Friday, May 23, 2008

memorial day weekend off to a nice start

We got all the dogs in here last night, everyone is good... and the weather is fine, things are looking good.

Here is the folder with all the videos so far. I will add some more later maybe... check back once in awhile, look at the links below the archive on this page if you can, leave comments.


Now dogs today. Let's get started.

Here is the yard with all the dogs in Jim's Van. Cozy (who is a bit shy but will come around soon), Simon, Tango, Beany, Theo, Moki. Sheila, Cassidy, Gordon, Jackson, Maggie Blue (just vocals, no cameo). Same group again.

Here we go for a toot (Will with Mocha, Willy, Freya, Loona).

Actually no dogs... this is some mist that came out after the rain yesterday, on the plowed fields. Here I try again to capture the eery quality of it.

Jim took a turn with the camera here. Miles, Macey, Gracey, and little cute Muri... and maybe some other small ones? Here.

Same as above, plus Lily, Angus, Rosie, Violet... a sweet group of small dogs, many of whom we don's completely trust off the leash. Here.

They get lost in high grass, hay field. Here.

More small dogs by Jim here.

This seems to be just Rosie. Here.

This is almost exactly like the one above. Or is exactly the same one? Here. I think Rosie again.

Tibu and Betty Lou here. More here. And again. Here we get a closer look in the barn.

Norman and Maggie Blue. Here. And again. One more. Wow, another. Norm and Maggie again. Not done yet, one more.

What is this?




Georgina said...

I love seeing Cozy on the video!!! She is a bit shy, it will take her a little while to warm up.

kate said...

Simon looks great! I hope he doesn't mind being on a leash when he gets back.