Monday, May 26, 2008

all around the place

I got some comments... maybe not enough to know that everyone looks in here, but I guess you do. So I'll put up some more videos. For a lot of these guys, this is their last gallop here before we head back to the city this afternoon.

This is the folder with all the videos. Blogger isn't letting me embed the videos today.

I went for a swim with Cassidy, Cozy, Gordon and Tango. Cassidy and Cozy are the sweetest pair. They sit side by side in the sun, picking each other out of the crowd for companionship. It's a very quiet, sweet relationship. And Gordon and Tango look alike, I guess both the same breed, and they act alike and play nicely. Both Cozy and Gordon are doing great. Not nervous... getting comfortable. We went for a swim and then they went tearing around the hay field but my battery died... so none of that is recorded. I will work on getting Cozy and Cassidy snuggling. Here's us at the pond.

I also wanted to get Rosie, Pipi, Gracie, and Muri in on a little dog group shot (the other little dogs need leashes). They wouldn't really cooperate and give me a nice cute picture. Here they are. And here are some more.

This one is pretty long. Cleo, Freya, WIlly, Simon and Cali go on a trip past the tomatoes, through the hay field, then Willy finds the swamp. He needs a swim. We see the tomatoes in their infant state and I begin to dream of the succulent delicious bounty of late summer, when I have bowls and bowls and buckets of these delicious (did I say that?) gorgeous tomatoes. Mike, the farmer, lets me pick all the ones with spots. That's 90%. He only harvests and markets 10% of the crop because 90% have splits in the top or spots or won't transport well because they are too ripe. I am not joking: 90% is wasted, because I can only eat and freeze about .5% of that 90%.

And 90% percent of the herbicides, pesticides and fungicides (including the ones allowed according to organic standards, like copper) are applied for aesthetics. If there were a way to get people to eat produce with spots and cracks, this world would be much cleaner, our food would taste much better and be much healthier and I wouldn't be worrying about all those chemicals next to my house... although Mike is pretty responsible even if he isn't organic. I wish he were organic though.

And I bet he wishes I wouldn't let my dogs run through his baby tomato plants. In the later summer, he would welcome my dogs to impress deer and ground hogs, but now, they can tear up a little plant.

One of the themes of today is cleanliness. You'll see some blankets hanging from the fence, for example. Cleaning the blankets is a terrible job but not so bad when it's so nice and sunny. Here is the main yard with a lot of dogs. I will let the little ones have the main yard and put the big ones inside later on. Helmut is messing with my blankets.

If you look at this video you will see most of the dogs and we will go from the dog yard, through the dog house, out down the lane toward the horse, then get diverted to the house. So the whole place in one video. Most of them are in here but Jackson and Shiela come with me.

I have tried dog beds: they don't work. I want only stuff made of biodegradable material, all cotton, all wool. Otherwise when the rip is up, and they will, sometimes within 30 minutes of unsupervised access to a new bed, I can dump it with the other matter in a big pit and let it decay. If some artificial material gets mixed into the wood shaving and other waste, then the whole thing becomes non-biodegradable and it has to go to the dump, filling up land fill instead of slowly (very slowly) turning back into dirt.

So, if you have any old blankets you want to get rid of, but not stuffed dog beds, I'll take them. And tennis balls. Otherwise, I think I have everything I need.

The other thing is the car. It can really smell. I tried to put sheets in but they get ripped up, and I seem to be doing as much cleaning as before or more, since I still have to clean the car. I figure sunshine and wind is one of the best ways to make it smell a little better so I leave the windows open in weather like this. Simon took full advantage of the open window to get himself some peace and quiet. He's asleep in the car as I write this. I just got it all clean... it used to be our family car but now I only use it for dogs. I can get quite a few in there and it gets 28 MPG, which is pretty important when you drive 600 miles a week (2 trips to the city) although the van is okay too (about 18 MPG although it should do better). Lot of money.

Well, all that is more than you need to know and I didn't catch all the dogs in the videos today... see you later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

hey nothing today?

No, nothing. No one wrote after the last one, so I figure no one is looking at this... So if you want some more imagery for tomorrow drop me a line so I know you're out there. See ya.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

let's do this now

Above is Rosie, Cali, Muri and Ollie and I discussing what this old machine is for.

This is not pleasant but has to be done. Most dogs in here.

This one has no dogs, just kids, tadpoles and maybe a minnow or two.

