Monday, December 31, 2007

snowman, more info, yes hanu is around here


they should look like this:

If you go here you will see all the videos:

Look, I know these dogs people say are not in the video are there... Look again. I can look but I'm sure somewhere you'll see Hanu, Neve all over the place...

This is the second entry of the day, so check the entry below. Sawyer just arrived and I haven't gone out to get anything of him but he seems well.

Here is yesterday. Nico Pagoda and no snow.

Okay, after the snow. Samantha and Cloud first light in the morning. Here.

Little Cloud in the snow here.

Too many to mention:

Open the gate and let them out to discover the snow... most of the big guys here.

Here they are again, moving fast.

Even more. Good luck finding your dog here.

Bella, Duece, Hermoine, Norman here.

Molly Franklin and some yellow retriever type. Here.

Another general yard shot with tons of them here.

And here. This is where Hector starts to get wild. Crash into Cindo Loo. A lot of other dogs.

Here Cindy Look gets some attention. The majority of the dogs are in this one.

Another general yard shot. Too many to mention. Here.

Here little Sophie refuses to go up the stairs with snow on them. Eventually she realizes that the snow is more or less irrelevant and she just walks up... Ollie in here too.

General yard shot. Again here.

Beautiful trees covered with snow and Nico and Pagoda. Here.

More of the two above here.

Cloud framed nicely by some trees. Here and even nicer shot here.

Little ones (Tsunami, Theo, Toby, Hanu, Alfie, etc.) and Maple and Stro and Sheine in the next set. Here. And here. More here. Nice trees and little dogs here. More here. Another little crittter here. Yet more here. Yikes! Sheine got away here. Back now...

Mila, Samantha, children making a snowman here. Talking about poopie but there is no poopie, damn it. More with those dogs here.

2 Kids, 2 Dogs, nice playing. Here.

Hand prints in the snow here.

Putting hair on the snowman here.

Bringing a big carrot. Here.

Potatoes here.

cindy loo takes a tumble, hector goes crazy in the snow, cloud turns into a snowball

Hector was a mad man in the snow. He has nice eyes, like eye shadow. Still, he was out of control this morning when he saw the snow. Then a whole bunch of them plowed into poor Cindy Loo. An accident, still, I never see them roll into a tree. They kind of think an animal can get out of the way. Anyway, she was a little shaken up and felt sorry for herself, but she's fine.

Bailey, Neve, others that people have emailed about: they are in a lot of videos. Go back and look again.

Okay, I will go through the list this afternoon and make a new entry, but for now, I'm off. Just have to get some dog food and biscuits since they'll be closed tomorrow. Oh, and I have a lot more to say, so come back in a bit.

Go to this folder if you can't wait for the video by video list.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

short entry

If you don't see your dog, s/he is fine. leave a comment and I'll try to fix it for tomorrow -- get more of your dog... TRY. I will do more maybe this afternoon too.

These two can do this all day.

Alfie, Tsunami, Toby, Simon, Mila, Hector is somewhere around.... here and here.

Samantha, not running off today. Putting up with a naughty puppy. Here.

Mila, Nico, Pagoda. Here.

Mila, Luna, Utiok. Our house. Here.

Out for a toot: Fenway, Peter, Buckwheat, Neve, Franklin, Mila. See how Butch, my little dog, tries to attack every group that comes out? No one takes him very seriously. Here. More of them here. Same here-- lot of rolling. One more.

Yard shot... lots in here. Longer and more comprehensive here

Friday, December 28, 2007

samantha sneaks off, casper is just plain naughty, andy walter is finally not nervous, the sunrise is nice with mist, cat that just won't scram

Let me start with today since the dogs are definitely still here.

Wait, yesterday: Jim talking about crime in Schnectedy, Andy Walter and Theo and some horses. Here.

Toby, Chicken, Hermoine, Turbo, Allie, Rocket, Casper, Emm, Rocky, Shiene, Simon, Sam, Fletcher... first thing in the AM, sun coming up. Shiene got moved to the shy, little or old group after this... although she did seem to like the space. I'll rotate the groups on the big field in a minute... here.

Luna and Utiok and Theo (of course)... snow crunching. Here.

Sunrise, mist, Luna and Utiok, Theo, here.

Sheine, Bailey, Casper, Molly, Cindy Loo, Samantha, Rocky, Tattoo, Scuba, Simon, Elton, Fletcher more than that in the yard. Here.

Going out for a run: Turbo, Fenway, Sam, Tattoo, Maggie, Simon, Fletcher (7 dogs?) off to the races here whoooooo!

