Sunday, December 16, 2007

dogs attack a gingerbread house, sit by woodstove, run through snow

With this fire on, the place is quite warm... don't worry your dogs are cold. Not with this baby cooking along.

Let me knock out the videos (describe them) then I will do a little reportage on the dogs... these videos are from the last week really, back from today. You can see all of them here or you can click the links below.

Wouldn't it be great to have a coat like a bear and the upbeat personality of a friendly puppy and both want and be able to roll in the snow like this for hours, no future, no past, just you, comfortable in the snow? Here.

It is ice-rain-snow right now and they don't seem to hang outside when I leave the door open, so I closed it. Nice and warm like that. And I opened up a lot of space so they can play inside, or get away and be by themselves... Here is the indoor space with a lot of dogs. but when I let them out in the morning, they were excited enough as usual. Here is almost everyone out in the yard.

Macey has a habit of going upstairs and getting stuck. Or is that Miles? Also inside here is Helmut, Mack, Bella, Molly. Here you go.

Samantha is mostly Husky and was basking out in the snow all day yesterday. Today she just sat under the heat lamp. I know it was ice/rain but here ancestors would be ashamed of her. Here she is in a dark video. Ozzy pops up in there too.

This is the first shot this morning as the sun comes up (low light) and virgin snow and almost all the dogs somewhere in here.

Just some Christmas spirit here.

Dogs around the fire here.

Well, some critter-- not a dog, not a rat, not a mouse, maybe a opossum or a weasle or something -- BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and ate our gingerbread house. I removed the chocolate and, well, you might not approve, but it's mostly flour and butter, a little sugar won't kill them... off to the dogs with the gingerbread house. Here a pack of dogs eat a weasled-gingerbread house.

More Christmas spirit here.

Mack, Sugar, Buckwheat, Finn, Molly here, coming home from a walk.

Same as above out in new snow here and here or here.

Sajj and some horses here.

The whole group before the latest snow here and here.

And a lot of these guys (Winston, Scuba, Tibet, Lucy, Ziza) are already home this video is so old. But it's nice.

Here is Jim's video of Sajj, Buckwheat, Finn.

Same as above with some other dog and me here.

So that gives some sense of what is going on around here. Bella was going after Sugar, but Sugar kept wanting to play with her, wasn't really fighting but seemed rough. They seem to like each other. Sugar is back at a hole waiting for a mouse now, I'm sure. What else? Well, that's enough for today. See ya.

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