Friday, August 31, 2007

about the august 31 videos

Look in today's folder on the site

6545: requisite non-dog video number one

6546: MISSING! I made it too long and it won't download off the camera... it was a good one though with most of the dogs in it. Canon says there is no fix for this

6547: grover digs a hole, cameos by red cedar cali hanu others

6549: molokai.... north side

6451: ziza and daisy checking out, casper, everyone else just about in the yard

6552: mako moses cloud genji driveway puppy gustov

6553: requisite non-dog video #2

6554: mako says hello to ollie (boy ollie)

6555: more mako and ollie (son) genji

6556: out and about kola phoebe ruby jo others

6557: cocoa and ollie (good catch) kola sadie

6558: red ziza others

6559: rocky cali cedar red others in squash

6560: addie red lola others

6561: addie red theo luna ollie the dog

6562: 2 jack russell addie

6563: ozzy and companion and red hook wiemeriener

6564: theo ozzie casper

6565: same as above-- okay, ozzie is totally reliable now

6566: Jim feed phoebe same crew as above, casper bites a fingers

6567: tupper theo genji

6568: same as above

a new cattle dog, old timers, a friday blog

First some reminders: please check your reservations online to make sure the dates are right!

Then don't forget where all the videos are:

Wait, I have to watch the baby a little and will write about the goings on and what's in the videos again in a little bit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

32 dogs and not a bark or a whine all night... then a howl... and new idea: RADIO for dogs...

Last night it was so quiet out there in the barn I didn't want to even open the door to do there beds and the whole evening routine. No sound. But I did, and they did make noise again but I left the yard open and let them go out whenever they wanted all night because it was so quiet. At about 6 am someone started howling but until then, despite the terrific bright full moon on a crystal clear perfect night, no one barked.

With 32 dogs, that's pretty unlikely.

So here is some of what happened: I've been calling Kola the wrong name. Now I got it. And Luna, we had two Lunas and now only one. They're both happy as can be. Coco seemed to be comfortable in her new digs next to the house -- but then she decided to bark yesterday afternoon and wouldn't come to me at all, so I sent my wife in and made nice-nice. Now we're good again and she's not dodging me anymore.

Molokai Moki Duece Lela and Mingus are all together... Maybe that's 6490 and before I let Lela in that room... they have 2 rooms and 2 yards.

Vern trained Malaki to stay... he's actually very trainable. I didn't get video of that. When does he go home anyway?

Genji stepped on something a limped for a minute or two... he's fine. He's lost weight up here over the past months so we're making sure he eats 2 times a day and as much as he wants. Maybe too much excercise? Maybe worms? His health his otherwise excellent. He's been up here for a long time with no de-wormer... Hey, Hilon, should I do a worm test?

Wellington is not supposed to be in general cirriculation but he seemed to like it. I took him back out of there. I told them not to put him with the others, he's unpredictable, but he loved it... and did fine. So I was wrong.

Gila is good at sneaking out when we open the door. She runs right to my son. That's in the video.

My neighbor set some traps in the woods on the way to the hay bales without telling me . He's a farmer, catching ground hogs (more death per pound for tomatoes or watermellows than beef), but I was pretty shocked when I saw them... so that field's out of comission until we talk about the situation.

No way can I do this blog on a Tuesday. I am wiped out from a busy Monday run to the city.

The weather is perfect, the dogs get alond incredibly right now... it's spectacular. I think because there were only 3 newe dogs on Monday, the group really knows each other now and they are all used to the routine and just comfortable. If you were here right now, you would not believe that there are any dogs here.

Check this link (cut and paste into a new browser window) and read comments below. Choose the file size and format you prefer in the folder below:

Okay, videos:

6487: ghenji and cloud head down the pine road from the barn to the horses, before ghenji tripped.. cloud always heads this way

6489: yard shot with all dogs almost. wiley and wellington, nice early light, moses yiping, stroll inside and see guys working

6491: oh, and innovation, new radio for the dogs: classical didn't work so they get classic rock now. i hated whatever grabage the classical station was playing. sappy druel.

