Saturday, December 8, 2007

tibet thinks she owns the place, ziza runs into the swamp and ruins trip to corn, juan and diego are ready to go to California

And all those videos will be available later today. Right now I have to go. I owe you all videos and I have tons to upload tonight. Sorry for delay. I'll do some write up now and post later. When I do get them all up they will be here. For now, you have to search for your dog. I might be able to label them soon. The ones that end in MPG are by Jim and the MOV are by me. Mine are higher res but there are more by Jim, over a couple of days. Look through Jim's for your dog as I just wrote mine up at the bottom here.

Later today you will see Tibet bark at me when I come up the driveway (Jim's video) until she realizes I'm supposed to be there. Good job Tibet. That's the kind of dog I need around here. A big group of us were heading on a long walk to the corn field but Ziza was naughty and zipped away... so we didn't make it. Lucy barks at some horses.

Ozzy came in the house some... now, I'm not making that a precendent but she was the only small one out there, except Juan and Diego and they don't count. And Ozzy likes my little one Butch... and the baby likes Ozzy.

On the way home Bill sat in the back with my kids as promised and Ollie, my 5 year old, used him to prop his head up as he slept. That was cute but I don't have a picture. Worked out fine with four people and 5 dogs for 3 hours.

NEWS FLASH: Videos are going up now.

Juan Diego Lela here.
Winston Ziza Moki Petra Tibet here.
Same group here and here and here.
Bill and Lucy here.
Ozzy and Butch and others here and here.

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