This one is with the kids in with little dogs. Macey, Miles, Muri, Lily, Violet, Angus, Rosie. Cali and Cozy sneak in here too. I was working on Cozy (this is from Friday evening).

Here is the one embedded but linked.

Same group plus Gordon... Ollie sick of me video taping. Here.

Muri and Helmut (with no helmut). Helmut is terrific, perfect, completely better. Here.

Pipi, Helmut... some other floating in there too. Here.

Loona, Helmut. This one.

Simon, Cleo, Cali, Moki out in the hay field (Muri and maybe Helmut still around). Mocha shows up. Is it this one? Here.

No. Here is Mocha. Jumped the fence. You get some sense of his juming abilities from the sound of the impact with my chest. Also, the guys above are in here for a second. Here.

Jackson, Shiela, Cassidy, Moki, Cozy, Muri (again). Here.

Tango, Gordon (pulling me) and Muri. Here. And again here.

My shy ones, Gordon and Cozy. This is how we eat breakfast... by hand. We're getting there. I think Cozy is now comfortable and Gordon needs one more day... sometimes it takes awhile. Here.

Maggie Blue and Norman. Here and here and here (there was a blue bird I was trying to shoot) and, best of all, here.

Macey, Miles and Maggie barking. Here.


Muri and kids... Muri is stuck! Emergency! Here. Cute video. Highly recommended.

And this hat is adorable. Here comes Muri.

Evening. Simon, Willy, Freya, Tango, Beany, some others...

videos uploading now... entry to come tonight

If you want to look through all the videos now you can here. Otherwise, come back tonight and I'll have a nice entry to read and pick and choose your videos... thanks.

Friday, May 23, 2008

memorial day weekend off to a nice start

We got all the dogs in here last night, everyone is good... and the weather is fine, things are looking good.

Here is the folder with all the videos so far. I will add some more later maybe... check back once in awhile, look at the links below the archive on this page if you can, leave comments.


Now dogs today. Let's get started.

Here is the yard with all the dogs in Jim's Van. Cozy (who is a bit shy but will come around soon), Simon, Tango, Beany, Theo, Moki. Sheila, Cassidy, Gordon, Jackson, Maggie Blue (just vocals, no cameo). Same group again.

Here we go for a toot (Will with Mocha, Willy, Freya, Loona).

Actually no dogs... this is some mist that came out after the rain yesterday, on the plowed fields. Here I try again to capture the eery quality of it.

Jim took a turn with the camera here. Miles, Macey, Gracey, and little cute Muri... and maybe some other small ones? Here.

Same as above, plus Lily, Angus, Rosie, Violet... a sweet group of small dogs, many of whom we don's completely trust off the leash. Here.

They get lost in high grass, hay field. Here.

More small dogs by Jim here.

This seems to be just Rosie. Here.

This is almost exactly like the one above. Or is exactly the same one? Here. I think Rosie again.

Tibu and Betty Lou here. More here. And again. Here we get a closer look in the barn.

Norman and Maggie Blue. Here. And again. One more. Wow, another. Norm and Maggie again. Not done yet, one more.

What is this?



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dogs not in the last one

Here's one.

Some more. Be sure to look for dogs for adoption (search up in the prompt upper left) and leave comments....

more to come tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

reviewing the blog: rewind entry

This is the SECOND ENTRY of the day and not why most people might look
at this. Look at the previous entry for your dog!

Here's me sliding on the ice. Slap stick:

Here some dogs attack a gingerbread house (scroll to end):

Here's an article I wrote explaining why the dogs get the house:

Something cute?
Link for the above:

calm before the storm

I mean the flood... of dogs. People remembering the war dead by sending their dogs to me?

Anyway, here is the folder for today. Don't forget that Duke ad maybe Natasha are for adoption. Look them up in the search blog function.

Leave comments... I like those.

Here is my little Lotti Lou (Lotta) with Jim talking to dogs in the back... the dogs aren't here yet.

Here are Muri and Lily. Also, Butch, Gustov, Jim, Lotta... very cute little girl saying Muri and Jim talking about Loona.

Here my mother-in-law (Grandma, called "Oma" in German) arriving, paying attention to little Muri (and Lotta's shoes). Cameos by Lily.

Beany, Loona, Gracie... I think that's it here.

Everyone, pretty much... Or maybe not.

