Tuesday, July 29, 2008

missing dogs videos

More stills here. And look at the entry for today below... scroll down.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

not a proper blog entry

While I'm pulling the videos off the camera, here's some thought and updates and so on... mostly about the dogs. But maybe not.

This is not the best video I've ever made and not all the dogs get the full treatment. Come back tomorrow for a proper Glencadia dog video and not all these ducks. Here are the stills for today, so give you a hint of what is in the video, unfortunately.

But wait: I will post another one of these later today with more running around and I will have a full length feature film with Mackey and Sheila... but they only make cameos here now and are fine, very loyal to each other but good with everyone and only get a C for walking around with no leash (mostly Sheila gets a D and Mackey gets a B and they get a C average).

Maggie Blue has been very good, I mean by Maggie Blue standards. She doesn't like Freya though... Parker still doesn't listen but gets away with it by being cute. Theo is popular with everyone, the way he just quietly stands next to you and looks you in the eye, very effective. Freya would be allowed to jump the fence at will if she didn't have this disturbing habit of licking her lips when she sees a chicken. Helmut was asleep during the shooting of the video below. Muri is terrific and come with us on the walks I shot this morning. Cleo does her usual running in circles.

After a terrible week, Jim is back and out there fixing the fences. Freya and Lucy and the thunder: there are a lot of holes. They can't get out of the dog area but I like a dog to stay where I put them. And the fences are not supposed to be optional, respect them if you feel like it... no, they are supposed to work whether the dog likes it or not. Seems fairly obvious. If Jim wasn't around, looks like I would have to do it but I wasn't getting it done... so I'm very glad he's back. We have leaks in the barn roof, I want to install a hand pump in the well by the dogs (to get water in the winter), line another chimney fro wood and burn no oil this winter, fix the van window, and Jim is going to do all that. Now you know, Jim.

Shannon and her son came by to help with the dogs. You'll see them in the video, if I ever get this sucker uploaded. Nice to have the kids around... and they are big enough that I think they can handle it. Plus Shannon lets Bray do any damn thing: drive a tractor, shoot a gun, ride a motorcycle, a stallion... he's my son's hero, 3 years older. Country style child rearing, it has it's appeal. I had some cousins like that in Vermont and they seemed quite reckless... but they all survived into adulthood and are still reckless. The mother's getting old and she stayed reckless too, still jumping horses at 68. I guess it's a family tradition. Actually, compared to the Fishes of Randolph Vermont, Shannon is careful.

Last night I was driving up the Taconic and I had one of those quick temperature drops I used to love. As soon as you leave the city, you get into the highlands, 1100 feet, and getting away from the concrete and into the mountains so quickly, you can shed 10 degrees in half an hour. When we first left Brooklyn and I didn't drive that way very often, I would find that change in the air exhilarating.

On the Taconic, you feel like you're in the country even when you are in fact in densely populated suburbs. Apparently, it's one of the world's oldest highways, designed for beauty, since it doesn't go to any major population areas. No on ramps, no breakdown lane: the grammar of highways had not been invented.

And the deer: you might think having grass right up to the edge of the highway is asking for trouble. You might also wonder about the wisdom of PLOWING the grass, exposing grass when there is none elsewhere, in the winter. Why design system like that? It's suicidal.

It seems the white-tailed deer was practically extinct in the 1920s and not a concern. Hard to believe now, but that seems to be why the Taconic is designed to produce carnage.

I haven't hit a deer yet. The other night the raccoons and opossums were out as I had never seen. I think that the days and nights of heavy rain had kept them from their rounds and they were all out in force. But it was still wet enough for the frogs to hop around, looking for new ponds, so I had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving.

Well, I could continue on any number of subjects other than everyone's dog. The dogs are all well. We had so many holes that we couldn't make effective small dog and large dog and old dogs and young dogs kind of groups but that should change in a few hours.

And this video includes:

1) Almost all dogs somewhere.

