Saturday, November 29, 2008


Stills here.

glencadia dog camp november 29 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Feeding: you can see Jim sitting and watching them eat. That's the procedure when there are more than one in a room at feeding time: watch and see who eats how much and referee the enterprise.

By the way Layla held out the longest, not eating, or eating little. Finally we broke down and gave her a can.

Boo also needed some special incentives to eat.

More Facestat pages for more dogs coming soon.

Friday, November 28, 2008

facestat and other things

Dog videos and more dog videos... (including todays) let's try something different.

I put some of the dogs pictures up on facestat. People vote based on a person's face (trustworthy, attractive). Mostly silly kids. I added a couple of dogs. Let's see what they say about your dogs.





Can only add three a day. I wonder if they will kick me out for putting up dogs?

glencadia 2008-11-28 - kewego
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I have videos that pre-date this blog by over a year, for the record, but here are a few old ones of dogs here now:

And here is a link too a very old video of Wellington.

Shiloh and Otto, years ago. More from that same day in 2007.

A long time ago, Moki.

day after thanksgiving

Here is yesterday:

Thanksgiving Day at Glencadia Dog Camp - Click here for more amazing videos

Manhattan trounces Brooklyn!

I have more in the camera from this morning... and by putting the name of the dog in the blog entry, you can do a search and find the old images of your dog. Or look up your dates in the reservation system at and see your dog a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

every dog here

Here is the very long movie:

Here are the stills taken from the above movie:


glencadia dog camp november 26 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Here is a list of all the dogs:
Maggie Blue
Apple Ginger

See you later. Happy thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

all the old friends

Rain, rain, rain. But at least it's a little warmer to we don't have to go so far for water.

It's really nice to go out to the barn in the morning and find all my old friends, the old timers, the ones who have been here a million times who I completely understand and who know the whole program, from the van to breakfast to taking turns going for a walk. Nice to see so many familiar faces. And it was relatively lonely around here the past few weeks (slow time for travel).

Funny how when there is more to do, I do more work but still have more incentive to do a more comprehensive job with this blog.

Not to bring up the economy on the dog blog (even on the stupid dog blog: I know, another great depression, shut up already!) but we're down a little bit from last year. I was thinking of buying an ad, either a underwriting credit on WNYC or on Google for dog boarding searches for New York City. I was also thinking of casting a wider net and advertising in Westchester or something like that, for pick up on different days and we drive more. Something like that. We're only a bit down from last year but when things really get bad I have a feeling people might not be flying off on vacation and sending their dog to camp as much as they used to... something tells me my service may be less in demand. But there are millions of dogs in the area. Enough of this topic.

Anyone who feels like recommending Glencadia, you can click here is you are a member of park slope parents. No big deal... thanks.

And I was just thinking how I got in a nice groove with the dog camp: construction is done, Jim's been here so long that he knows all the dogs like I do (or better) and can do everything I can and more, the internet part of it is going well, the dogs seem to know what to do (mostly returnees who are at peace with the process). My mother in law watches the kid. Everything is good. Just in time for a great depression.

Here is my mother in law's website, that I made, and I'm pretty happy with it:

Now to the dogs: Little Boo is nervous. He will come to me but just seems nervous... he's with the little dogs now and I'll get him to come around.

Other new dogs seem to have settled in really well (Annie, Daisy) and all the old timers seem fine.

I have a new attendance sheet system so we can check off and make notes and get the names right. Glencadia Dog Camp November 25 - For more funny videos, click here

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Friday, November 21, 2008

classic glencadia video

Today's video has many of the classic glencadia elements: dogs, pumpkins, kids, buckets, horses, cats, geese. Only, some of it is in the evening and some of it is at night. You get to see the dogs going to bed there somewhere. And the video is about 11 minutes long, so stick with it.

I saw great blue heron today, a migrating bird, who stopped by our pond. I usually only see them like that: for one day. Oh, and a lot of shooting stars as I drove home last night. It was a clear, moonless night and two of the shooting stars really seemed to come right at me.

It's cold but I like it: that cold air, it really wakes you up. Going out to get more wood at night... I think the dogs like it fine to, except for Theo. Here in medium upstate New York, you're only halfway up there. You still have tons of big cities north of here: Minneapolis, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal. There are millions and millions of fools way north of here.

Glencadia Dog Camp Nov 21 - Funny bloopers are a click away