Thursday, May 8, 2008

blue bird stuck in wool, dogs swim (or don't) and Lotta taunts some cows

Non-dog video of my daughter taunting my mother's cows here. My mom is 70 and got herself cows and started a charity for AIDS orphans -- she just got back from Rwanda. Here's her site. She's raised 100s of thousands of dollars and goes to Rwanda every year. Quite something.

Moving on to swimming: here we are on our way to the pond. Mocha, Hudson, Sam, Gracie and Oscar are on this trip and should be all of these videos. Look at all the links in this paragraph. Hudson took a swim (which we weren't sure he would and he needed some time). Oscar inspired him. My dog (the black one, Gustov) discovered he could swim when I took the canoe out without him. Anyway, Hudson then ran away from the pond and did loops around the field... trying to figure out if he likes it. Then Mocha was inspired. He was out of his mind afterward too and he and Gustov started growling at each other, which they never did before.

That's all for today. On the way to the school but Ollie and I saw a blue bird stuck in some wool, hanging from the bird house along the driveway. She was dangling out the door upside down. It was Ollie's idea to stock the house with wool for their nest and I was hoping for blue birds so we put the house out early in the spring... but the wool was clearly a mistake, as she was stuck.

I climbed up on the fence and tried to free her while her husband flew around my head, extremely upset. In the end I had to let her go with some wool still stuck on her leg, figuring she could pick it off at her leisure... and she flew away.

That was the adventure this morning... and we have a lot just walking up and down the driveway.

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