This group (above) lacked cohesion and discipline. Particularly Samantha. She wandered off to the hay bales the other way around the woods through the horse paddock. She's been here a while and she wanted to explore and, she figured, we always head that way to the bales so she can meet me there. More of this sadly unresponsive group here and, 30 minutes of searching later, Samantha decides I am not going to meet her at the bales and come back here.

Toby, Alfie, Hermonie, Emma, Tsunami, Sheine getting ready for a walk. Here.

Buckwheat, Peter, Rocket, Django, Lucy, Bailey, Sugar in the yard here.

PJ howling here.

Bella in the sun.

Allie, Sophie, Lexus, Oliver, Neve sunrise... here.

New group going for a walk: Bella, Andy, Cloud, Maple, Stro... not so rambunctious. Here.

Came bunch again. Here.

Same bunch as above here.

In the barn. Cloud. Cat should clear out! Open the door: Rocket, Mila, Bailey, Peter, Lucy, Django... we're off. Here. More of this group here. Here again.

The cat still didn't clear out and we're back. And Jim in upstairs. Here.

Another bunch: Molly, Chicken, Buckwheat, Hector, Mila... and Casper. Casper runs off. Always one in a crowd. He doesn't get off the leash again, rascal. Here.

Same bunch here. Again here. Tracking down Casper again here, others follow him to the hay bales...

Duece, Bella and Norman. They had the longest time out in the AM before I had the camera... so here they are in they're own yard.

Nico and Pagoda here. If you want to be this close to my house, you should be quiet... and these two are.

You know, we'll leave the past two days as they are... just dumped online with no descriptions. I can't keep up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

boxing day

I don't have time to do the whole list, describing and linking all the videos. Sorry. Tomorrow I will do that for both today and yesterday (and any new ones for tomorrow). So here is where I dumped all the videos:

You'll have to search around today or come back tomorrow for a dog by dog break down... Thanks again for checking the blog, now that I know people are checking in. Beautiful weather today... all dogs seems fine. Maggie is a brat, Samantha is loosing her tolerance for puppies and 3-legged Maggie was acting up a little, Andy's still a little nervous... but all fine. Good luck searching the videos.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas

I won't have time today to do all the descriptions but hopefully I'll have stuff in the folder:

Christmas Fecth Competition:

Manhattan defeats Brooklyn 4 to 3 in overtime... MVP goes to Fenway, Remy gets a yellow card for ball stealing.

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve...

I'm just uploading videos now (1 pm EST). If you cannot open a quicktime MOV video, let me know (comment below) and I'll post a version in WMV. If your dogs is not in here, post a comment and I'll run out and get some more shots... I can think of a couple I seemed not to have got.

Couple of our new arrivals are still settling in... the new Bailey was nervous but is good now. Andy too. I think I missed Andy... little cute beagle? I have to do a beagle thing too, I have a couple now.

We have 2 Mollies, 2 Bellas and 2 Balieys... If your dog has a namesake, now you know. If you have a chocolate lab (Fenway, Sophie, Peter, Buckwheat, Maddox, and Edith) you may have trouble finding your dog. Dopplegangers and namesakes.

I mean, in person I know who is who. But on video... I'm not always sure.

The whole folder of videos is here.

Sunny day today, lot of snow melted yesterday. Got cold. The light is much different than last time. You see, it's not always the same. The dogs might be a little different, the weather... the blog changes gradually and subtly.

Olive, Theo and Gali show up in a lot of videos uninvited (and maybe unidentified here in the blog). Olive finally had to go inside after she got into a fight with Molly (the young Molly)... neither Olive or Molly is a fighter but I'm also not shocked they got into a little dust up... captured on video! No harm done, though.

Below is Lexus eating snow, Gustov (my dog) and Mila going at it (they look almost exactly the same and they love each other dearly -- Gustov cannot wait for Mila to come out) and Simon poses nicely, as he does with his nose in the air... some others in the background there.


Up is a little more of a drag than down. Here.

Pink light, early morning Nico and Pagoda (from the same family), Maggie, Olive... Hey 2 Maggies too! Pagoda is wonderfully loyal to Nico, although Nico maybe doesn't deserve the devotion. Nico is not one who you can just let out in the pack, free and easy, no concerns. Pagoda is a "no trouble dog." Still, Pagoda would rather be with Nico than out in a big group, even if he has to sacrifice some freedom of movement. That's what I mean by loyal. A nice quality in a dog. What did Nico do to deserve it? Plays too rough with old Pagoda if you ask me... but I don't interfere in matters of the heart. Here. Seem to be the same characters in this one too.

Add Bella and Theo to the list above and a lot of pink to the light, Olive busy in the woods. Here.

