Sunday, June 29, 2008

edited montages

NOT the regular entry. OLD VIDEOS. I edited a few together for my new site. Nothing to see here... tomorrow more of your dogs that are here right now.

Dog Fun, Ice and Animals - Funny video clips are a click away

Out and About at - Watch more funny videos here

Swimming at - The best home videos are here

Inside the Barn at - The most popular videos are here

The Lay of Land at - More bloopers are a click away

emily and mia

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quinn warms up

The big news today is that Quinn is friendly all the time now. A teenage girl, Lucie, who will be working here this summer, over and we tried her taking Quinn for a walk and he loved her. So today I made my wife come out and make nice nice to him but he had already got friendly with Jim... and now he's fine.

I'm putting together another site, that gives an overview of what I do (edited from the videos for this blog).

The video includes some of Quinn warming up but all the other dogs do show up later....

quinn warms up - kewego
quinn warms up - kewego

quinn warms up - kewego
Dogs at Sunday June 29
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Strawberry season.

And here is a cat listening to Peter Pan:

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

just pj (and mia, cameo)

PJ got left out in the videos from yesterday (the new ones from yesterday). So I did a solo clip for her today. Also, kids, Mia, a cat, some chickens, and a discussion of a mulch pile and internal combustion.

Friday, June 27, 2008

another old one

Do scroll down for the videos from today. This is in the fall:

dog here now but video for last year

Just found this old one... scroll down for today's videos.

thunder, coyotes and fireworks

I just got in from the barn: some where far away there are fireworks. I can barely hear them but the dogs just went crazy.

Checked on everyone... all okay. After Lucy's thunder-induced panic attack, I think I'll go back in a few minutes.

Oh, and last night I heard the worst yelping. I thought, "Jeeze, what the hell is going on out there?" Sounded like they went in sane or someone was dying... I raced out. The sound was coming from the woods to the south. Coyotes. Rare around here. The dogs said not a peep back to them, the cowards.

End of story.

get your cute video here! and enter the contest!

All cute things in one video, right here, just one click... see a kitten, a duck, a pony, small children, and of course dogs, small ones, big ones, step right up, crappy camera and all, right here, a little bit of jinx, camera wouldn't always work (come back tomorrow and we'll catch up with the dogs we missed!), right here at the blog, all in one streaming video of bits, cute thing after cute thing, and did I mention the large quanity of dogs, yes, canines, wow-wow, woof-woof, and arf-arf for your video perusal...

Well, maybe two videos. In reverse cronological order.

Now, there is a contest. Is it for Walking the Dog Theater? An easy, prizeless, confusing, semi-popular, very local, contest. Simply color this dog in and win... and win! You can win, place or show!

Deadline for the Register-Star Best in Show Coloring Contest submissions is Friday, June 27th. Send your entries to:

Best in Show Coloring Contest
The Register-Star
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
364 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Mail your entry with your name, address, phone number, and age. Remember, only children 5-12 years old can participate in this official Register-Star contest. And don't be disappointed at all, we can't say what you might win or not, because they don't say in Saturday's paper.

If you are younger than 5, or older than 12, or simply embarrassed to have your artwork displayed in anything related to the CCCA, mail your entries anytime over this summer to:

Jest in Show Coloring Contest
The 12534
18 North Fifth Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Wait! THAT IS NOT CONFUSING. Strange, not confusing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

rain, swimming,

Quinn won't let me put the leash on him. We're working on that, but as of now he will only follow Dixie around. I wanted to take him for a swim.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

best i can do

I could go on and on about the things I tried but failed to record with this camera, but what would the point of that be? I really liked this camera. I could buy the same again. I didn't treat it well, banging it round with the dogs, and it survived pretty well.

I ordered a new one. Should be here by Friday, which will change the amount and quality of doggy imagery on this bloggery. I aim to provide "quality doggy imagery in bloggery." I think I'll make that the title of this blog!

Lucy is much better, recovered from PTS (post-thunder syndrome). Dixie is settled in and Quinn needs some getting used to things. Jim is out there with them now. Freddie has a habit of biting you to express his affection. Princess and Cocoa are working out who is top female.

I'm waiting for my little video to upload and just chatting away. I have a couple of kids crawling on me, sitting on the proch. The weather is great, the dogs are getting along. Things are pretty good. Knock wood. Video still not uploaded? Have to try later.