6492: i hate this music, walking around the barn dog area

6493: out in the field reilly cedar roling, ghenji limps, cocoa, theo, wiley, ruby, others

6494: garabage run, zeppy, cocoa

6495: gila, ghenji, loading for dump

6496: son ollie with ghenji, gila and his puppy gustov

6497: more gila and ollie

6498: rosie red hanu daisy lola theo moses

6499: lola hanu red

6500: moses red theo lola hanu rosie NICE CLOSE UPS

6501: sadie coco

6502: sadie and coco

Monday, August 27, 2007

my son gets knocked over, splashing in the dog pool, horse cameos: day 2 of the blog

Today I will make sure to get Coco and Cocao in there, Blanco, Moka (hey what is this, the Starbucks menu?), Addie and Lela (Williamsburg hounds), and a bunch I didn't get before...

With Coco I finally decided that she was cool with the dogs but still nervious with me. Since she's quiet, I put her in the area right next to my house. Then she can see us come in and out of the house all day. That's working nicely.

Branco is in there too to be with Lady Day. Vern is scared of Branco and I have to clean that area now... I can't believe he's scared of Branco, the most mellow old fellow. But he says he growls at him... and it's pretty messy in there.

Other video highlights: Hector swims in the yard, or splashes around, Annie is learning how she wants to be with other dogs, and she should tone it down for her own sake, so I broke Lucy and Annie up -- bad combo. Lucy was also going around provoking. Two peas in a pod today. But they're all walked, fed and watered now, I re-arranged the groups and I do not hear any barking at all anywhere.

Oh, and Jaka get sprayed with a hose. She likes that, although in the video it doesn't look like it so clearly. Ruby also likes that. Ruby is all over this one too.

And we go past the horse fence -- you get a few horse cameos in there.

That's offen how it goes: by the time the dogs settle down and I figure them all out, it's Monday and everyone goes home and a new bunch comes in and everything starts over again.

Okay go to and look for the numbers.



MVI_6473: Coco over in the front cage by the house with a dirty camera lense, our dog Gustov, my baby screeming, Lady Day and Branco, Moses (who was later sent back to barn for excessive barking during baby sleep time), and a puppy falling in a bucket.

MVI_6473: Jaka getting her morning rinse before it gets hot.

MVI_6475: Yard with tons of dogs, including a lot of barking and Cocoa being cool. Tons of dogs.

MVI_6476: Reilly, Blanco, Storm, others in the yard

MVI_6477: Addie cool, lots of playing, Lucy barking at Hector, piles of dogs

MVI_6478: Ollie ignoring a comotion, dogs everywhere but Ollie stays calm and collected, Elvis gets in front of the camera, two golden doodles, Hector splashing, Storm, Moka and Annie in a tirangle

MVI_6479: Lucy and Annie don not get along. Lot of other dogs.

MVI_6480: By horse fence, Princess Elvis, Ghenji, Amari, Murphy, Moka, Cacao and the fences are confusing and we can't seem to get it together... then we do, Evlis and Moka tumble

MVI_6481: Same group as above with me trying various pronunciations of Cacao in order to get him to turn around. Same group as above and a pretty funny video here.

MVI_6482: Same as above with rolling.

MVI_6483: My son tries to catch Rielly who knocks him off his bike. Also in on this: Remy, Ruby, Miles, Lela, Ghenji, Murphy or Murphy look alike... who is that dog with long black fur and brown who isn't Murphy? Yikes...

MVI_6484 and 5: same group as above

MVI_6485: Williamsburg Hounds

See a lot of you tonight. I need to go get the rental van and then get a nap in... see ya.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

day one of the dog blog

This is a new thing, writing a little comething about what goes on around here everyday or two or three. We'll see if I can keep up with it. I think it would be fun and people would like it and walking around when stuff happens I think to myself, "If I had that blog going I could write about this." But then... I don't and I forget yesterday.

So this is no substitute for trolling through the videos in the folder, where I dump them.

So let's inaggurate (and there is no spell check in the browser and I'm not writing it in some word processing and cutting and pasting because I want no extra steps or I won't do it) the dog blog with a really great little video:

(Note: quicktime MOV are higher res and slower with better quality as a rule of thumb)

link MOV

link WMV

Here my new little puppy Gustav takes old Lady Day for a walk. That is really cute. I tell you, cute stuff like that happens everyday.

