Wednesday, June 25, 2008

best i can do

I could go on and on about the things I tried but failed to record with this camera, but what would the point of that be? I really liked this camera. I could buy the same again. I didn't treat it well, banging it round with the dogs, and it survived pretty well.

I ordered a new one. Should be here by Friday, which will change the amount and quality of doggy imagery on this bloggery. I aim to provide "quality doggy imagery in bloggery." I think I'll make that the title of this blog!

Lucy is much better, recovered from PTS (post-thunder syndrome). Dixie is settled in and Quinn needs some getting used to things. Jim is out there with them now. Freddie has a habit of biting you to express his affection. Princess and Cocoa are working out who is top female.

I'm waiting for my little video to upload and just chatting away. I have a couple of kids crawling on me, sitting on the proch. The weather is great, the dogs are getting along. Things are pretty good. Knock wood. Video still not uploaded? Have to try later.

Does this work? Same video over again.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Fred's so bitey! He means it with love though. Thanks again for these videos -- great to be able to check up on him while we're on vacation, and he seems very happy.

Nancy said...

Yeah! I enjoyed the footage of Bessie and can't wait to see her tomorrow!