Here are the ducks. You can do a blog search for "Duck"and see how small they were very recently. Anyway, my ducks and a family of wild Geese, talking to frogs, bothered by Gustov the dog then a walk to the horses. Long.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

rainbow last night

Not all the dogs in here.

So we had a nice rainbow last night/evening.

Grover, ran off in the video above. He went to roll in manure then try to get in the food closet.

Friday, May 16, 2008

now i can do a proper entry

Let's do the dogs first. Then I will apologize for being late with this blog... or maybe I will mix everything up.

Again, all the videos are in here. There is a lot of junk in there and I will go through them one by one now. One cute girl here.

Hit refresh if you can't see anything and let me know if you need another format to look at these.

These two are available for adoption. Duke, shepardish black and brown, and Natasha, pit mix. See them in action here. And again here. Someone must know someone who wants a nice dog! One more of these two. Yet another.

Completely inane useless video Birds sound nice and I think Jim is trying to figure out my camera since he left his at home. Or I didn't know it was on. Nothing to see here, keep moving.

Here are Rooster and Buffy, who are now back home. So again, too late and more or less useless. But you see that Rooster started to hate Gustov... although they started out great buddies. And Rooster liked everyone else (except maybe Buffy sometimes...). Here this is. And again here. And again. More of these two.

Okay, break from dogs.

Some chickens wouldn't go in the house last night and then they got out and after spending 20 minutes trying to catch them or drive them home, I gave up and went in. I thought I would get them this morning but they WERE GONE. Not a feather left. I guess if you keep chickens, you can't be sentimental about them. They just are not all going to make it. Here is one of the chickens who no longer seems to be wandering this world. Ollie called this one the wanderer. I liked her: she was the smallest and most adventurous and now she is ate up by a critter.

Samantha, Amaye, Gracie, Tubu, Betty Lou the other day with Jim here. Same group, same day here.

I think only Gracie here.

Grey day today. They are planting beans in the field next to us (green beans). Here you see the grey weather as Ollie trudges off to the school bus past the plowed and planted field.

Beany, Betty Lou, by Jim here. Same two. More of them. Another.

How about some geese?

How about some sparrows procreating? I saw them doing it but I think I missed it with the video. Ollie and I rescued a blue bird caught in some wool (Ollie put it in the bird house for their nest but that was a bad idea.) Then the blue birds left. They're like that. I love blue birds but if you touch the box, graze the pole with the tractor or something, they leave and that's it. Some damn sparrows moved in. I worked hard to keep the blue birds here and I did not build houses for sparrows. And now they are procreating. Humpf!

Helmut not listening to me.... Gracie and Muri should be around here somewhere too.

Family here.

Gracie, Muri, Gustov and Butch. Here.

Here are the rest of them: Tibu, Helmut (somewhere), Beany (somewhere), Maggie Lou, Betty Lou, (where are we, Georgia or New York?), Princess, all running into the bean field... is it planted yet or not?

So my wife got a little cut on her knee running to see our son at preschool in some sort of performance and got a tiny scratch. A week later is started to hurt but she said she doesn't want to go the doctor and that she shouldn't take antibiotics because she's 8 months pregnant. Then the other day it started to hurt, so no more waiting, we went and she's been out of commission and I did a 2 minute web search and concluded that antibiotics (common ones) are pretty much safe at this late stage and I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT SEARCH right away... sounded right, no drugs when pregnant... but wrong. Okay, everyone is fine now. Antibiotics are great, overused but great. Hopefully they will continue to work for many more generations.

Cute Muri here with my cute daughter. Dark video but cute.

Had some trouble getting Muri to leave the barn... but now he does. Also, he follows Jim around. Here. More barn and Muri.

Horses are banging to get out of the stable and get out on the field. Cat is watching from up on the bean. Muri is around here. Folks are chatting. Morning in the barn here.

Time to dance.

The end.

now I mean it

Look at Jim's from yesterday and I will put up my own by noon.

Thanks.... (My wife is fine. Everything is good...)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

coming soon

Jim did the dogs today and used my camera to make videos... we'll see how that goes when I get back from the hospital (leg infection in a human... should be okay)... thanks see you later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

jim's videos

Jim was back today and shot these videos when I had to run out... Stop by and look for your dog until I get a chance to go through them one by one. Thanks for visiting the blog.

Friday, May 9, 2008

little bit basic, this entry

So today I just took some shots of the dogs hanging out in the yard. We will go out for a toot later but rain is threatening, so I have to reseed the field now, plus a whole lot of other dumb stuff...

