Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm sick

The blog should be up tomorrow. Sorry for delay. I had Jim over here on his day off because I was in no shape to even get out of bed. I wanted to get poor Jim to take care of my kids too. Fever, joints aching, coughing, sore throat, headache all day then in the last hour it all went away, except the headache. Came on fast and went away fast. That can't be swine flu, can it?

Friday, October 23, 2009

finally a new video

So here are some of the items in today's video: Etta not listening, soil plowed late in the year for some reason, yard, barn, fields... And I could do higher res videos and have the video fill the box -- wide screen not 4:3. I have to figure that out.

october 23 2009 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall colors, apples, pumpkins in full swing upstate

The leaves are in full color, the pumpkins and apples are abundant, the film festival is around the corner, a great old fashioned Halloween is coming up (tick or treat in the perfect small town for that kind of thing), the bikes with kid seats are ready for beautiful fall rides: come and stay in Chatham New York, 2 hours north of the city, only $250 per weekend, $300 per week for a nice house. After Fall season, think skiing, skating, and sledding.

Read about the house here:

See some upcoming events and things to do here:

About the bike rides here:

Here are some family pictures from this weekend, to put you in the mood for Columbia County:


2009 Holiday Schedule

As soon as it gets cold, we start to think about the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually busy around here, so just in case anyone is making plans now, I thought I would send some dog pick up and drop off dates.

This is the holiday schedule.
Notice: no tips on Thanksgiving day or Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

Thanksgiving Season:
Monday November 23
Tuesday November 24
Monday November 30
Tuesday December 1

Christmas New Years Season:
Thursday December 17, 2009
Monday December 21, 2009
Wednesday December 23, 2009
Monday December 28, 2009
Friday January 1, 2010
Monday January 4, 2010

All trips will be between about 6 and 9 PM, in the evening as usual.

What you have to do is log into the system at, make a reservation for the nearest Monday or Thursday for free pick up and drop off, then go back and amend the reservation with the right dates. If that doesn't work, send me an email.

If you already have a reservation, log in and see if it's right with these dates.

Do not worry if the automatically generated price is wrong.

As for the price, for Thanksgiving all stays are 210 for the week. It doesn't matter if we pick up or drop off the dog on Monday or Tuesday, it will be charged at 30 per day times 7 days, 210. If your dog stays longer than the week, then the reservation reverts to the regular rate. This is the normal rate: 1-7 days, 35 per day / 8 to 13 days, 30 per day / 14 or more days, 25 per day.

Christmas is at the regular rate.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

camera problems and hunting season

I want to put up a video but first my camera doesn't want to work. I think I need a new battery. And, as beautiful as it is today, I can't take the dogs out just yet. I think turkey season started today. Later in the morning we can go on the horse field, but I have to get the horse off of the field first and so my neighbor has to come by and feed her horse before I put my horses in the paddock... in short, delay.