Friday, May 16, 2008

now i can do a proper entry

Let's do the dogs first. Then I will apologize for being late with this blog... or maybe I will mix everything up.

Again, all the videos are in here. There is a lot of junk in there and I will go through them one by one now. One cute girl here.

Hit refresh if you can't see anything and let me know if you need another format to look at these.

These two are available for adoption. Duke, shepardish black and brown, and Natasha, pit mix. See them in action here. And again here. Someone must know someone who wants a nice dog! One more of these two. Yet another.

Completely inane useless video Birds sound nice and I think Jim is trying to figure out my camera since he left his at home. Or I didn't know it was on. Nothing to see here, keep moving.

Here are Rooster and Buffy, who are now back home. So again, too late and more or less useless. But you see that Rooster started to hate Gustov... although they started out great buddies. And Rooster liked everyone else (except maybe Buffy sometimes...). Here this is. And again here. And again. More of these two.

Okay, break from dogs.

Some chickens wouldn't go in the house last night and then they got out and after spending 20 minutes trying to catch them or drive them home, I gave up and went in. I thought I would get them this morning but they WERE GONE. Not a feather left. I guess if you keep chickens, you can't be sentimental about them. They just are not all going to make it. Here is one of the chickens who no longer seems to be wandering this world. Ollie called this one the wanderer. I liked her: she was the smallest and most adventurous and now she is ate up by a critter.

Samantha, Amaye, Gracie, Tubu, Betty Lou the other day with Jim here. Same group, same day here.

I think only Gracie here.

Grey day today. They are planting beans in the field next to us (green beans). Here you see the grey weather as Ollie trudges off to the school bus past the plowed and planted field.

Beany, Betty Lou, by Jim here. Same two. More of them. Another.

How about some geese?

How about some sparrows procreating? I saw them doing it but I think I missed it with the video. Ollie and I rescued a blue bird caught in some wool (Ollie put it in the bird house for their nest but that was a bad idea.) Then the blue birds left. They're like that. I love blue birds but if you touch the box, graze the pole with the tractor or something, they leave and that's it. Some damn sparrows moved in. I worked hard to keep the blue birds here and I did not build houses for sparrows. And now they are procreating. Humpf!

Helmut not listening to me.... Gracie and Muri should be around here somewhere too.

Family here.

Gracie, Muri, Gustov and Butch. Here.

Here are the rest of them: Tibu, Helmut (somewhere), Beany (somewhere), Maggie Lou, Betty Lou, (where are we, Georgia or New York?), Princess, all running into the bean field... is it planted yet or not?

So my wife got a little cut on her knee running to see our son at preschool in some sort of performance and got a tiny scratch. A week later is started to hurt but she said she doesn't want to go the doctor and that she shouldn't take antibiotics because she's 8 months pregnant. Then the other day it started to hurt, so no more waiting, we went and she's been out of commission and I did a 2 minute web search and concluded that antibiotics (common ones) are pretty much safe at this late stage and I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT SEARCH right away... sounded right, no drugs when pregnant... but wrong. Okay, everyone is fine now. Antibiotics are great, overused but great. Hopefully they will continue to work for many more generations.

Cute Muri here with my cute daughter. Dark video but cute.

Had some trouble getting Muri to leave the barn... but now he does. Also, he follows Jim around. Here. More barn and Muri.

Horses are banging to get out of the stable and get out on the field. Cat is watching from up on the bean. Muri is around here. Folks are chatting. Morning in the barn here.

Time to dance.

The end.

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