Sunday, June 8, 2008

heat wave in effect

I like comments, so feel free to leave some. And don't forget to ask around if you know someone who wants to adopt Duke.

Here is the folder with all the videos.

The following needed leashes or for some reason are not in the blog: Berna... Captain...

Group one is Lucy, Lila, Moki, Cleo, Rocket, Clarence, Sophia. Here they come past the garden, my wife shouts that I have too many dogs out at once (which 7 is a lot with mine, makes 9 but I can't worry about that now!). Here the group goes through the hay field to the pond. This one is embedded above: who will swim, who wrestles for a stick. Now we are heading home. This field is not plowed so those are weeds you see there.

Lila notices the ducks across the pond in one of these and it's time to go.

Here you get a sense of how hot it is although this video is from about 7:30 am. These girls remain calm even when they see a whole pack of dogs.

Here my daughter gets in a puddle. Then we chit chat about Moki. Ollie comes by...

Here we have Macky, Shiela (who runs over to bark at horses), Sola, and Daisy. Sola hurt her foot breaking a fence this morning... she was trying to get INTO another area. Persistent. She's okay. Shiela does not like horses.

Same group as above with the whole family in on the Shiela chase. And Daisy takes an inopprotune poop and raids the food closet.

Sola is the last one home. Here, with whole family.

Olive, with Ollie riding his like-a-bike. Here. Some confusion between Olive and Oliver.

Duke, Olive, Ollie. More here.

Olive eating grass in the rose bush, Duke rolling, Ollie talking about fishing gear. Here.


Katie Rose said...

i showed the clip of the dogs running through the hay field to the pond to a friend, and he said, "I want to live in Glencadia!"

glencadia said...

anyone can live at glencadia... if they like to shovel manure. Thanks.