Friday, June 27, 2008

get your cute video here! and enter the contest!

All cute things in one video, right here, just one click... see a kitten, a duck, a pony, small children, and of course dogs, small ones, big ones, step right up, crappy camera and all, right here, a little bit of jinx, camera wouldn't always work (come back tomorrow and we'll catch up with the dogs we missed!), right here at the blog, all in one streaming video of bits, cute thing after cute thing, and did I mention the large quanity of dogs, yes, canines, wow-wow, woof-woof, and arf-arf for your video perusal...

Well, maybe two videos. In reverse cronological order.

Now, there is a contest. Is it for Walking the Dog Theater? An easy, prizeless, confusing, semi-popular, very local, contest. Simply color this dog in and win... and win! You can win, place or show!

Deadline for the Register-Star Best in Show Coloring Contest submissions is Friday, June 27th. Send your entries to:

Best in Show Coloring Contest
The Register-Star
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
364 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Mail your entry with your name, address, phone number, and age. Remember, only children 5-12 years old can participate in this official Register-Star contest. And don't be disappointed at all, we can't say what you might win or not, because they don't say in Saturday's paper.

If you are younger than 5, or older than 12, or simply embarrassed to have your artwork displayed in anything related to the CCCA, mail your entries anytime over this summer to:

Jest in Show Coloring Contest
The 12534
18 North Fifth Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Wait! THAT IS NOT CONFUSING. Strange, not confusing.

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