Wednesday, June 4, 2008

berna hide and seek

Here are the videos in one folder.

This is Duke, who is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

Here we see Clarence, Mackie, Sheila, Berna, Lucy, Duke take off out of the barn.

The story line here is Berna doesn't come back with us. She runs around the house, doesn't fall for my deceptive invitation to come in the house and dances around the garden for awhile... which is starting to ring a bell... yeah, she does this!

Same group as above, all spread out running the hay field.

I wish I could have made hay 2 weeks ago, but I have to wait for the guy to come and do it. Then I have to buy the hay on my own field back from him. Hay making equipment is expensive and no one else will do it.

Berna squeaking... same group as above. Here.

Same group with a strong emphasis on Duke, who needs a home and is a very nice dog. Here.

Yogi should have been in on the whole thing... here he is with some others.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil! Loved seeing my 2. Was worried about Mackey but he seems to be doing fine. He even tried to horn in on Duke's photo shoot. Sheila is a blur of activity as usual which means she is just fine!

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment but it didn't show. Maybe you have to approve it first?