Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a nag/complain/reiteration and a lot of dogs in a video, of course

Theo, Joey, yes. And I know I have them in some others... But anyway, check this out for today. Reservation system still down.

Two teenage girls will be here to play with the dogs this afternoon. I will have them take them swimming and give the ones going home today baths. And I'll blog all that. I told Lucie to bring her friend if that makes it more fun, so she will.

This seems to be broken. So I have to upload it again. I'm leaving dog videos all over the internet, littering dog videos about cyberspace. Is there a cyber-pooper scooper law for dog video?

While I'm waiting for the video to upload, I'd like to remind everyone that there is no picking times on the dog pick up and return in the city please, at least not for free pick up and delivery. It's impossible to make 12 stops (or 10 or 8 or 14) in a three hour window and let people pick times and/or not be home.

Think about it: logistically, it's just impossible to accommodate everyone, or even one person's schedule. If, say, someone on the upper west side wants late pick up and then someone in Brooklyn is not home when they are supposed to be, what happens to us? Never mind the driver, who might be me, it's not fair to the other dogs.

It's our job to get the dog back and forth from upstate New York (120 miles one way, 10 hours average round trip). It's your job to get the dog from your apartment to the sidewalk (100 feet, 10 minutes).

If you are coming in on a flight or something on the day of return, you need a plan B (a friend, a neighbor, something) or you have to pick another night. Someone (I don't care who) has to be somewhere (I don't care where) from 6 pm on. You can even be 15-20 minutes away from where the dog is and we can call you on your cell and you meet us at the apartment.

We have a "special" drop off option and we can come anytime, exactly when you want, on any day. But that will be hundreds of dollars. If you want free pick up and drop off, you or someone you trust should find some place comfortable near where your dog is and wait... thank you again.

Thank you for your cooperation. Ah, it processed!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I think you killed our dogs! Charlie and Parker got home about an hour and a half ago and they haven't moved since! I LOVE it! Our foster dog, who also got back tonight, isn't sure what's wrong with them. Cheers, Will...we really appreciate you taking such great care of them. They're healthy and happy...and tired (for once)!!