Sunday, September 2, 2007

sept1-2: something cute, something funny, and no barking

First a funny story about me chasing a Jack Russell under my barn last winter (none of the 4 Jack Russells here now):

Then, here is where the videos discussed in today's blog are:

Now, something damn cute from today:

MVI_6492: Gila and Lotta (9 months) -- they sat there like that for quite a while until I tried to get in for a close up

Now the requisite non dog video from today:

MVI_6494: Ollie, 5, flying a kite
MVI_6495: Ollie wants to get some sunflower seeds

Next, I usually do videos in the morning so the energy level of the dogs is higher than most of the day. Right now, as I write at night, there is not a peep out there in the barn. 43 dogs and NO BARKING. It takes a few days to get it like this but everyone is down with the program now. By 6 am tomorrow, it'll be loud again but the rest of the night will be nothing but crickets.

Here they are this evening before I put them all to bed (divide them up and put the blankets down, supper). Highlights: Hanu being nasty to a Casper, not smart, thanks for restraint Casper, Annie doing some weeding for me, and, no barking. Well, not much. Phoebe don't eat that. You can almost hear the geese in the distance:

MVI_6597: almost all dogs in here

Now, I'll go back to yesterday and run down the videos and try to put a little character development in there:

MVI_6546: notice the higher morning, getting to know each other energy... look here for your dog... this might be from Friday, August 31... seems like it.

MVI_6573: ollie (boy and dog) mako bothering mosese (true love)
MVI_6574: moses and ollie

6575: Ollie dog moses running

6576: Ollie's puppy gustov and ollie the dog

6578: cloud pooping, running to the house

6579: clouding pulling ollie mako ollie dog

6580: more cloud ollie mako

6581: music in the dog house, dog inventory half the dogs, give it a shot

6582: sadie cali kissing rocky kola and annie playing ozzie listening coco casper jo addie not listening at all blanco syndey

6583: ruby daisy boxer kola annie syndey ollie many more

6584: rosie gali hanu red (hanu telling rosie to shut up)

6585: sugar and her mouse hole

6586: opening the door out of the dog area-- this way is closed -- dog supply closet with 5 year holding cattle prod

6587: dusty mako

6588: tupper with jim

6589: tupper with jim again

6590: small dogs rosie gile jack russells

6591: cali being unflappable, cedar playing with syndey other dogs in and out of frame

6592: cute see above

6598: mingus tupper and malachi going home from the woods

6599: more of the above

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