Does this work? Same video over again.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bobcat still here, camera still broken

My camera shuts itself off-- seems to have something to do with the lense, as it goes in and out. I knew the second I tried this camera that the moving part of the lens would be the first to go. So I can only do a few seconds then it turns off and the movie is gone. I have to get a new one. I'm thinking of getting a still camera with limited video that fits in the pocket and then maybe a regular old camcorder, but I'm not sure yet.

We had a lot of thunder and Lucy went a bit crazy.... Otherwise we survived.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

breaking: shark


Come back: I am not done uploading. Lucy found a way to escape! Here it is:

lucy found a hole in the fence - kewego
lucy found a hole in the fence - kewego

lucy found a hole in the fence - kewego
Yikes! Good thing she showed me where it is... I'll fix it when the rain stops. She hates thunder more than the rest.
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My camera is not doing video, so I can only do stills. I will order a new camera for next week. This is yesterday:

Here is some thunder:

Here is the yard after we spread gravel--shot in the rain:

Last one:

anyone here?

If you are looking at this to see your dog, leave a comment or something so I know... Otherwise, I might not bother, you never know... thanks.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

bobcat in the dog yard

The Bobcat is very large and yellow with a big black mouth, big enough to scoop up 10 dogs... look in the videos and see if you can spot it.

bobcat in here - kewego
bobcat in here - kewego

bobcat in here - kewego
there is a bobcat in the dog yard: can you spot it?

Freya eats chicken food. Seems like Apple Ginger would love to eat a chicken.

Here is Apple Ginger eyeing some chickens (this company seems to slip some ads in the videos?)

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Beany is under the weather. He has been here for months, he's old, and it's not good. Time for him to go home.

I want to make one long movie of all the dogs and I did, three times, with everything in one 4 minute video: fetch, wrestling, Frankie playing with Lucy, lovely stuff... then the camera crapped out. It was like this but longer and better:

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If I want to embed the videos, it would be nice not to leave such a mess of hosts (companies where I can park them) and small little nibblets... but the camera just craps out at the worst moments. So this is short:

fetch - kewego
fetch - kewego

fetch - kewego
dogs in the yard playing fetch

Ollie went to the top of the barn with a balloon and a parachute and they were going to have a race down, and as you see, it crapped out before we could see the lovely graceful drop off the light objects: and then I still had to get a ladder and climb on the roof and get the parachute back. And me made me go get the balloon out of the dogs before they popped it, as if the balloon was important.

Well, now that I got that off my chest, back to the Bobcat. We only have it for another day and there is a lot to do with it.

Oh, and one of the dog videos I accidentally selected YES about nudity and added the regular tag of DOG and got... and unseemly number of hits. Yikes. I don't suppose the people who found it were particularly amused.

Okay, I just went back out and made a video of the Bobcat in motion and the camera is definitely not working right. I need a camera to do this blog and although it is not badly broken, I think I have to buy a new one. No one really fixes stuff anymore.

Lot of bellyaching in here for such a nice day, weather's good, Jim's busy with the machine, things are looking up.

Here is Virgil and Lula.

What is this? A RAINBOW!

More of this:

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Friday, June 20, 2008

scratching children, scratching cars and a dust up

As I write this Ollie is up in the barn waiting for me to come back with a feather, a balloon and a parachute to see which falls slowest: video to come! The batteries are charging and the boy is waiting.

But in the meantime I will link up all the videos. Look for Freddy to scratch little Lotta and make her cry (no big deal, she's fine), for Frankie to scratch Oma's (grandma in German) car, for a dust up (literally and not figuratively. Notice the piles of gravel (crushed stone actually): today I get a Bobcat (a little tractor thing) and spread it... so I need to rest up for a bit before it gets here.

We went to the city yesterday and drove home with a pile of dogs, which Ollie enjoyed but couldn't sleep because Freddy was always getting in his lap and wiggling... But a few highlights of our trip to the city are in here somewhere too.

Freya jumps the fence again... so she's in and out of a lot of these. Bessie is busy scooting around too.

The ones in the yard include just about all of them, so anything with a grey floor is good...

Good luck plowing through all of these!

Lula and Virgil.

frankie mostly gila - kewego
frankie mostly gila - kewego

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frankie gila bessie freddy - kewego
frankie gila bessie freddy - kewego

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

watching kids with dogs

So this embedding is still a mess because one didn't upload and now I don't know which one... and here is the story line(s):

Lula is quite clever. Not a bit dumb. She figured out how to get out, after all, and none of the others did...

I had to watch kids so I did only one or two dogs at a time.