2) The duck saga: One duck met an unfortunate and premature demise. The other did not get along with chickens, which was where she went, escaped from the chicken house and waddled back to the pond. In a lot of videos you hear here in the background, quacking away. I assumed she was hungry, so the kids and I went down to the pond to feed her. She ate a little then followed us around as we paddled a bit, leaving her food on the shore.

She was not hungry. She has plenty to eat over there in the pond. She was lonely. How about that.

3) Ollie, my son who is 6, making videos. Take a Dramamine, you might get sea sick. He shot me trying to corral Moki into some kind of confinement.

I'm done. Thanks.

a duck, some dogs, maybe a chicken and a cat, three spoons and some electrical wire: I can make this sucker fly from glencadia on Vimeo.


Friday, July 25, 2008

rain, rain, rain

Start downloading the video (hit play) then come back up here and read (if you feel like it). Suggestion.

So last time I complained about the weed, etc. but I did not fully explain why the blog was almost impossible: rain. We had 10 inches in the past 48 hours and there was no way to make video outside. Inside, it's dark. Ergo, no video.

Also, I sent the girls (teenagers) out to make video and I got something... 2 minutes although they were out with the dogs all afternoon in a lull in the rain.

Although everything does seem to need work, today it doesn't bother me. No door shuts right, the faucet leaks, the fence had holes (thanks Freya).

The stills from the video here.

Okay, in today's video Freya goes on every walk (since she can jump the fence). Amber and Dakota are nervous but I think they are coming around. Moose wouldn't let me try to make nice-nice with Amber and Dakota. We've got some swimming in here, some fetch in the yard, some running in the fields.

A nice group of small dogs now... Have to get Charlie and Lucy together (the two Robins)... Maggie growled at Freya and Freya would not go near her again.

We had a little trouble with Muri disobeying offleash... just being naughty, little bugger. Meena is great offleash.

Parker! I spaced on her name. She's doing great in my small dog group. Shannon is in here somewhere... great to have such intelligent help (who gets dogs).

july 25 at glencadia.com from glencadia on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

update, text only

My camera is full of videos, my garden is full of weeds, my lawn need mowing, the barn roof is leaking (storm in progress), my fences are dilapidated, my hay is too high, my garbage cans are full, my websites need updating, my data need organzing, my beans need picking, the peas need shelling, my library books are overdue, in short...THE BLOG IS BEHIND.

I just made some videos of the dogs looking out at the storm and being comforted about thunder but it was dark (inside, not so much light) and the lens of the camera was all steamed up and everything is dark and blurry. And I had Shannon take them all out yesterday in the rain but she couldn't find the camera, which I left in the van and... nothing to show.

But Shannon, who's working here now, cuts wood, hunts deer and turkey, breaks horses, butchers cows, grows a great garden, fixes machines and doesn't look half bad doing it. And now dogs. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

t shirt design again

Anyone want a t-shirt with that on it?

And look, I've got glencadia.com working now... in case I start some other "Glencadia" businesses --which I may well do... got a lot of ideas ... no money though. Dog business I could start without borrowing... And I seem to have a lot of kids and who knows, but that was the idea.

Anyway, how do like the T Shirt?

back to dogs

We left Friday night at about 7:30 to have a baby, finished that business a few hours later, spent the night in the hospital birth center (Northern Dutchess in Rhinebeck, quite nice) and could have gotten back up here to do the dogs but we had to wait for the doctor to come... which took 5 hours.

Only missed 1/2 a day work.

Anyway, Leslie, her mother, and Vern came to do the dogs and everything was great. I'm nervous about this because this whole dog boarding thing works if you know the dogs. They don't all get the same. But they did know them and it was fine.

Except the video. Lucie did some before when I was fixing the fence and I don't find it on the camera (too bad because you would see me lying in some wet sand surrounded by dogs cursing as I try to figure out this banding tool.

