Tuesday, May 20, 2008

calm before the storm

I mean the flood... of dogs. People remembering the war dead by sending their dogs to me?

Anyway, here is the folder for today. Don't forget that Duke ad maybe Natasha are for adoption. Look them up in the search blog function.

Leave comments... I like those.

Here is my little Lotti Lou (Lotta) with Jim talking to dogs in the back... the dogs aren't here yet.

Here are Muri and Lily. Also, Butch, Gustov, Jim, Lotta... very cute little girl saying Muri and Jim talking about Loona.

Here my mother-in-law (Grandma, called "Oma" in German) arriving, paying attention to little Muri (and Lotta's shoes). Cameos by Lily.

Beany, Loona, Gracie... I think that's it here.

Everyone, pretty much... Or maybe not.

Here are the ducks. You can do a blog search for "Duck"and see how small they were very recently. Anyway, my ducks and a family of wild Geese, talking to frogs, bothered by Gustov the dog then a walk to the horses. Long.

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