Monday, July 14, 2008

no baby, t shirt idea number one

So I didn't drive tonight because I thought we were having a baby and so far... progress stopped. Maybe tonight. But I didn't want to be away, but if I could have...

And then Jim had to go to Texas, maybe permanently. Family crisis. He was a great worker: could fix cars, fences, roofs... showed up at 3 AM no complaints. Tough, reliable, skilled, responsible, likes dogs. Oh well.

And I dropped my phone in the creek. I order a whole batch of phones on ebay, so I got another one working pretty quickly, but they don't all work perfectly. And I owe videos, although everyone who emailed saying, "where is my dog" missed some videos of your dog... I saw some just now on the blog. Look at the stills for hints until I get a chance to do this.

How's this for a Glencadia Dog Camp T-Shirt. If you google GLENCADIA you'll see something of this business and I own, so maybe I don't need a lot of verbiage... (see above)?

For organic cotton, made in US, one color printing I would probably end up paying $8 a shirt, nice shirts. If I make about 30. Anyone want one for $10?

More dog videos tomorrow, unless I'm and Northern Dutchess Womens' Health (birth center). Which would be a relief, so I don't have to make Leslie drive on Thursday.


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