Tuesday, July 1, 2008

new camera

Thank you for comment... Will make sure to feature commenter's dog tomorrow...

Now I have new camera. Here is the video featuring PJ, Archie and Mia... mostly. I'll get the rest tomorrow, promise.

july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego
see glencadia.blogspot.com for complete discussion
Keywords: pet dog pets dogs

Still figuring out how to deal with widescreen mode (find a service that accepts wide screen or change the settings on the camera) and by the time I export the movie for high speed internet and upload it to a service that lets me embed the video in this blog, you can't see much or any difference from the last one. Maybe worse, until I figure it out.

Not that it will matter much, but there you go.

This however is better. The screen captures from this thing are great and uncover the hidden emotions and actions in apparently banal events (how about that for a line: got banal, some psychobabble and some tech stuff in one sentence).

Okay, we'll try it out proper tomorrow.

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