Frankie makes friends with Ollie... Bessie is around in a lot of these.

There are dogs in all of these.

Greta here in the barn with kids.

This one is still uploading and hopefully not an AD. Lucy in the barn.

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Here is Lulu's escape. Virgil can't do it.

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Talking about rats, Freya and Bessie running around.

june 18 dogs - kewego
june 18 dogs - kewego

Lucy and swinging in the barn.

june 18 dogs - kewego
more of the same
Keywords: pets dogs

Frankie and Ollie running on the driveway. Bessie out and about too.

Mowgli and Apple Ginger and kids and so on:

More Frankie and Ollie and Bessie, Jim fixing Virgil and Lulu's fence.

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Bessie and Gustov wrestling. Ollie running with Frankie.

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video 6 for the day - kewego
video 6 for the day - kewego

video 6 for the day - kewego
more of the same
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

another video missing

dogs running around - kewego
dogs running around - kewego

dogs running around - kewego
dogs running around
Keywords: pets dogs

will it embed now?

Look at the entry below... I'm trying to embed some of the ones I just.

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various video services (and dogs running around)

Online Videos by

So I'm trying to embed videos. It's slower but easier to use for you and cheaper for me... We'll see. And you can compare which you like, although they seem pretty similar to me. And I thought that by spreading the accounts around, I can have more space and more links.. maybe get my blog to show up when you google "glencadia..." All my little tech experiments. Here goes..

YIKES! AND IT'S A PAIN. I'm going back to links. Funny stuff happens. And I can't just drag the whole bunch into one place. Too much clicking and setting up. I'll embed one per entry...

Veoh is no good, spend forever uploading then video disappears. Dailymotion embed html misfires. Kewego is in German and has something other than my video when I embed. I think I set up an account somewhere else too.

Youtube is more reliable. Slower, lower quality, but no nonsense. I would like to give the others a shot... and I did.

Uploaded by willep1

Where is this one?


This one embedded with an advertisement, so not using them again. But look at the video anyway and I can't embed it without an ad. Or did I?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

second post of the day

Scroll down for more... by the way: anyone who want to exchange links with this blog, email me or leave a comment. Thanks.

dogs again (surprise!)

Thanks for comments and emails... I just like to make sure folks really stop by.

I can't believe I have to drive to the city in a few hours... it's so nice here today. And my lawn, garden, the dog yard, the driveway, the dog closet, the horse manure all need doing. Oh well.

The story for today is that Rocky ran off. I really had no idea where he went and interviewed people on the road. While I was out driving around, my wife Aenne and the kids found him at the pond and he ran home. This is the short version of events... it all took about an hour.

Otherwise most of the dogs are in all the videos. One in the yard, the others out and about. Notice the dumb cat that isn't out of the way.

I'm trying a new place to park videos... I would prefer to embed all the videos if it doesn't take more time... so here goes nothing, with a YouTube competitor. I was thinking I could try all the video services and see which works best and just use them all, one day this one, one day the next. It does take longer (human attention-wise) than dumping them on my server and walking away.

Don't forget to do a search for Duke in the search function of the blog. He's for adoption and you should ask around. Thanks.

Last bit of news: Clarence is digging the holes.

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Uploaded by willep1

Uploaded by willep1

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

no comments, no dogs

Because I figure no one is checking to see their dog... rhymes with dog at least.

heat wave broke... dogs to come

I do have video of the dogs to upload... and will later today. This is the wind before the storm which smashed the heat wave. See you later.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

heat wave in effect

I like comments, so feel free to leave some. And don't forget to ask around if you know someone who wants to adopt Duke.

Here is the folder with all the videos.

The following needed leashes or for some reason are not in the blog: Berna... Captain...

Group one is Lucy, Lila, Moki, Cleo, Rocket, Clarence, Sophia. Here they come past the garden, my wife shouts that I have too many dogs out at once (which 7 is a lot with mine, makes 9 but I can't worry about that now!). Here the group goes through the hay field to the pond. This one is embedded above: who will swim, who wrestles for a stick. Now we are heading home. This field is not plowed so those are weeds you see there.

Lila notices the ducks across the pond in one of these and it's time to go.

Here you get a sense of how hot it is although this video is from about 7:30 am. These girls remain calm even when they see a whole pack of dogs.

Here my daughter gets in a puddle. Then we chit chat about Moki. Ollie comes by...