Olive, Bella, Duece maybe... don't know. Here.

Here is Cindy Loo on her traditional after-walk search for her little friend. This time she didn't go to the house but checked over by the wood shed. Still nothing. Another loyal character. Horses make a little cameo. Here.

Next group for a walk: Buckwheat (unless it's Peter), Echo, Maddox, Django, Theo, Theo, Molly, PJ... catch the squash here.

Next group: Django, Franklin, Olive, Sophie (I think), no Maddox, Molly, Olive, Theo... here.

Franklin Django... Olive and Molly fight... chocolate labs. Here.

Wait, same group but it's Rocket... go back and look Rocket is getting humped by Djago, Franklin's rolling, Buckwheat eating squash..... then the real fight with Molly and Olive... two tough females. No injuries of any kind. Here.

Lucy, Ngaio, Sophie, Elvis, PJ, Neve, Remy, Gali, Theo: Remy lead Ngaio off in the wrong direction (which is funny because they are buddies from the Upper West side) and Jim had to send them back to me. I think it's all Remy fault, even though Remy came back first and Ngaio was still fooling around over in the manure pile. Lucy was checking out the van and wandering around the barn. Yup, for no reason at all, I put all the blame on Remy. And Manhattan. The Brooklyn dogs all come when they're called. Wait, no, Lucy is from Brooklyn. Well, I'll settle this with a massive Brooklyn versus Manhattan fetch competition... tomorrow. Here or here and here.

Same group as above but over in another area, by the big round bales. PJ sticks her nose on the lens here. More here. And here.

Next up (on this walk if not in every video): Bailey (x2), Duece, Hanu, Scuba, Maggie, Nigel, Gali, Theo, Jackson, old Emma. Some funny stuff: Gustov yanking Hanu's leash. Emma falling down in the snow-- wait, an old dog having trouble walking in icy high snow is not funny. Okay, that she suckered me into thinking she couldn't keep up and I went back to look for her and she had scooted over to the house lickety split. Bailey rolling. Here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Here is the end of the group above and the one who went to the porch today. Emma... and all above.

Next group: Simon (who poses), Jackson, Fenway, Elton, Tattoo, Mila: Whoooooo!

Same as above here. More of them here, including Gustov (my dog) and Mila in love. And here.

Same as above plus my family going for a walk here.

Maple and Stro going to the horses. Maple is much better today. She seems to have good and bad days. She was anxious to go play with the dogs in the yard and she did. Here.

New group: Bella, Toby, Samantha, Ella, Molly, Cloud, Gila. Here. Same here plus Jim getting water. And here.

Jim carrying water. Black dog here.

Andy here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

back by (somewhat) popular demand: the dog blog

I had to check. About 25% of the people commented or emailed. Just, I had some broken links up and no one wrote to tell me so I thought, jeeze, if people aren't reading it...

Some technical notes. The videos get blurry. Between the dog noses and the snow, it's hard to keep a clean lens. Oh well. And if you go to the folder (after about 4 pm 12/22/07 EST) you will see file names with MOV or WMV. The quicktime (MOV) files are a little bigger. The windows media format files should work on more computers. I will only link the MOV files here but if your computer won't open quickltime, change the last three letters to WMV. Any other problems, let me know. Thanks.

That's the slide show. Here are some other videos in reverse chronological order.

Here are Maple and Stro. I let them out in the yard with everyone else in the early AM and Maple still wants to play. Stro wants to watch. But then they got cold, even though it's pretty warm today, so they went up to a nice warm room. I didn't take them back out for a longer walk and video ... but here they are.

When it was Django's turn to go out, he kept going the wrong way and generally not getting with the program. Here he is, going the wrong way. I'll make sure he gets in a long walk and some better videos tomorrow.

Bella, Norman in the hay field by the yard. Gustov takes Bella for a walk. Here.

Here are Norman and Bella with Buckwheat.

Luna and Ataturk. Wait, not Ataturk, that was the George Washington of Turkey. Utiok. Sorry... They rumble pretty rough. Another Husky characteristic. An intimate couple. Here.

Bella here. Bella seemed nervous for awhile. Now she's seems quite content... actually much better only today. She also couldn't deal with these icy stairs, that was a production. She's a different dog today, though. She used to kind of jump away when I pet her... now she comes to me and wags her tail, which is great.

There are 2 Bellas!!!!

Echo, Sugar and Ella went to visit the horses. As you can see, Sugar barked at them, Echo wasn't too sure he shouldn't run home and Ella was more or less indifferent. Echo was a little antsy on the ride and even this morning... but he's settled in now. Here they are. And here. The second one has the horses. Oh, and here.

Tattoo, Apple Ginger, Neve, Remy, Elvis, Ngiao on this walk in the pumpkin patch. Here and here and here and here and here.

Theo and Toby. Cameo by Ngiao. How did Ngiao get in here? Didn't come back with the others... and here.

Simon, here.

Rocket, Beanie, Molly, Simon, Lucy, Ngaio: here and here and here.

5 Chocolate Labs: Peter, Buckwheat, Edith, Maddox and Sophie. They wouldn't pose nicely together for a family shot. I'll work on that tomorrow. Here and here and here and here.

Are these more of the labs here?

Here's Nigel and our little conversation. He does seem to respond somehow. He slipped off the the porch to express his desire to go in the house. Didn't happen... tried the back porch for awhile, then he seemed happy to go back with the others. Walk up to the house...

Cindy Loo seemed to be looking for her little friend... going up the house, jumping up on the window to look in. Here she is after all that.

Mila, Gustov, Elton, Nigel, around the hay bales. Here.

Bailey, Mila, Gustov, Nigel, Elton, Samantha, Scuba, Franklin. Here and here.

More of the above group. Here and here and here.

Small or old group. Molly, Emma, Alfie, Gila, Theo (who pops up elsewhere now that I think about it). Here and here and here and here and here.

Or here with Theo and Wellington.

Nico Pagoda first thing in the morning (hear the volume of the other jealous dogs!). Here and here. Yesterday here.

Maggie Blue and Olive here and here and here.

Early morning yard shot. If you dog was picked up on 12/21... in here.

Olive again here and here.

Wellington. Someone else... wellington runs to house. Here.

Franklin Apple Ginger Samantha here.

General yard shot with tons of dogs (too many to mention) here and hereand here ...

and here is Neve.

Friday, December 21, 2007

well, that makes things easier

I have a camera full of videos of dogs and things I could say but what's the point? I got emails from people asking about how their dogs are doing that show no signs of having looked at this blog, phone calls asking about their dogs (which I won't answer or return if I can help it: I'll call you if something important happens) and NO COMMENTS on any of the past entries... so no one is reading this I guess. Fine, I won't put the effort into it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

write comments...

if I don't get comments once and awhile on this blog, I won't do it so much because I will think no one is looking at this. So comment to let me know you stopped by. And look at the entry below this one.

unexpected snow, Jim drove (nice for me), sugar is the hero, photo day

Hang in there with this video. There are a bunch of dogs coming.

So sugar is the hero for catching rats and mice. 3 so far! I mean, they're all cute and nice but only one, so far, is useful. Nigel seemed a little intimated by a large group... I need to get some nice snow/husky shots since I have two here. Beautiful snow in the morning and I tried to get some nice portraits.

If you see a picture of your dog on the slideshow embedded in this blog entry (above), then you can go the folder here and pick one of the IMG jpegs and you can have it.

A shot of most of the dogs when I praise Sugar for a job well done: Here or here.

So let's do the videos. Gustov pushed the cat in the running stroller. Here or here.

Try again to get the shot. Here or here.

How would you like to be this cat living in a barn with this many dogs? Here or here.

Here is the roll call shot -- almost all dogs in this one. First thing in the morning (sun barely up) when I get to go out and see who's here... since I didn't drive last night. Here or here.

Stop playing with dogs and take Ollie to school bus. Here or here.

Here comes the bus, Ollie has his card for the driver. Here or here.

Driveway. Here or here.

Bella and Norman. Here or here.

Ice. Here or here.

Ice dripping. Here or here.

Molly, Ozzy, Nico Pagoda. Here or here.

Nigel, Cindy Loo, Bailey, Maddox, Buckwheat. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here.

Molly, Scuba, Jackson, Sugar, Edith, Apple Ginger. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here. Here or here.

Over the fence with most all the dogs. Here or here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

dogs attack a gingerbread house, sit by woodstove, run through snow

With this fire on, the place is quite warm... don't worry your dogs are cold. Not with this baby cooking along.

Let me knock out the videos (describe them) then I will do a little reportage on the dogs... these videos are from the last week really, back from today. You can see all of them here or you can click the links below.

Wouldn't it be great to have a coat like a bear and the upbeat personality of a friendly puppy and both want and be able to roll in the snow like this for hours, no future, no past, just you, comfortable in the snow? Here.

It is ice-rain-snow right now and they don't seem to hang outside when I leave the door open, so I closed it. Nice and warm like that. And I opened up a lot of space so they can play inside, or get away and be by themselves... Here is the indoor space with a lot of dogs. but when I let them out in the morning, they were excited enough as usual. Here is almost everyone out in the yard.