Then this morning I took everyone out and went swimming and did a lot of stomping around: and it's not all in the camera. I think the hard drive was full... that might have been that what that red box meant.

So the video is not as comprehensive as it might be.

So here is the kind of thing that you need to know to deal with the dogs: Sam is a humper. He stops if they tell him to, but if there are more than a few dogs, he forgets who lets him and who doesn't. So he's fine in any small group of dogs. Duke is small and is determined to get to the big ones. Watch him! Maggie Blue and Mingus are great together but Mingus can be too defensive of his sticks and balls and Maggie Blue can't handle a big group. Moose, oddly for his size, is wimpy and doesn't know what to do if they bother him, so should be in a small group, like with Simon and Helmut in a quiet threesome. Others, like Elton, PJ, Clover, Bear, Bear 2, don't really have any issues. Max and Jackson don't like each other. Wellington seems to be fine with everyone, but that's deceptive. Spencer likes to be in the house, sitting crossed legged under the stairs, so he has to have access to the stairs. Cozy is fine anywhere but better off with access to the main room. Stuff like that.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

we're off to the city (no baby tonight!)

july 15 at glencadia.com from will pflaum on Vimeo.

forget it, tired of waiting, tibet's expressive face

Forget it. The baby decided not to come. For awhile. Has to come one day? Faked us out, little bugger.

So I'm driving. I am still uploading the video, will take a long time. And now I'm back out to take them out for a swim or something. See some of you later tonight. How about this while we're waiting for the massive video to perpare and upload:

stills July 15 at glencadia.com dog camp from will pflaum on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

no baby, video

Stills below.

no baby, stills

I guess it's good that Leslie had to drive last night so I could take care of dogs this morning, what with Jim gone and all. But still the contractions just stopped again. Why won't this baby just come on out already: I'm tired of planning around this little booger. Raising him for 18 years or so is one thing, making me adjust my schedule is another.

Video converting and uploading now. Some stills should be available here.


Monday, July 14, 2008

no baby, t shirt idea number one

So I didn't drive tonight because I thought we were having a baby and so far... progress stopped. Maybe tonight. But I didn't want to be away, but if I could have...

And then Jim had to go to Texas, maybe permanently. Family crisis. He was a great worker: could fix cars, fences, roofs... showed up at 3 AM no complaints. Tough, reliable, skilled, responsible, likes dogs. Oh well.

And I dropped my phone in the creek. I order a whole batch of phones on ebay, so I got another one working pretty quickly, but they don't all work perfectly. And I owe videos, although everyone who emailed saying, "where is my dog" missed some videos of your dog... I saw some just now on the blog. Look at the stills for hints until I get a chance to do this.

How's this for a Glencadia Dog Camp T-Shirt. If you google GLENCADIA you'll see something of this business and I own glencadia.com, so maybe I don't need a lot of verbiage... (see above)?

For organic cotton, made in US, one color printing I would probably end up paying $8 a shirt, nice shirts. If I make about 30. Anyone want one for $10?

More dog videos tomorrow, unless I'm and Northern Dutchess Womens' Health (birth center). Which would be a relief, so I don't have to make Leslie drive on Thursday.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

high wind

Moki, Betty, Max, Bowie, Gordon, PJ, Bear... swimming, hay field. I wasn't sure if I should trust Gordon but I let him go. He came back with some help from my dog Gustov, who grabs leashes and brings dogs back to me.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Saturday, July 12, 2008

treats for everyone, thanks ollie

This is the second post of the day.