Here we have Macky, Shiela (who runs over to bark at horses), Sola, and Daisy. Sola hurt her foot breaking a fence this morning... she was trying to get INTO another area. Persistent. She's okay. Shiela does not like horses.

Same group as above with the whole family in on the Shiela chase. And Daisy takes an inopprotune poop and raids the food closet.

Sola is the last one home. Here, with whole family.

Olive, with Ollie riding his like-a-bike. Here. Some confusion between Olive and Oliver.

Duke, Olive, Ollie. More here.

Olive eating grass in the rose bush, Duke rolling, Ollie talking about fishing gear. Here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

breaking news, dumb ducks, reunion of upper west side dogs, and other like stuff

While normally you mostly see dogs running around here, today we have BREAKING LEAKED video of her endorsement before anyone else... BREAKING!!! Here:

I tried to make this a breaking story on another site and I think I got some nibbles.

Okay, now some dogs, and Lotta getting all wet. And trying to copy me saying COME!
Didn't really work, watch the child and letting the dogs out.
In this video we should have Sophia, Lucy and Cleo.

On the subject of Cleo and Lucy: when Cleo came out in the morning and saw Lucy, she ran past a bunch of other dogs and began to kiss her in the corner of her mouth. And Cleo followed her around all morning, Lucy not paying much attention. They both live on the upper west side and have been here a lot, so maybe they know each other. Anyway, after much persistence Lucy finally broke down and played with Cleo and they've been inseparable since then... so that's reunion story which may or may not be evident in the videos.

The rest of the videos will be linked like usual. And HERE is the folder with all the video in case any of these links don't work for you.

Ducks are so dumb. I can't get these two to walk up the damn ramp I made them and they sit there and watch the wild birds eat their lunch day after day and would starve to death if I didn't put the food on the floor. I mean, really, how hard can it be to walk up a ramp? What did I make that house for? I'm a clutz and this took a lot of work. Can I sue them for dereliction of ducktion? Damn them for dumb duck diction? Dedicate a day to dumb duck decoding, deconstruction, and doodle directions to re-develop the dumb duck dycotomy?

Or maybe just put the food on the floor?

Here is another fabulous piece of cinematography. In this unscripted, cinema 2.0 short, filmed with non-actors, we see a small child get licked by three different dogs (Lucy, Sophia, and Cleo) and respond with ad libbed dialogue such as "Owwie" and "Yuck." Then we see a bucket with some tadpoles in it, Lucy rolls on a dead bird the cat left on the barn floor, then the three dogs take off to the field and the girl, Little Lotti Lou Lollipop, walks in a puddle, copies her father's failed attempts to control said dogs and, in the final scene, a car drives off a bridge in a firey chase scene.

This one is the one I think I embedded above. Same dogs.

Moki, Macky, Shiela and Clarence. Shiela does not like horses. All kinds of other action. Here.

Same group here.

Lila, Rocket, Berna... who is not present. No! Don't let Berna off! Too late. Anyway, she doesn't go far and when she's done running around, she does come back... but listens NOT AT ALL in the meantime. Here.

Still waiting for Berna, so I let Duke (for adoption!!!!) and Olive out to help in the search. Here.

Berna went home and other two (Olive and Duke) can walk around... but not too far in that direction; the farmer has ground hog traps out, and small tomatoes and it all kind of limits where we can go. And it's time to HAY MY FIELD but I am at the mercy of the guy with the baling equipment... Here.

Captain Mellow with Olive and Gustov. Here.

Forget anyone? See you in a day or two...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

berna hide and seek

Here are the videos in one folder.

This is Duke, who is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Here we see Clarence, Mackie, Sheila, Berna, Lucy, Duke take off out of the barn.

The story line here is Berna doesn't come back with us. She runs around the house, doesn't fall for my deceptive invitation to come in the house and dances around the garden for awhile... which is starting to ring a bell... yeah, she does this!

Same group as above, all spread out running the hay field.

I wish I could have made hay 2 weeks ago, but I have to wait for the guy to come and do it. Then I have to buy the hay on my own field back from him. Hay making equipment is expensive and no one else will do it.

Berna squeaking... same group as above. Here.

Same group with a strong emphasis on Duke, who needs a home and is a very nice dog. Here.

Yogi should have been in on the whole thing... here he is with some others.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

how about this

Here is the folder.Here is Yogi and Theo.

Lucky, Cozy, Theo, Maggie Lou, Zeppy here.

June and Lucy here and with horses here.

Bill and some chickens. Here.

Here is a video that has nothing to do with dogs I did yesterday: