Saturday, June 14, 2008

various video services (and dogs running around)

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So I'm trying to embed videos. It's slower but easier to use for you and cheaper for me... We'll see. And you can compare which you like, although they seem pretty similar to me. And I thought that by spreading the accounts around, I can have more space and more links.. maybe get my blog to show up when you google "glencadia..." All my little tech experiments. Here goes..

YIKES! AND IT'S A PAIN. I'm going back to links. Funny stuff happens. And I can't just drag the whole bunch into one place. Too much clicking and setting up. I'll embed one per entry...

Veoh is no good, spend forever uploading then video disappears. Dailymotion embed html misfires. Kewego is in German and has something other than my video when I embed. I think I set up an account somewhere else too.

Youtube is more reliable. Slower, lower quality, but no nonsense. I would like to give the others a shot... and I did.

Uploaded by willep1

Where is this one?


This one embedded with an advertisement, so not using them again. But look at the video anyway and I can't embed it without an ad. Or did I?

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