Saturday, June 21, 2008

bobcat in the dog yard

The Bobcat is very large and yellow with a big black mouth, big enough to scoop up 10 dogs... look in the videos and see if you can spot it.

bobcat in here - kewego
bobcat in here - kewego

bobcat in here - kewego
there is a bobcat in the dog yard: can you spot it?

Freya eats chicken food. Seems like Apple Ginger would love to eat a chicken.

Here is Apple Ginger eyeing some chickens (this company seems to slip some ads in the videos?)

Online Videos by

Beany is under the weather. He has been here for months, he's old, and it's not good. Time for him to go home.

I want to make one long movie of all the dogs and I did, three times, with everything in one 4 minute video: fetch, wrestling, Frankie playing with Lucy, lovely stuff... then the camera crapped out. It was like this but longer and better:

Uploaded by willep1

If I want to embed the videos, it would be nice not to leave such a mess of hosts (companies where I can park them) and small little nibblets... but the camera just craps out at the worst moments. So this is short:

fetch - kewego
fetch - kewego

fetch - kewego
dogs in the yard playing fetch

Ollie went to the top of the barn with a balloon and a parachute and they were going to have a race down, and as you see, it crapped out before we could see the lovely graceful drop off the light objects: and then I still had to get a ladder and climb on the roof and get the parachute back. And me made me go get the balloon out of the dogs before they popped it, as if the balloon was important.

Well, now that I got that off my chest, back to the Bobcat. We only have it for another day and there is a lot to do with it.

Oh, and one of the dog videos I accidentally selected YES about nudity and added the regular tag of DOG and got... and unseemly number of hits. Yikes. I don't suppose the people who found it were particularly amused.

Okay, I just went back out and made a video of the Bobcat in motion and the camera is definitely not working right. I need a camera to do this blog and although it is not badly broken, I think I have to buy a new one. No one really fixes stuff anymore.

Lot of bellyaching in here for such a nice day, weather's good, Jim's busy with the machine, things are looking up.

Here is Virgil and Lula.

What is this? A RAINBOW!

More of this:

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Katie Rose said...

I was very concerned to learn you had a bobcat and a shark in the dog yard. What kind of place is this? Sophie is a well-heeled New York City dog accoustomed to the finest spa treatments, most elite doggy day-care, private obedience tutoring and play-dates among the who's-who of Manhattan canines. Nothing in her fine upbringing has prepared her for encounters with such wildlife and so much dirt. How rustic!