Sunday, July 20, 2008

back to dogs

We left Friday night at about 7:30 to have a baby, finished that business a few hours later, spent the night in the hospital birth center (Northern Dutchess in Rhinebeck, quite nice) and could have gotten back up here to do the dogs but we had to wait for the doctor to come... which took 5 hours.

Only missed 1/2 a day work.

Anyway, Leslie, her mother, and Vern came to do the dogs and everything was great. I'm nervous about this because this whole dog boarding thing works if you know the dogs. They don't all get the same. But they did know them and it was fine.

Except the video. Lucie did some before when I was fixing the fence and I don't find it on the camera (too bad because you would see me lying in some wet sand surrounded by dogs cursing as I try to figure out this banding tool.

Then this morning I took everyone out and went swimming and did a lot of stomping around: and it's not all in the camera. I think the hard drive was full... that might have been that what that red box meant.

So the video is not as comprehensive as it might be.

So here is the kind of thing that you need to know to deal with the dogs: Sam is a humper. He stops if they tell him to, but if there are more than a few dogs, he forgets who lets him and who doesn't. So he's fine in any small group of dogs. Duke is small and is determined to get to the big ones. Watch him! Maggie Blue and Mingus are great together but Mingus can be too defensive of his sticks and balls and Maggie Blue can't handle a big group. Moose, oddly for his size, is wimpy and doesn't know what to do if they bother him, so should be in a small group, like with Simon and Helmut in a quiet threesome. Others, like Elton, PJ, Clover, Bear, Bear 2, don't really have any issues. Max and Jackson don't like each other. Wellington seems to be fine with everyone, but that's deceptive. Spencer likes to be in the house, sitting crossed legged under the stairs, so he has to have access to the stairs. Cozy is fine anywhere but better off with access to the main room. Stuff like that.

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Ron said...

Thanks Will, that's so cute with Wellington and Lotte.