Thursday, June 12, 2008

dogs again (surprise!)

Thanks for comments and emails... I just like to make sure folks really stop by.

I can't believe I have to drive to the city in a few hours... it's so nice here today. And my lawn, garden, the dog yard, the driveway, the dog closet, the horse manure all need doing. Oh well.

The story for today is that Rocky ran off. I really had no idea where he went and interviewed people on the road. While I was out driving around, my wife Aenne and the kids found him at the pond and he ran home. This is the short version of events... it all took about an hour.

Otherwise most of the dogs are in all the videos. One in the yard, the others out and about. Notice the dumb cat that isn't out of the way.

I'm trying a new place to park videos... I would prefer to embed all the videos if it doesn't take more time... so here goes nothing, with a YouTube competitor. I was thinking I could try all the video services and see which works best and just use them all, one day this one, one day the next. It does take longer (human attention-wise) than dumping them on my server and walking away.

Don't forget to do a search for Duke in the search function of the blog. He's for adoption and you should ask around. Thanks.

Last bit of news: Clarence is digging the holes.

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