treats for all 1 kid, 27 dogs - kewego
treats for all 1 kid, 27 dogs - kewego

treats for all 1 kid, 27 dogs - kewego
treats for all 1 kid, 27 dogs -- see glencadia.blogspot.com
Keywords: pets dogs

report in text only

Well, we had that dust up yesterday: everyone was a little too excited about the sand. I mean, Quinn and Romeo had been hanging out for days with no problem and they are both good with other dogs... still, I have to keep them in separate groups now. And Archie and Jackson. And Moki and Wellington. Gordon was an honorary small dog untli now and he's playing in the sand very nicely with Max now. They spin round and round in the sand. They are cute and deserve a video. Both Vicslas are getting greedy about food, or they were the whole time. And Sundance is impossible with food. I am working hard to keep him from eating too much. Spencer eats plently but seemed a little thin to me, so I gave him more than the recommended amount. And Gordon isn't eating much but otherwise seems pretty happy now. Moki continues to ruin water buckets. Charly and Betty are by themselves, due to Betty's aparent preference, but I should go give the two of them a turn on the sand. Will do that after this. Sasha doesn't want me to tell her where to go. Again, we're going easy on the food to improve her figure. Leo delivered a message to me: my son tucked an envelope under his collar and told me to call him. Our new son is supposed to be Leo, but he is now two days late in being born. The email I have for you, Leo's people, doesn't seem to work. Berna is fine but I don't trust her off the leash. Bear is a sneak: he gets passed me. I put him with the big dogs for awhile but he seems to really like Wellington and vice versa. Tibet is a waste in a Brooklyn apartment. She is actually a terrific watch dog and she's on the job as we speak. Lila didn't seem to want to play with dogs, so I put her in a space with one other dog for awhile but now she's out in the sand and having a good time. Simon has to have freedom to roam or he will hurt himself trying to break a door. Lucky, nothing to report, glad to say. I let her take off once a day and she always comes back, so it's fine. Molly is a lot of dog with tons of energy and seems to be a good match with Jackson, and since they live near to each other, I try to keep them together. Seeger seems to have a thing about Lane: bothering her relentlessly. So that's another pair to avoid. Shiloh has been here a long time and is getting bossy: up until now, he had no social issues to consider, but now he can't stay in the big yard with every group... Fine with almost all of them almost all the time. Did I forget anyone? Maybe I should take notes...

Friday, July 11, 2008

25 tons of sand, 30 dogs

They went crazy.

before the sand storm

We are getting a couple dump truck loads of sand (maybe 25 tons: sounds like a lot but you'll see: it's not enough). So this video is BEFORE the sand just to get something for folks to see... but come back when we have a beach.

Sand will be easier on their feet, easier to clean up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summer job

These girls, Lucie and Catherine, will be playing with the dogs this summer.

glencadia.com summer job for these girls from will pflaum on Vimeo.

reservation back up, tiny frog again

So let's see if the video uploads this time, damn it.
Maybe I should just upload it simultaneously to two different services.

Reservation system back in effect.

Log in and make sure your reservation is right.

Lela is hanging out with Moki... should get some video of it.

Here is the link to the video for today: everyone in there? Good luck finding your dog in here.

july 9 at glencadia.com dog camp with tiny frog and turtle from will pflaum on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

breaking: smallest frog

a fitting tribute to our president

smallest frog on a painted turtle at glencadia.com from will pflaum on Vimeo.

a nag/complain/reiteration and a lot of dogs in a video, of course

Theo, Joey, yes. And I know I have them in some others... But anyway, check this out for today. Reservation system still down.

Two teenage girls will be here to play with the dogs this afternoon. I will have them take them swimming and give the ones going home today baths. And I'll blog all that. I told Lucie to bring her friend if that makes it more fun, so she will.

This seems to be broken. So I have to upload it again. I'm leaving dog videos all over the internet, littering dog videos about cyberspace. Is there a cyber-pooper scooper law for dog video?

While I'm waiting for the video to upload, I'd like to remind everyone that there is no picking times on the dog pick up and return in the city please, at least not for free pick up and delivery. It's impossible to make 12 stops (or 10 or 8 or 14) in a three hour window and let people pick times and/or not be home.

Think about it: logistically, it's just impossible to accommodate everyone, or even one person's schedule. If, say, someone on the upper west side wants late pick up and then someone in Brooklyn is not home when they are supposed to be, what happens to us? Never mind the driver, who might be me, it's not fair to the other dogs.