The next problem I had was distinguishing between Princess (manhattan), Greta, Phoebe, Noah, and Miles in videos. In person, I can tell them apart but I challenge the owners to do it in these videos:

link MOV

link WMV

Here's Addie, Rosie, everyone else, Lucy winning at fetch... you'll hear Vern talking in the back about Branco, who doesn't like Vern and won't let him in the room (or is that en excuse not to clean that room?).

link MOV

link WMV

Ollie and Murphy... some other fellas here in the barn:

link MOV

link WMV

Where's Koda? By herself...she didn't want to get a long.

So that's some of the barn shots. There are a lot more from today and yesterday. Go back to the videos folder and look around.

And we take everyone out for a toot every day. They might go off to the hay bales:

link MOV

link WMV

Lot more of that run in the folder.

Today my wife and family went to clean the school day (clean all the toys):

link MOV

link WMV

link 1

link 2

Yesterday Ollie hung around to make trouble:

link MOV

link WMV

(Vern gets a ride to work with his aunt).

link 1

link 2

But Ollie also helps out. I can tell Amani is good with kids without knowing if she lives with kids or not.

link 1

link 2

Here is another horse field. Amani is actually pretty fast, despite her mellow disposition.
Oh, and Theo came back in the next video:

link 1

link 2

Here he comes back and we go to the swamp formerly known as my pond (man, is it dry!)

link 1

link 2

Dogs like it. Miles, Remy... who else is in here? Brooklyn Princess.

Here I let a bunch of fluffy dogs (Milo, Cedar, Jo) with no leashes (and Suki).

link 1

link 2

In the next few videos you see where we went.

And I built a caged area by the pond and took some smallies there (Gila, Rosie, Red, Matilda, who else?).

I thought I could leave them there but they didn't like to be so far from the house. It is water front property but they don't see the value of it. It's now really mud front property but it'll be water front property next Spring.

link 1

link 2

Where's Moki? Moki systematically KNOCKED OVER EVERY BUCKET in the barn. You might say it was an act of civil disobdience, non-violent resistance. But resistance to what? What did he hope to achieve?

I kind of think the goal of his action was... well.. to knock all the buckets over. So he's allowed to run around whereever he wants for a few hours every morning and evening and can go in only one room in barn -- so I only have to refill one bucket.

Here's the water spiller:

link 1

link 2

These guys are spending their days out in the woods. Why? Mingus can jump the wood fence, Duece was involved in an incident in 2006 for which his general yard priviledges have been revoked, Malaki is just plain crazy and Holly is too much dog for little or older dogs. So they go here until dusk:

link 1

link 2

What else? Red has the hots for Bella... everyone has the hots for Bella. Bella has to eat by herself, she gets mean for a little girl. Here they are:

link 1

link 2

What else? Wellington is fine, Wiley hasn't run away, Castro is calmer... Addie is comfortable. All these dogs are in videos too.

This blog has been fun. If I didn't mention your dog it's because he's over in the torture area with Michael Vick. You know how many Michael Vick jokes I've had to deal with? Jim (who is videos somewhere too) says a customer said, "Dog camp, isn't that the kind of place that tortures dogs?" Jim had no idea what to say to that. But then this person handed the dog over and we took him/her up here. What kind of question is that? Of course we torture dogs.

Okay, enough terrible jokes. All the dogs are fine except that I am sorry to report that .... kennel cough is back. We have been vaccinating and have other methods of treatment available -- so if your dog is coughing let me know and I can help out.

I thought we had this licked. Apparently not. Other than that, things seem good. Our scared dogs -- Ollie, Addie, Castro -- have mellowed out. Our runaway -- Wiley -- is not going anywhere. Our older ladies are fine-- Lady Day, Emma...

Oh, and Jim got bit when MurphyBrown got stuck in some horse wire last week... His arm is fine. And he didn't quit, which is great for me. I really need him: he's fixing the fences right now while I right this and he fixed my van and he shows up after driving... one tough Texan, as a Texan should be.

I found some cigarette in the van and my first thought was "Damn, he smokes, now my van is going to smell--- " then I cought myself. How could my van smell worse than it does when a dog... when somone's dog... well, it can smell pretty bad. Now that I think about it, I wish Jim would smoke some big old cigars in there. That would help a little.

Oh, Emma and Emma live on the same street in Brooklyn. Emma is going to be out first grooming victim-- nails cut, teeth-cleaned, hair done... new service costs $40. Jim's daughter-in-law will do it....

That's it. Got to and click reservation if you need to amend or make a reservation click video if you need to see your dog and we'll see you all later.