Saturday, May 24, 2008

let's do this now

Above is Rosie, Cali, Muri and Ollie and I discussing what this old machine is for.

This is not pleasant but has to be done. Most dogs in here.

This one has no dogs, just kids, tadpoles and maybe a minnow or two.

This one is with the kids in with little dogs. Macey, Miles, Muri, Lily, Violet, Angus, Rosie. Cali and Cozy sneak in here too. I was working on Cozy (this is from Friday evening).

Here is the one embedded but linked.

Same group plus Gordon... Ollie sick of me video taping. Here.

Muri and Helmut (with no helmut). Helmut is terrific, perfect, completely better. Here.

Pipi, Helmut... some other floating in there too. Here.

Loona, Helmut. This one.

Simon, Cleo, Cali, Moki out in the hay field (Muri and maybe Helmut still around). Mocha shows up. Is it this one? Here.

No. Here is Mocha. Jumped the fence. You get some sense of his juming abilities from the sound of the impact with my chest. Also, the guys above are in here for a second. Here.

Jackson, Shiela, Cassidy, Moki, Cozy, Muri (again). Here.

Tango, Gordon (pulling me) and Muri. Here. And again here.

My shy ones, Gordon and Cozy. This is how we eat breakfast... by hand. We're getting there. I think Cozy is now comfortable and Gordon needs one more day... sometimes it takes awhile. Here.

Maggie Blue and Norman. Here and here and here (there was a blue bird I was trying to shoot) and, best of all, here.

Macey, Miles and Maggie barking. Here.


Muri and kids... Muri is stuck! Emergency! Here. Cute video. Highly recommended.

And this hat is adorable. Here comes Muri.

Evening. Simon, Willy, Freya, Tango, Beany, some others...

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