Friday, May 2, 2008

mocha doesn't swim... only oscar really SWAM...

Okay, here we go. Here are Uncle Charley (Duke) and Gustov wrestling. Duke (brown and black and white) is for ADOPTION and Gustov is mine (almost all black). Gustov will be castrated on Tuesday... he's about 10 months old and I would like to wait but the other dogs are not pleased with his adolescent antics, as you will see as the videos progress.

Here is one with Wellington, Gracie, Django, and mine (Butch, Gustov, Uncle Charley). I thought this format would be one I could embed in the blog but it didn't work. Instead, it downloads a file to your hard which links to the video on my site... It's a good little clip with Ollie saying hello to Wellington and all so if it doesn't work, leave a comment (easier to do now).

I was thinking I could make a Youtube channel (or another video host) with all these videos and embed them here. But that's more work.

If you can't get the video to work in your browser, try reloading the page. Works for me.

Same dogs (Gracie, Wellington, Django) with kids on swings and conversation about dogs and a busy barn... Here.

More of the same with tadpole... etc.

Mocha and kids. Ollie banging on a box for no good reason. Then he gives Lotti Lou a push and climbs the ladder.

Oscar and kids... same ladder.

Bucket pulley in an old barn. Lotti going to look at dogs... a few. Here.

More pulley... no dogs that I can see. Here.

No dogs for sure. Chicken babies. Better not be any dogs! Here.

Here is the longest video. Samantha, Oscar, Mocha, Simon off on a long toot: water, fields, roads... And as we see, only Oscar swims.

Same dogs. More chance to swim.

Wellington, Mocha, Beany, Django (who is always WAY back in the rear). Here. See, here he comes, sort of.

More of the above.

More of the above again.

Beanie never really gets with the program. Same guys here.

This one doesn't want to work! No dogs anyway... horses. Being mean.

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Ron said...

Thanks for the great footage - lots of Wellington to see there. First one doesn't work for me though. Downloads the .qtl file, but then QuickTime doesn't know what to do with it. Tried both IE and Firefox, but no love.