too maybe.

Ruby and Jasper with some horses here.

Boone, Norman, Princess, Ruby, Moki, Malachi and then a group of geese.

Cloud, Wellington, Chachi, Teddy, Jake the little fluffy guys here.

Chipper and Cloud. Here.

Harley, Miles, Macey, Sawyer here.

Geriatric division: Emma, Dusty and Moses. Here.

Come again tomorrow afternoon EST. Thanks. Comments!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sally pulls a sled

This is the SECOND entry of the day. Scroll down to see more.

Here is the high res. Gustov is worse than useless. Good think Sally picked up the slack. Too bad is was raining and miserable weather... if we had some powder snow, we'd be in business.

Below might be low res if blogger cooperates. Sometimes is does, sometimes not.

Leave comments so I know people check this blog out.

post storm blog entry

It snowed, then hailed, then rained last night exactly as predicted. Quite remarkable, the detail of the prediction and it's accuracy.

Here are the dogs that won't stay in a fence.

Here is my big old red barn. It's a 100 years younger than the house... and amazing. Built high to accommodate loose hay around 1900 with trunks that are incredible... especially for such a late period. They might have recycled older beams and re-hewed them because they are machine cut... anyway, it's a great building. I hope it's happy to be in use again. The roof leaks. I fix it and it leaks again... this summer I will patch it when it's hot and dry and that should be the end of it. Famous last words. The roof is 75 years old.

Here all the dogs. I had a video of Malachi not liking to walk on ice. I don't know what happened to it.

When the horse meet up in the morning they kiss and say hello. Here or here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dog camp and the environment... and a proper blog entry finally

That is the right link for the old videos. But today I will do a proper blog entry, with dogs named, write ups and clear links. Sorry for the delay in getting something nice and clean... if I can finish it before the school bus comes. The last videos are exporting now.

By the way, my old van is back to life. Still need a new one for the summer, though.

1. If you dog got picked up Thursday, 7 Feb 2008, I have your leash. I'm not supposed to have your leash. But I'm leaving them all in the car and hopefully I can get them back to you... but there will be two cars on Valentine's Day, so we'll see. You see why I don't want the leash...

2. Trouble is a terrific dog and no trouble at all... except that she can jump over the fence. She somehow uses the handle for leverage and it doesn't seem to be an athletic achievement, more a problem solving triumph. This is a wood fence 5 feet, 10 inches. I wanted at leash 6 feet but Dan wanted to cut it to make it even... and Trouble is taking advantage of her superior analytic abilities. The other dogs have seen her do it (I haven't seen it) but they can't copy her.

3. Olive, on the other hand, can get of the chain link fence. This is more of an athletic accomplishment. And I've seen how she does it. She uses the side of the barn for leverage and climbs the fence and she can only do it on one spot. Then she gets stuck between that fence and the next one.

4. Malachi was not playing nice so he's by himself. Also, he completely destroyed his bed before he got here, in the car on the way up. I hate dog beds. They are stuffed with this plastic crap, not biodegradable, and if I put them in the barn and they get shredded, the plastic gets mixed with the dog shit, wood chips and other crap in such a way that I cannot dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way (dump it in a hole in the woods and let it rot). So biodegradable stuff ends up in landfill. This is another reason to resist people giving me plastic stuff, chew toys, beds...

RANT: Dogs should never touch plastic or get factory produced presents. Give then old shirts, rags to rip up, dog beds of old sheets. Recycle! The dogs like that stuff fine. Don't but stuff for your dog! How about a can, or a used plastic bottle, or anything. They love hay, manure, wood chips, sticks, cans, blankets, wool, cotton... then dump it in the woods and let it rot. Okay, enough on this rant. And I like tennis balls to, old ones that are no good for tennis anymore.

Well, one more environmental issue. I think about how much driving I do with the dogs. One thing in my favor is that if everyone drove here, if I was doing dog boarding in a suburban or rural area, if would be more miles driven per dog than the way I do it. And I try to use the most efficient vehicle I can. That's why I drive the car when I don't have a lot of dogs: it gets over 30 mpg. The van sucks but it's better than a full size van.

Still, it is probably better for the environment for people in the city to take their dogs to a regular kennel with little space and have them pace back and forth on concrete when they go on vacation. Or even better, not have dogs. Or even better we could all stay home and not travel.

And eventually this would end up with misery for all.

5. Old Moses is 15... I think. He keeps on trucking. He didn't seem to like the car ride even though he got to sit up front. He seemed a little woozy. But he's fine now.

6. Charlotte and Freddy are awfully cute with each other. Freddy (the Boston Terrier) won't come when I tell them it's their turn to go for a walk or when I try to get them to go into the warmest room and sit under the lamp, so I get charlotte to do it and then Freddy follows. They have to be together. And they act a little nervious sometimes, both at the same time, so I thought they might take off and run away. They won't, now I trust them off the leash. They are tremendously loyal to each other... maybe Charlotte more to her little friend. Touching.

Okay, let's get to the videos. Here are all of todays in one folder.

Wait, this has no dogs in it. But some good stick to it ness in here.

Here's what I mean about the dog bed. Plus Scuba, Freddy, Hanu, Sawyer... And I get a stick right in my eye, Freddy get's taken for a walk by my dog Gustov.

Same as above... of course if Freddie is there, so is Charlotte. Here.

Hanu, Sally (chasing horses), Moses, Lucky, Sajj... Here. Hanu made himself scarce when the first group was going home and managed to go out again with the second group. Nice work.

Sajj, Scuba... these guys are just too angelic to get write ups. What's interesting about perfection?

Lucky has a flaw, so there's something interesting to write: He likes to be the boss.

Same group as above. Sally as naughty as before. Here. Again here.

Last but not a bit least, Olive, with no fence to jump, as she likes it. She really doesn't like to be on the wrong side of a fence. So she has to do this.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

my van is dead

So Thursday's run to the city was a bust. So was the seal on the transmission. It's a 20 dollar part but 900 in labor... and the van isn't worth it. But sorry about the delays.

And today I am just going to put all the videos in a folder and you have to kind of look through for your dog. I will break it down more clearly tonight. But for now, here they are.

Wait- that link might not work until tonight. I set them up to export at lower res and upload to the server but it didn't get done before I had to go. When I get back I'll make it right and link each movie individually.... thanks.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

let's see if blogger lets me upload video today... NO!

It's been pretty random... some days I can upload a long high res quicktime movie. Some days blogger/google doesn't let me upload a short low res one.... so here we go. I can see any rhyme or reason to it. But in case it doesn't work I can recommend you click here and here and here.

Okay, news flash. Didn't work. Those links are medium res. I will try a low res one here, but try the links too. No good. Tried WMV, tired to make it shorter... just won't work.

Friday, February 1, 2008