Friday, June 20, 2008

scratching children, scratching cars and a dust up

As I write this Ollie is up in the barn waiting for me to come back with a feather, a balloon and a parachute to see which falls slowest: video to come! The batteries are charging and the boy is waiting.

But in the meantime I will link up all the videos. Look for Freddy to scratch little Lotta and make her cry (no big deal, she's fine), for Frankie to scratch Oma's (grandma in German) car, for a dust up (literally and not figuratively. Notice the piles of gravel (crushed stone actually): today I get a Bobcat (a little tractor thing) and spread it... so I need to rest up for a bit before it gets here.

We went to the city yesterday and drove home with a pile of dogs, which Ollie enjoyed but couldn't sleep because Freddy was always getting in his lap and wiggling... But a few highlights of our trip to the city are in here somewhere too.

Freya jumps the fence again... so she's in and out of a lot of these. Bessie is busy scooting around too.

The ones in the yard include just about all of them, so anything with a grey floor is good...

Good luck plowing through all of these!

Lula and Virgil.

frankie mostly gila - kewego
frankie mostly gila - kewego

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frankie gila bessie freddy - kewego
frankie gila bessie freddy - kewego


Katie Rose said...

hey will,
loved this last set, especially ollie giving some change to the saxophonist in the tunnel, and the dust-up (so that's why sophie comes home so happy and full of dust!!!).
it looks so beautiful up there: all the running around in the grass & fields and swimming in the pond... you should start boarding non-canines too!

glencadia said...

Thank you. Thanks for comment. I will put more up of Sophie tomorrow... and who knows what else.