But still, this is after breakfast and everyone is in a good mood. Grover and Hudson seem to be kindred spirits. Beany was out and about, feeling more adventurous and social. Gracie was checking to make sure everyone finished their breakfast. Rooster was with the big guys trying to get in on Grover and Hudson's game. Ayame was destroying some tennis balls. Fenway was barking at me. Betty Lou was trying to get someone to play tug of war with her and taunting Natasha.

I thought I made more than 2 videos... but the camera says I only made two.

Here they are:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

blue bird stuck in wool, dogs swim (or don't) and Lotta taunts some cows

Non-dog video of my daughter taunting my mother's cows here. My mom is 70 and got herself cows and started a charity for AIDS orphans -- she just got back from Rwanda. Here's her site. She's raised 100s of thousands of dollars and goes to Rwanda every year. Quite something.

Moving on to swimming: here we are on our way to the pond. Mocha, Hudson, Sam, Gracie and Oscar are on this trip and should be all of these videos. Look at all the links in this paragraph. Hudson took a swim (which we weren't sure he would and he needed some time). Oscar inspired him. My dog (the black one, Gustov) discovered he could swim when I took the canoe out without him. Anyway, Hudson then ran away from the pond and did loops around the field... trying to figure out if he likes it. Then Mocha was inspired. He was out of his mind afterward too and he and Gustov started growling at each other, which they never did before.

That's all for today. On the way to the school but Ollie and I saw a blue bird stuck in some wool, hanging from the bird house along the driveway. She was dangling out the door upside down. It was Ollie's idea to stock the house with wool for their nest and I was hoping for blue birds so we put the house out early in the spring... but the wool was clearly a mistake, as she was stuck.

I climbed up on the fence and tried to free her while her husband flew around my head, extremely upset. In the end I had to let her go with some wool still stuck on her leg, figuring she could pick it off at her leisure... and she flew away.

That was the adventure this morning... and we have a lot just walking up and down the driveway.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

test run...

Just to see if this works to email in an entry... would be kind of cool.

Friday, May 2, 2008

mocha doesn't swim... only oscar really SWAM...

Okay, here we go. Here are Uncle Charley (Duke) and Gustov wrestling. Duke (brown and black and white) is for ADOPTION and Gustov is mine (almost all black). Gustov will be castrated on Tuesday... he's about 10 months old and I would like to wait but the other dogs are not pleased with his adolescent antics, as you will see as the videos progress.

Here is one with Wellington, Gracie, Django, and mine (Butch, Gustov, Uncle Charley). I thought this format would be one I could embed in the blog but it didn't work. Instead, it downloads a file to your hard which links to the video on my site... It's a good little clip with Ollie saying hello to Wellington and all so if it doesn't work, leave a comment (easier to do now).

I was thinking I could make a Youtube channel (or another video host) with all these videos and embed them here. But that's more work.

If you can't get the video to work in your browser, try reloading the page. Works for me.

Same dogs (Gracie, Wellington, Django) with kids on swings and conversation about dogs and a busy barn... Here.

More of the same with tadpole... etc.

Mocha and kids. Ollie banging on a box for no good reason. Then he gives Lotti Lou a push and climbs the ladder.

Oscar and kids... same ladder.

Bucket pulley in an old barn. Lotti going to look at dogs... a few. Here.

More pulley... no dogs that I can see. Here.

No dogs for sure. Chicken babies. Better not be any dogs! Here.

Here is the longest video. Samantha, Oscar, Mocha, Simon off on a long toot: water, fields, roads... And as we see, only Oscar swims.

Same dogs. More chance to swim.

Wellington, Mocha, Beany, Django (who is always WAY back in the rear). Here. See, here he comes, sort of.

More of the above.

More of the above again.

Beanie never really gets with the program. Same guys here.

This one doesn't want to work! No dogs anyway... horses. Being mean.

may 2nd... been awhile

Sorry for the delay blogging. And, I'm not really ready to go over al the videos yet. I am going back out and taking them all for a swim now. I have some videos uploading now from when I was hanging out in the barn. Here they are (or will soon be).

So look around there or wait until tonight when I have more to show and can break them all down one by one... thanks.

Went to the midwife this morning so Jim did the dogs and the camera wasn't around for the morning toot. Okay, back to the barn. I made it easier to leave comments if you are so inclined... thanks.