Macey has a habit of going upstairs and getting stuck. Or is that Miles? Also inside here is Helmut, Mack, Bella, Molly. Here you go.

Samantha is mostly Husky and was basking out in the snow all day yesterday. Today she just sat under the heat lamp. I know it was ice/rain but here ancestors would be ashamed of her. Here she is in a dark video. Ozzy pops up in there too.

This is the first shot this morning as the sun comes up (low light) and virgin snow and almost all the dogs somewhere in here.

Just some Christmas spirit here.

Dogs around the fire here.

Well, some critter-- not a dog, not a rat, not a mouse, maybe a opossum or a weasle or something -- BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and ate our gingerbread house. I removed the chocolate and, well, you might not approve, but it's mostly flour and butter, a little sugar won't kill them... off to the dogs with the gingerbread house. Here a pack of dogs eat a weasled-gingerbread house.

More Christmas spirit here.

Mack, Sugar, Buckwheat, Finn, Molly here, coming home from a walk.

Same as above out in new snow here and here or here.

Sajj and some horses here.

The whole group before the latest snow here and here.

And a lot of these guys (Winston, Scuba, Tibet, Lucy, Ziza) are already home this video is so old. But it's nice.

Here is Jim's video of Sajj, Buckwheat, Finn.

Same as above with some other dog and me here.

So that gives some sense of what is going on around here. Bella was going after Sugar, but Sugar kept wanting to play with her, wasn't really fighting but seemed rough. They seem to like each other. Sugar is back at a hole waiting for a mouse now, I'm sure. What else? Well, that's enough for today. See ya.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

quick post before the next storm

I got some dog names screwed up at the beginning... Mack and Buckwheat reversed. All straight now. I have some video of dogs that are home already.

I'll go through the videos later. Some are up here. More to come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

slippin' and slidin'

Well, there is a dog in here... Ozzy counts as a dog. Better to have four legs on this ice.

Juan Diego and Lela from the other day here.

Yard shots with everyone else here and here.

Jim's lower res but faster upload camera:

Juan and Diego want to come in the house here.
Juan and Diego on my sliding on the driveway here.
Same as above here.
TIbet Bella Ziza out and about here.
Same as above here and here and here and here.
Ozzy Scuba Winston Lucy here and here and here and here.
Lela with Gustov (who walks Lela for Jim) here and here and here.
Dark here.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

tibet thinks she owns the place, ziza runs into the swamp and ruins trip to corn, juan and diego are ready to go to California

And all those videos will be available later today. Right now I have to go. I owe you all videos and I have tons to upload tonight. Sorry for delay. I'll do some write up now and post later. When I do get them all up they will be here. For now, you have to search for your dog. I might be able to label them soon. The ones that end in MPG are by Jim and the MOV are by me. Mine are higher res but there are more by Jim, over a couple of days. Look through Jim's for your dog as I just wrote mine up at the bottom here.

Later today you will see Tibet bark at me when I come up the driveway (Jim's video) until she realizes I'm supposed to be there. Good job Tibet. That's the kind of dog I need around here. A big group of us were heading on a long walk to the corn field but Ziza was naughty and zipped away... so we didn't make it. Lucy barks at some horses.

Ozzy came in the house some... now, I'm not making that a precendent but she was the only small one out there, except Juan and Diego and they don't count. And Ozzy likes my little one Butch... and the baby likes Ozzy.

On the way home Bill sat in the back with my kids as promised and Ollie, my 5 year old, used him to prop his head up as he slept. That was cute but I don't have a picture. Worked out fine with four people and 5 dogs for 3 hours.

NEWS FLASH: Videos are going up now.

Juan Diego Lela here.
Winston Ziza Moki Petra Tibet here.
Same group here and here and here.
Bill and Lucy here.
Ozzy and Butch and others here and here.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

snow! hugo chavez looses, vladmir putin wins, iran is innocent, and SNOW!

Here is a video for now and I'll try some more later:

Winston wasn't too sure about me when I got him at the Doggie Daycare... but in the car he remembered we're friends. Lela seemed cool with everyone, but why take chances?

Jim was by here this morning and took some more pictures I can upload later. Lucy, Tibet, Winston... all seem to love snow. Lela, maybe... Ozzy is too friendly with me to notice. Ziza is used to it.

I thought I would put some world politics in the dog blog today, as variety is the spice of life. A penny saved is a penny earned. Cursed to live in interesting times. A bird in the hand beats two in the bush. If first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Any more?

How about a riddle: My left side goes up all day long but never reaches the sky. My right side goes down all day long but never touches the earth. What am I?

An escalator!