It's our job to get the dog back and forth from upstate New York (120 miles one way, 10 hours average round trip). It's your job to get the dog from your apartment to the sidewalk (100 feet, 10 minutes).

If you are coming in on a flight or something on the day of return, you need a plan B (a friend, a neighbor, something) or you have to pick another night. Someone (I don't care who) has to be somewhere (I don't care where) from 6 pm on. You can even be 15-20 minutes away from where the dog is and we can call you on your cell and you meet us at the apartment.

We have a "special" drop off option and we can come anytime, exactly when you want, on any day. But that will be hundreds of dollars. If you want free pick up and drop off, you or someone you trust should find some place comfortable near where your dog is and wait... thank you again.

Thank you for your cooperation. Ah, it processed!

Monday, July 7, 2008

whole lot of nothing (or not so much)

The reservation system is down until tonight... which stinks.

I was going to say to day's theme is more cleaning, less blogging. And I got a number of reasonable requests (Where is my dog? link of thing) that I plan to fulfill this afternoon. So come back.

But here is a little video that features a whole lot of not that much... after breakfast and a walk, they are kind of ready to relax.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

shiloh slow motion shake

okay: the videos uploaded.

The videos have been uploading for hours... AND THEY JUST CAME THROUGH.lSo I can't link them yet. For now, you can look at the stills... and come back, I have a couple of very nice videos for today.

I got the recent comments and that work: if you write in and say, "Where's my dog?" I will make sure to get your dog in here... if I have the video around to make sure it's easy to find. But, please remember, the video is not a comprehensive document of what goes on, just a few minutes out of the day.

This one is not right, but at least it uploaded already. It's missing a lot and has a big fat mistake in the middle (just left the camera on and put it in there). But anyway, it's something.

july 6 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 6 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 6 at glencadia.com - kewego
see glencadia.blogspot.com
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not really what I should be doing

but it's done:

Playing with the Time Stamp of the Video - The most popular videos are a click away

Friday, July 4, 2008

missing videos

If you came before, try the videos now. I think I have them up and working. So, this is DIFFERENT than the last entry's video... all new but from 7/4...

july 4 b at glencadia.com - kewego
july 4 b at glencadia.com - kewego

july 4 b at glencadia.com - kewego
see glencadia.blogspot.com
Keywords: pet dog pets dogs

Online Videos by Veoh.com

national independence day

Ben Franklin was a loyal British subject in 1774... and a leader of the independence movement two years later. His son (fathered by his servant but raised by his very understanding wife, as their only birth child died) was the British governor or NJ, the longest serving colonial official in America and stayed loyal to Britain, Ben kidnapped, so to speak, his grandson to prevent him from ending up British and living in London... and they all had one final meeting on the dock on Ben's way back from Paris, a meeting he described as "not his finest" moment. Soon after, he died.

On that pleasant July 4th note, on to the dogs.

Anyway, some stuff to look for in the videos: your dog. In here somewhere. You might try waiting until it completely loads and fast forward through them... sorry it's a little bit of a slog. You can see the stills here. Note: two pages of stills.

There should be two videos, mixed up randomly with some appropriate patriotic imagery. Somehow, one got cut off and then I uploaded to another host.. might be dupes, but some of it might be different... good luck. Took forever to upload, then said I already uploaded it, so I did it again... a little messy.

Charlie is so friendly sometimes and still occasionally hesitant, so I'm working on it... There are more Charlies
and the little one is super cute.

I have two Reillies who are fairly similar.

refuses to leave the general barn area and just hangs out. Theo missed out on his turn to go out and hung out at the food closet, which doesn't seem like him but somehow I vaguely remember him doing that before. Tango and Darla might look the same on video, not in person, so my apologies if I mis-labeled them. Bill and I discuss contract law. Bill gets it (and a treat).

