Friday, May 9, 2008

little bit basic, this entry

So today I just took some shots of the dogs hanging out in the yard. We will go out for a toot later but rain is threatening, so I have to reseed the field now, plus a whole lot of other dumb stuff...

But still, this is after breakfast and everyone is in a good mood. Grover and Hudson seem to be kindred spirits. Beany was out and about, feeling more adventurous and social. Gracie was checking to make sure everyone finished their breakfast. Rooster was with the big guys trying to get in on Grover and Hudson's game. Ayame was destroying some tennis balls. Fenway was barking at me. Betty Lou was trying to get someone to play tug of war with her and taunting Natasha.

I thought I made more than 2 videos... but the camera says I only made two.

Here they are:

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