Friday, July 25, 2008

rain, rain, rain

Start downloading the video (hit play) then come back up here and read (if you feel like it). Suggestion.

So last time I complained about the weed, etc. but I did not fully explain why the blog was almost impossible: rain. We had 10 inches in the past 48 hours and there was no way to make video outside. Inside, it's dark. Ergo, no video.

Also, I sent the girls (teenagers) out to make video and I got something... 2 minutes although they were out with the dogs all afternoon in a lull in the rain.

Although everything does seem to need work, today it doesn't bother me. No door shuts right, the faucet leaks, the fence had holes (thanks Freya).

The stills from the video here.

Okay, in today's video Freya goes on every walk (since she can jump the fence). Amber and Dakota are nervous but I think they are coming around. Moose wouldn't let me try to make nice-nice with Amber and Dakota. We've got some swimming in here, some fetch in the yard, some running in the fields.

A nice group of small dogs now... Have to get Charlie and Lucy together (the two Robins)... Maggie growled at Freya and Freya would not go near her again.

We had a little trouble with Muri disobeying offleash... just being naughty, little bugger. Meena is great offleash.

Parker! I spaced on her name. She's doing great in my small dog group. Shannon is in here somewhere... great to have such intelligent help (who gets dogs).

july 25 at from glencadia on Vimeo.

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Ylva said...

the stills are great! That's new, isn't it?

Sorry about Freya jumping the difficult--you open that possibility and that's it, no way back. Same as life.