Sunday, June 22, 2008

anyone here?

If you are looking at this to see your dog, leave a comment or something so I know... Otherwise, I might not bother, you never know... thanks.


Deborah said...

Hey Will:
You are the bomb!! We LOVE the videos of all the dogs, and your life in the country, and your children and other animals, and the bobcat, and especially our Virgil because it makes us feel sooooo much better when we are away somewhere enjoying ourselves to see that Verge is too! And it's so important for Norma to see him, as I explained to you. She misses him so desperately. She said she was "teary" all the time, but seeing him made her feel much better. I never bothered to comment before because I had to "create" a google identity, and who wants to do that while one is away having an alternate life? Also, by doing so, I didn't want my address to get around and then start getting more spam -- I work so hard to keep crap out of my life. But, I forgot that I had some "alternate" accounts via webmail, and have used one of those for a google address. Anyway, we are very grateful that you do the videos. Sometimes when we aren't even away, I check your blog to see what's happening at Glencadia, so never fear -- you are being WATCHED!! And talked about -- whenever I see other Glencadia dogs on the streets of Brooklyn, we talk about you!! See you, and Virgil, tomorrow nite!! -- Deborah

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Freddy's owner. Me and my friends and family have been viewing these videos pretty religiously... post more vids of Fred! Hope he hasn't destroyed anything of value yet.

glencadia said...

Thank you for comments. You shouldn't have to create an ID to comment... I said anonymous is okay, I thought. And Freddy is very popular with kids... and Virgil is terrific with Lula. They get quite lovey dovey in their rough way... And Freddy hasn't destroyed anything. Thanks. I will add more videos later.

Anonymous said...

I look for Lula everyday. Which I'm sure comes as no surprise. But do apologize for not letting that be known. So glad she and Virgil get along. By the way, I couldn't get the Friday post of the two of them. It said it had been deleted. Any thoughts?

Thanks Will. It will be one of the sad things about moving to Maine that Lula won't get to go to Glencadia any longer.


Sarah Saffian said...

We love the videos! Tuned in every day to see what Frankie was up to.. Thanks so much and see you tomorrow, S & C.

Katie Rose said...

Hey Will,
Sorry I didn't comment this weekend: was off the radar, doing the Philadelphia Triathlon. But I always check the site when I have internet access. I love having videos of my dust-covered, over-exuberant mutt. She looks very happy!

Anonymous said...

My family looks at all the videos for Bessie and we miss her! Could you post another video with her? Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vids of Sally are really appreciated. Hope she made the trip OK.


accabinetry said...

hi will, just dropped off quinn and dixie today
(quinn was the one who jumped over the fence)

hope they've settled in, please post often as we'll be checking every day if possible

anton (res. 11842)