Monday, December 31, 2007

snowman, more info, yes hanu is around here


they should look like this:

If you go here you will see all the videos:

Look, I know these dogs people say are not in the video are there... Look again. I can look but I'm sure somewhere you'll see Hanu, Neve all over the place...

This is the second entry of the day, so check the entry below. Sawyer just arrived and I haven't gone out to get anything of him but he seems well.

Here is yesterday. Nico Pagoda and no snow.

Okay, after the snow. Samantha and Cloud first light in the morning. Here.

Little Cloud in the snow here.

Too many to mention:

Open the gate and let them out to discover the snow... most of the big guys here.

Here they are again, moving fast.

Even more. Good luck finding your dog here.

Bella, Duece, Hermoine, Norman here.

Molly Franklin and some yellow retriever type. Here.

Another general yard shot with tons of them here.

And here. This is where Hector starts to get wild. Crash into Cindo Loo. A lot of other dogs.

Here Cindy Look gets some attention. The majority of the dogs are in this one.

Another general yard shot. Too many to mention. Here.

Here little Sophie refuses to go up the stairs with snow on them. Eventually she realizes that the snow is more or less irrelevant and she just walks up... Ollie in here too.

General yard shot. Again here.

Beautiful trees covered with snow and Nico and Pagoda. Here.

More of the two above here.

Cloud framed nicely by some trees. Here and even nicer shot here.

Little ones (Tsunami, Theo, Toby, Hanu, Alfie, etc.) and Maple and Stro and Sheine in the next set. Here. And here. More here. Nice trees and little dogs here. More here. Another little crittter here. Yet more here. Yikes! Sheine got away here. Back now...

Mila, Samantha, children making a snowman here. Talking about poopie but there is no poopie, damn it. More with those dogs here.

2 Kids, 2 Dogs, nice playing. Here.

Hand prints in the snow here.

Putting hair on the snowman here.

Bringing a big carrot. Here.

Potatoes here.


Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks Will!
Looks like Hanu has a massive doggy grin every time he races in and out of view. Great to see him enjoying himself.

Rachel said...

Hey will- the little dog video links are dead-- thanks!

heather m said...

Will - I think all of the links are dead...Look forward to seeing Peter in the flesh tomorrow! Its very quiet without him...