If you didn't see your dog, email of leave a comment. I'll see where s/he is.

july 4 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 4 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 4 at glencadia.com - kewego
with dogs and flags and cats and ducks and kids, pony

Thursday, July 3, 2008

july 4th weekend crowd

We're almost all set with everyone... Darla was a bit nervous with the big dogs so I made her an honorary small dog and she seemed to like that. Charlie, who was super friendly at first, got a little scared by the new situation. We put Parker with him in a room and we'll give them a day alone before we get Charlie out and about... sometimes they need time, like Quin did. Now he's as affectionate as could be and I'm sure Charlie will be soon to. It's a sign of intelligence not to be too sure of this odd new situation, I think. I've been sending my son after the scared ones... but maybe that's not smart. Sometimes they respond better to kids or women even a couple of times.

I will write a little bet and organize the imagery better next time. I think I'll try for another entry this afternoon. I was kind of swamped with plain old care this morning (water, food, clean up...) what with Jim resting up for another drive.

Here are the stills.

I made sure to get every single dog somewhere in these two videos.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hemoine, franklin and spencer and ollie getting a riding lesson

Otherwise, this is a pretty shabby video in the dog portion... I'm learning the new camera, which is more sensitive to hand wiggling, although better resolution... very high resolution and it should have been better.

try this

A lot in here but Cali Sundance Jasper and Django featured.

And look at some stills here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

new camera

Thank you for comment... Will make sure to feature commenter's dog tomorrow...

Now I have new camera. Here is the video featuring PJ, Archie and Mia... mostly. I'll get the rest tomorrow, promise.

july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 2 at glencadia.com - kewego
see glencadia.blogspot.com for complete discussion
Keywords: pet dog pets dogs

Still figuring out how to deal with widescreen mode (find a service that accepts wide screen or change the settings on the camera) and by the time I export the movie for high speed internet and upload it to a service that lets me embed the video in this blog, you can't see much or any difference from the last one. Maybe worse, until I figure it out.

Not that it will matter much, but there you go.

This however is better. The screen captures from this thing are great and uncover the hidden emotions and actions in apparently banal events (how about that for a line: got banal, some psychobabble and some tech stuff in one sentence).

Okay, we'll try it out proper tomorrow.

2 helicopters, t shirts, horn tooting, teenagers, comment in bold

New project: T-shirts. What do you think? I was thinking of making Glencadia T-Shirts, for kids and adults. About 6 or 7 bucks at cost to sell them... I think. Anyone interested? I would make them nice with organic cotton.... you'll see. Leave a comment, like yes or no, if you feel like it. "Glencadia.com Dog Camp" and some silouttte(s)/line art of a dog or dogs rendered from a video... just an idea.

I put all the videos into one six minute video. The first minute and a half the story line is that I let Tibet and Nigel out and Nigel wasn't listening. Then he remembered where the pond was and really stopped listening until he got himself a swim. Tibet chased Jim's car and had to go inside. Then Cali, Archie and Edith go for a toot. Then Noah, Princess and Tibet go for a swim and we get the first helicopter. Then I go back in the yard and the second helicopter goes over head. We almost never see a helicopter. All the dogs show up in the last few minutes. Did I miss anyone? If you want more of your dog, you can say so in the comment area below.

july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego
july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego

july 1 at glencadia.com - kewego
see http://glencadia.blogspot.com to read more about this video

I've done quite a few entries lately, some with only a couple of dogs, so look over the past few days.

Also, there will be two teenage girls coming in the afternoon to play with dogs (and horses and maybe children) so we will have another entry today with the girls' first day on the job (it's a job).

Pick up and delivery in the city, then this blog, tons of space, convenient, and the least expensive boarding option in New York, this is a good bargain! In case you forgot. Or you disagree. If so, feel free to comment.

And I am cooking up this video tour here. What do you think about that? You might want to comment... or not. Thanks for stopping by.