Sunday, May 25, 2008

hey nothing today?

No, nothing. No one wrote after the last one, so I figure no one is looking at this... So if you want some more imagery for tomorrow drop me a line so I know you're out there. See ya.


Anonymous said...

We love seeing cozy, please do put more videos up. Thanks for working on her shyness, as you can tell she is very cautious.
thanks again, georgina and corey

glencadia said...

You will see Cozy tomorrow... She is warming up nicely.

Jojo said...

Hi, We would love to see more of Gordon. How is he? Is he adjusting by now? He is not used to many dogs at once but plays well on one on one basis. We hope that this will be a good socialization practice for him.


glencadia said...

Gordon has come around. There are a couple of dogs he particularly likes -- he jumps around when they come by. One doesn't seem like a good match to me. Any he is used to me now... he was nervous, but I've seen worse. Anyway, he is with a few friends right now.

Rebecca Brown said...

Hi Will, looks like Cassidy is having a good time. Thanks for taking great care of her. We're planning on picking her up today so you don't have to drive her back to NY. We'll call you when we know around what time. Thanks again!